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Tiffany shines, Express in the fast lane, Facebook gets un-liked

It's time for your daily dose of Trending Tickers, the stocks that you're tracking as measured by Yahoo Finance ticker searches. Making the list today are:

Tiffany (TIF) - Shares are higher after the world's number one seller of blue boxes and full-priced gems beat earnings expectations and guided higher for the year. The stock is giving back some gains but is still higher after the chain posted 16% earnings growth and strong revenues. Rule of thumb: no one pays retail for diamonds unless they're confident about the economy.

Express (EXPR) - The men's and women's endless promotion specialty retailer is up 10% after beating earnings estimates. Results for the embattled chain were driven by cost cutting and outlet expansion. Why does a chain that constantly runs "buy one get one free" promotions on $40 pants need outlet stores you ask? Because outlet malls are where the customers are.

Facebook (FB) - Shares are under pressure after getting cut from "buy" to "hold" by Janey. The firm says valuation headwinds and decelerating growth will keep a lid on Facebook shares as the company matures. Facebook is up 91% over the last year and nearly 20% in last three months. The bullish rebuttal to Janey more or less amounts to desperate fund managers and greater fools. I'm long the stock so that's good enough for me.

Those are your Trending Tickers today. Tell us what stocks you're watching on Twitter using the hashtag #TrendingTickers

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