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Tips To Save Money on Groceries at These 3 Big Chains

·4 min read
©iStock.com / iStock.com
©iStock.com / iStock.com

The pandemic has done a lot of economic damage, and now as we slowly begin to recover, many retailers are trying to find ways to make up for losses. This is likely to translate to price increases and inflation on some of our essential purchases, including groceries.

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While it’s easy to cut back on a lot of nonessential expenses, such as entertainment, clothing and other leisure activities, everyone needs to eat. Skimping on groceries is not a fun thing to have to do. Fortunately, three of the biggest chain stores that sell groceries — Target, Walmart and Trader Joe’s — are making it possible to save money on groceries through a series of secrets, hacks and strategies.

Last updated: June 30, 2021

Target store shopping cart
Target store shopping cart

Shop Target Deal Days

Inspired by Amazon Prime Day, Target recently instituted Deal Days, days on which you can get special deals store-wide. The store also has a specific grocery promotion: Customers who spend more than $50 on food and beverages on these days while using curbside pickup or home delivery service, Shipt, will receive $10 gift cards in thanks.

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customers waiting in line at Target
customers waiting in line at Target

Price Match at Target

Find a better deal on a grocery item that Target also sells? Lucky you, Target will price match any item that is an exact match to a product it sells in store.

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Double Dip on Coupons at Target

If you have manufacturer coupons and Target coupons, you can use them both to get double deals on grocery items at Target. So save those coupons when they come through.

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Campbell, USA - May 9, 2016: Trader Joe's grocery store in campbell California with sign above the entrance.
Campbell, USA - May 9, 2016: Trader Joe's grocery store in campbell California with sign above the entrance.

Use the Trader Joe's Fearless Flyer

Trader Joe’s helps you find the best deals with its quarterly promotional mailer "The Fearless Flyer," which you can get by mail, in store or by visiting its website. This can help you save time, too, as you head to those items that are on sale or at a great price.

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Buy Certain Items at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s has become known for excellent deals on a lot of specialty food items that you can’t find elsewhere. But not everything is a deal, so if you want to save money, the things you want to buy at Trader Joe’s include bananas, specialty foods such as pre-packaged meals, salads and frozen foods of all kinds -- from premade meals you just have to heat up, to frozen meats, pastas and burgers.

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Boost Your Spirits by Buying Booze at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s has a knack for picking wines that sell at prices so low that it’s almost worth buying cases. While not everyone loves the quality of "two buck Chuck" -- the nickname for Charles Shaw wines that sell for less than $3 per bottle -- Trader Joe’s also buys a lot of wine from big wineries that have the ability to produce a lot of wine for affordable prices. The store passes these prices on to customers. But it also has the inside deal on spirits such as vodka, tequila and whiskey. If you’re planning a party, entertaining friends or just want to indulge in some spirits, you’ll save money by buying them here.

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Miami/USA - April, 25 2019: Rows with products in Walmart.
Miami/USA - April, 25 2019: Rows with products in Walmart.

Check End Caps for Clearance Items at Walmart

When you’re looking for the best grocery deals at Walmart, there’s a secret: Look at end caps for clearance items. According to The Penny Hoarder, putting sales in these back-end locations is a trick to make you walk by the full-price items, in the hopes they’ll catch your eye. But don’t be distracted -- fulfill your mission to get the best deal.

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Walmart check out lines
Walmart check out lines

Take Advantage of Walmart Price Match

Walmart also knows the value of a good price match. Select stores allow you to bring in an ad for an in-store or online retailer, showing the same product at a lesser price, and Walmart will match the lower one, according to The Penny Hoarder.

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Great Value Walmart brand
Great Value Walmart brand

Buy Walmart’s Great Value Brand

If you can suspend your attachment to brand name products, which are frequently more expensive than generic ones, buy Walmart’s Great Value brand instead. You’ll save money on dozens of grocery items, according to the blog Eat This, Not That.

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woman using the Walmart Savings Catcher App
woman using the Walmart Savings Catcher App

Use the Walmart App

The Walmart App is another way to save money at the store as it offers exclusive deals to app users, keeps you apprised of sales and offers convenient options such as delivery, curbside pickup and touch-free checkout.

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