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Tiger Woods has one odd complaint about the PGA Championship course

Scott Davis
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Tiger Woods says the course is great — the mosquitoes are not.

With the PGA Championship beginning Thursday, August 13, golfers have arrived at Whistling Straits in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, to get a feel for the course.

Tiger Woods spoke to reporters on Tuesday and said the course is "playing great," but he did have one complaint upon entering his 18th PGA Championship:

"The golf course is setting up great," Woods said. "It's a little soft with the rain we had yesterday. Obviously there's a lot of mosquitoes out there. But it's -- I think it's playing great."

Apparently the mosquitos are really bothering Woods, however, because later in the press conference, unprompted, Woods brought up the mosquitos.

Q: The passion of the fans for Wisconsin, second to none, obviously the weekend sold out, limited tickets. But I want you to recall what you encountered in the practice round at 6:00 in the morning in 2004 and the guy with the Tiger hat, on hole 2. And your first recollection of how passionate the fans are with that experience.

WOODS: They're definitely into it. This is a pretty sports mad state. We've seen people show up very early times, because I kind of like to play early. On top of that, I've never seen mosquitoes like this, like they've had here. I live in Florida and we go out in the evenings and you may get bitten, but here you get eaten alive.

So it's just -- and then, everywhere you walk, especially the gallery, we're talking down the fairways it's not so bad, the galleries are kicking up the long stuff where all the mosquitoes are. They're tough. You guys are pretty hearty up here, which is good. 

This isn't the first time golfers have complained about the mosquitoes at Whistling Straits. In 2010, they were listed among the issues at the course, with Hunter Mahan saying, "It was quite shocking, especially when you went by the holes right on the lake there. It was incredible. They were swarming, in fact."

Tiger Woods finally seemed to turn a corner in his game in recent weeks. But with the inconsistency this year in his drives, chips, and putts, the last thing Tiger needs are mosquitoes. 

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