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Wesley Financial Group, a leader in timeshare cancellations, is using its unique perspective to provide a ranking of the top five companies for consumers considering a timeshare purchase.

FRANKLIN, Tenn., July 08, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Wesley Financial Group (WFG), a leader in timeshare cancellations, is using its unique perspective to provide a ranking of the top five companies for consumers considering a timeshare purchase.

“Since 2011, we’ve successfully cancelled more than 15,000 timeshares for Americans who were taken advantage of by timeshare companies,” said Chuck McDowell, founder and CEO of WFG. “I’ve made no secret of my disdain for the lies and misrepresentations that most timeshare companies use to mislead and dupe consumers into signing contracts that often lead to dissatisfaction and financial harm. That said, for consumers set on purchasing a timeshare, we want to provide insight on the best companies – from our perspective – out there so we may not have to take them on as a client in the future.”

The top five timeshare companies to consider based on either the quality of their properties or their willingness to work with disgruntled owners, according to WFG, are:

  1. Disney Vacation Club – According to McDowell, Disney’s presentations are straight-forward and they deliver on what they promise. “However, they have recently made changes to their timeshare products so we hope that their sales strategies don’t deviate,” he added.

  2. Wyndham Destinations – “This may surprise some as I won a lawsuit against Wyndham in 2012 that propelled both my company and the cancellation segment,” McDowell said. “While we still work with many Wyndham owners who were lied to in the sales process leading them to make a purchase under false pretenses, we have found that, once we lay out the case for our clients, they can be reasonable in their exit programs.”

  3. Marriott Vacation Club – Marriott has strong customer service and their properties have better resell value than most. When it comes to exit programs for dissatisfied owners who WFG has verified were misrepresented to when making a purchasing decision, they are generally willing to discuss options and work with consumers, according to McDowell.

  4. Vacation International – Based on consumer feedback, Vacation International’s properties in the U.S., Canada and Mexico seem to meet quality expectations. From WFG’s standpoint, this company is understanding of owners who are seeking termination and have a quick process for cancellation.

  5. King’s Creek Plantation – This is a relatively small property and WFG does not receive many complaints about quality. WFG has found their customer service team to be responsive, caring and willing to work with owners who have valid issues.

“This listing certainly doesn’t make me an advocate for timeshares,” said McDowell. “This is an industry that is seriously in need of governmental oversight and reform. Our phones ring off the hook every day with consumers desperate to get out of agreements that were signed under duress and have left them in dire financial straits.

“It’s a misconception that our company takes on every single person that contacts us to get out of a contract,” he added. “We are very selective and have a thorough process to ensure anyone who becomes a client was lied to or the victim of misrepresentation in the sales process. If we deem they were not lied to or we know that the company they purchased from does things the right way – like Disney, we don’t take them. As an example, of the nearly 40,000 inquiries we received in April and May alone, less than 5,000 are now WFG clients.”

Despite identifying some of the better companies selling timeshares, WFG and McDowell warn consumers to be wary when entering into a timeshare presentation.

“Timeshare companies are very polished and they know how to apply pressure as often one-hour presentations turn into three-plus hours of hard selling,” he said. “Just know this, you don’t have to purchase at that moment and you have every right to walk out after the agreed upon time period is up. They make you feel like you will miss a special deal if you walk away. That’s just not the case. If you do think you might want to purchase a timeshare, take your time to read and understand the agreement. It’s a big investment.”

Since its founding, WFG has successfully relieved more than 15,000 consumers of more than $127 million of mortgage debt. Unlike most others in the timeshare cancellation industry, WFG handles all phases of the cancellation process internally as opposed to any outsourcing. This formula has proven successful as is evidenced by the company’s platinum business score rating from Dun & Bradstreet as well as the client testimonials which the company constantly receives.

About Wesley Financial Group, LLC

Wesley Financial Group, LLC’s CEO Chuck McDowell successfully fought against the largest timeshare company in federal court for the right to help timeshare owners that feel they have been misled. With decades of experience in the timeshare and timeshare cancellation industry, Wesley Financial Group, LLC has successfully eliminated millions of dollars in timeshare debt for its clients. The organization believes that if you feel you have been lied to, misled, or pressured into buying your timeshare, you have the right to get rid of your timeshare.

Visit www.timesharecancellations.com for more information. WFG can also be followed on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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