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Timex Group Luxury Division Introduces TESLAR Watch

The New Wearable Wellness

Designed to Resist the Harmful Effects of Electromagnetic Exposure

NEW YORK, Oct. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Timex Group Luxury Division launches the TESLAR Watch, the new wearable wellness, designed to resist the harmful effects of electromagnetic pollution coming from today's technology - cell phones, computers, tablets, Wi-Fi, and others.

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The World Health Organization estimates that about 30% of the population in industrial economies, approximately 300 million people, suffer from hypersensitivity due to electromagnetic frequencies. This hypersensitivity can cause stress, anxiety, low energy, poor sleep, dizziness, and hormone imbalance.

"Timex Group is proud to be at the forefront of wearable wellness with the launch of TESLAR Watch, combining Swiss precision with TESLAR technology." says Paolo Marai President & CEO of Timex Group Luxury Division.

Each TESLAR timepiece features proprietary TESLAR Technology – a Turbo Chip that works in synchronization with the battery of the watch to mimic Earth's natural frequency. The technology utilizes the measurable electric field in the watch's battery along with the magnetic field of the coil in order to create a zero-point waveform with a scalar pulse of 7 to 9 times per second (7-9Hz). This frequency is transmitted into the body's energy system through the chip on the back of the timepiece, strengthening the body's natural bio-field to better defend itself from electromagnetic exposure.

Scientific studies in laboratory settings have demonstrated that TESLAR Technology*:

1. May reduce the negative effects of stress
2. May help the body resist the negative effects of EMFs
3. Enhances immune response in the presence of EMFs

Launching 29 distinct styles across three core collections: Re-Balance T-1, Re-Balance T-2, Re-Balance T-3, the timepieces are available for both men and women on www.teslarwatches.com. Designs are offered in polished and sandblasted stainless steel, IP rose gold or two-tone in various sizes. The dials are dynamic, embellished with sunray and wave patterns, as well as TESLAR's signature 3D triangular small second hand. Prices range from $595-$1,195.

For more information about TESLAR Technology, please visit www.teslarscience.com.

*TESLAR Technology user's effects may vary. Any effects felt by TESLAR Technology are dependent upon the user's general awareness. TESLAR Technology does not claim effects will be felt on every user. TESLAR technology is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

About TESLAR Watch
The TESLAR Watch, created using TESLAR Technology, came from an identified need to protect people from the dangers of man-made electromagnetic fields that emerge from electromagnetic-based technology.

In laboratory settings, scientific studies have demonstrated that TESLAR Technology substantially increases the body's resistance to external electromagnetic fields, enhances the body's immune response and may reduce the negative effects of stress by releasing certain chemicals in nerve cells in the presence of the TESLAR Watch.

Kaitlin Derkach
The Promotion Factory

TESLAR watches house a USA Made ELF Nanotech Turbo Chip featuring quantum technology that works in synchronization with a Swiss Made quartz movement and the battery of the watch.


RE-BALANCE T-1 is rich in style with a polished stainless steel case, baton indexes and Arabic numerals finished with a silver sunray dial on a cognac brown calf leather strap with contrast stitching.


TESLAR Technology has been designed to resist the harmful effects of EMF exposure.


RE-BALANCE T-2 combines the philosophy of yoga with TESLAR technology. An IP rose gold



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