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Time to say it: 49ers and Kap are just plain bad

Steve Rivera
Colin Kaepernick QB, San Francisco 49ers

For San Francisco 49ers fans who were openly pining for the Colin Kaepernick of old, they were left broken-hearted. Whatever jar of “Magic Beans” some may have hoped on for a quick turnaround are equally disappointed. Bottom line: Blaine Gabbert is bad, the defense is bad, Colin Kaepernick is bad, and the San Francisco organization is bad.

Truth hurts, huh.

But don’t despair, in the NFL, bad and good is cyclical. The 49ers have been both, but the rebuilt will be hard and painful.

And long past due.

I’ve been writing that Chip Kelly has long known that his team lacks a starting quarterback. I’ve also written that whatever Kaepernick fans were hoping to see has been long gone for some time now. San Francisco will play out the string, give him and perhaps Christian Ponder a look, and commence with finding someone else on January 2nd of 2017.

Hence life in the NFL and the new normal in San Francisco.


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Follow the money trail, and re-read the contract details; these are two suitors not long for each other, but looking for an amicable split. Sometimes it stops working, and for the 49ers and Kaepernick, that time is near. Perhaps he puts up a good game here or there, but neither is looking to get into bed with one another in 2017.

Lastly, 13 of 29 for 189 yards and a touchdown is Blaine Gabbert numbers. Hell, they’re Case Keenum numbers and he’s a placeholder for a rookie quarterback due sometime later in 2016 or next season. Kap had a nice one to Torrey Smith for 53 yards, but what else?

It’s an audition in a season where the 49ers are already looking at the reclamation project in front of them. Hey, it happens. It happened in New England, Pittsburgh, Green Bay, and Seattle. The neighbors across the bridge in Oakland have been in a long process of putting it back together. Remember, since their Super Bowl disaster against Tampa, they’ve been a bottom dweller.

It happens. And now it’s happening in San Francisco.

Colin Kaepernick isn’t resurrecting a career in San Francisco anymore than this team is with a winning season and a playoff run.

Sometimes bad is bad. And right now, the Niners are just that: BAD.

Stay Classy San Francisco- and patient.

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