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Ticketbud Relaunches Podcast for Event Organizers - Ticketbud Tidbits

Tips, Advice and Insights for Event Organizers from Event Organizers

AUSTIN, Texas, May 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Ticketbud announces the relaunch of its Ticketbud Tidbits podcast with brand new episodes. Suitable for new and experienced event organizers, Ticketbud Tidbits is an interview series sharing event industry best practices. Hear from experienced event professionals, including event organizers, producers, box office personnel and marketers, working across a wide range of events.

Ticketbud Tidbits Podcast: Tips, advice and insights for event organizers, from event organizers. Listen on Spotify and iTunes now.

"Each episode includes valuable insights from event management, to ticketing and promotion. Hear from organizers of major festivals, corporate events, speaker tours, food festivals, pop-up events and more. Learn from experienced professionals ticketing national concert tours for major artists like Beyoncé, as well as organizers of local family events."
Ticketbud CEO, Kayhan Ahmadi

Join Ticketbud Tidbits host Lisa Carson for your weekly dose of event chat.
"Our recent guests include a ticketing director for holiday festivals and major music festivals like Lollapalooza and ACL. We chat to a social media star with speaker tours across the country. As well as catching up with the Marketing Director for an upcoming pop-up immersive art installation set to launch in Los Angeles next month."
Ticketbud Tidbits Host, Lisa Carson

Six new episodes are now available on Spotify, iTunes and SoundCloud.
Find show notes and transcripts on the Ticketbud Blog.

  • Ep 14: Coordinating a Food Festival - Taste of Mexico
  • Ep 15: Ticketing and Event Planning for Major Festivals and Concerts
  • Ep 16: Organizing a Podcasting Festival (including podcasting tips)
  • Ep 17: Events and Engagement - Chamber of Commerce
  • Ep 18: Immersive Art Installation Pop-Up Events
  • Ep 19: Speaker Tours & Building a Social Media Profile

About Ticketbud:
Ticketbud is a user friendly, all-in-one event management and ticketing platform with all-inclusive pricing and real human customer support. Organizers are in control with flexible payout options providing early access to funds, powerful tools and integrations, comprehensive reporting and complete access to event data at no extra cost. With the flexibility to customize (including white-label solutions), event organizers worldwide trust Ticketbud.

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