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Tile Pro and Tile Mate deal: Save up to 30 percent for Prime Day and never lose your keys again

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Find what's important to you faster with the Tile Pro. (Photo: Amazon)

We’ve all been there. You’re scrambling around your home trying to find your keys. You check under your couch cushions, inside of your jacket pockets and even under old newspapers and magazines on your countertops and coffee table.

They’re just lost and you’re running late for an appointment because you can’t find your darn keys. If only there was an easier way to find all your personal belongings with your smartphone (which is surprisingly something you never lose).

Tile can help! Right now Prime Day deals on Tile Pro and Tile Mate offer some great savings, and can save you a lot of time and energy whenever something goes missing.

Tile Pro

Never lose your keys again with the Tile Pro. (Photo: Amazon)

The Tile Pro is a clever and premium fob that attaches to your keys, wallet . or purse. Once it syncs to your smartphone via the Tile app, you can find your item with just a push of a button on your device.

It also works the other way around too. If your smartphone goes missing, but you have your keys with the Tile Pro, then you can use it to help you locate your phone within a 300-foot range. The Tile Pro can be used for just about any item, such as backpacks and duffle bags.

The Tile Pro comes in black and white colors, while it’s also available in a two-pack and a four-pack.

Shop it: Tile Pro, $19 (was $34.99), amazon.com

Tile Mate

Find it with the Tile Mate. (Photo: Amazon)

The Tile Mate is the smaller counterpart to the Tile Pro. It works exactly the same, but smaller for items and things like children’s toys and even pets. The Mate also has a shorter search range that’s up to 150 feet.

Shop it: Tile Mate, $21 (was $24.99), amazon.com

Tile Slim

The Tile Slim slips right into your wallet. (Photo: Amazon)

Finally, the Tile Slim is the most compact version in the product line. It’s best suited to slip inside of wallets and pockets. You can also mix and match the Tile Mate and the Tile Slim in a black and white four-pack.

Shop it: Tile Slim, $20 (was $30), amazon.com

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