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Tiger Woods apparently 'thinks about his sex scandal every day': report

Tiger Woods is still haunted by his nefarious transgressions from nearly a decade ago.

Days after winning his first Masters title in over 11 years, a source tells People magazine that the all-time great golfer "still thinks about his sex scandal every day," which puts his much-celebrated comeback win into perspective.

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"It’s always there, in the back of his mind," the source explains. "He doesn’t like to talk about it -- or even anything that was happening at that time of his life. It’s painful to him. But he persevered and made himself into a better man."

Towards the end of 2009, when he crashed his car into a tree outside of his Florida mansion after a fight with his then-wife, Elin Nordegren, scandal erupted around Woods: He had allegedly cheated on his wife with dozens of women, and later went to rehab for an apparent sex addiction.

In addition to losing his No. 1 ranking and numerous lucrative sponsorships, Woods also experienced several injuries, struggled to regain the form that made him a household name in the first place and got divorced from Nordegren in August 2010. The mother of his children, Sam Alexis, 11, and Charlie Axel, 10, reportedly got a $110 million divorce settlement. 

The People insider says that Woods will always feel remorse for what he did, and the pain and guilt from his actions may never truly go away.

"He lost everything," the source explained. "And it was really rough for a really long time. He really found out who his friends were. He’s been left with a lot of scars."

That being said, he and Nordegren have repaired some of their relationship in an effort to successfully and healthily co-parent for their children.

"They really work together well now," the source went on. "They are both mature adults who have figured out what works best for them and for the kids. There is no real friction, and everyone gets along well. They went through a very dark time as a family, and although the family looks different, it is happy and functional and thriving."

"He's a completely different person than he was in 2009," the insider added. "He was an overgrown boy back then. Now he's a man."