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Tiller Launches With More Than One Hundred Premium Publisher Clients

PHILADELPHIA, PA--(Marketwired - Jan 27, 2016) - Publishers have a new way to increase ad performance and revenue, thanks to the launch of Tiller -- a patent-pending optimization platform that uses machine learning to choose the best recommended-content ad per impression.

Tiller is the industry's first advertising platform for publishers who want to take control of their recommended and native ad placements across multiple content recommendation partners. By using Tiller, publishers like Encyclopedia Britannica serve, manage, measure, and optimize recommended content ad units, without ever touching a line of code. They can also attribute revenue sources with greater accuracy, enabling them to respond nimbly to changes in the marketplace.

"I'm really thrilled about this technology," said DigiKulture Business Developer Manolo Macchetta. "Tiller gives publishers greater efficiency, ease, flexibility and control. Those factors lead directly to significant competitive advantage and increased long-term revenue potential. It's game-changing value we're providing to all of my publishers, because I haven't seen anything else that works as seamlessly and efficiently."

According to a survey conducted by PR Newswire and Content Marketing Institute, 87% of content marketers said they were going to either increase or maintain their budget for paid content promotion. Combined with an increasingly competitive ecosystem of content recommendation partners, the work required by publishers to execute multiple native campaigns simultaneously has become tedious and incredibly labor intensive.

Tiller helps publishers simplify their ad operations by first offering a simple, yet powerful ad management solution that significantly streamlines the process of hard-coding ads on their pages to accommodate native formats. Additionally, by analyzing hundreds of factors like performance, location, device type, and ad viewability, Tiller's sophisticated optimization platform determines the best ad to serve for each impression and maximizes revenue. The resulting data has already led to incredible insights for publishers and dramatically improved ad targeting.

"We built this platform to enable publishers to simplify their ad management and optimization, so they can focus on their core business," said Tiller Co-Founder and CEO Stephen Gill. "We're very pleased that the publishers we've been working with during our beta phase are thrilled with Tiller's positive impact on accelerating their revenue and workflow. Our technology, which was built in partnership with Akamai, has enabled us to scale very quickly, and we look forward to helping many more publishers in the future."

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To learn more about Tiller's recommended content optimization platform, and sign up for a free trial visit www.tiller.com.

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About Tiller
Tiller is the leading advertising platform for publishers who want to take control of their native advertising placements. Our powerful technology empowers publishers to manage, measure, and optimize recommended content ad units across providers -- with ease. By analyzing hundreds of factors like performance, location, device, user agent, and ad viewability, Tiller's sophisticated machine-learning can determine the best ad for every single impression. To learn why premium publishers are using Tiller to take their native and recommended content advertising to the next level, visit us at www.tiller.com.