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Tina Fey's character turns the tables on sexual harassment on 'Great News'

On Great News, Tina Fey, as news network head Diana St. Tropez, was using her executive powers for evil instead of good. After she sexually harassed basically every man in the office, the victims came forward but their stories seemed kind of unbelievable. Asking a man to seductively eat a banana, another to pick up a pen slowly and another to dance for her with no music: The stories understandably seemed far-fetched. Especially for someone so trustworthy and in a tremendous position of power. Katie asked Diana’s male accusers, “Even if Diana made you guys uncomfortable, what were you doing in her office? In the middle of the day? Alone?” And also, “What were you wearing?”

With the recent reports of multiple women coming forward to accuse Harvey Weinstein of serial sexual harassment, this episode couldn’t have been more timely. And the role reversal was arguably refreshing. Fey (as Diana) said, “I may have made a few off-color comments, but, you know, that’s just locker room talk. So I told a couple guys they had nice bulges. Take the compliment.”

But when Carol tried to catch Diana harassing her on camera, it turned out Diana didn’t actually want to sexually harass anyone at all. “I just want what the men get — $40 million to go away. Roger Ailes got 40 just for whipping it out. Billy Bush got 9 just for giggling about boobies. Bill O’Reilly got 25. But no, I just keep succeeding and succeeding and succeeding,” she said.

Great News airs Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. on NBC.

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