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Titans player cut finger on beer, not catfish, at Predators game

Tennessee Titans offensive lineman Taylor Lewan had to cut through the rumor and innuendo.

He did not slice his finger throwing a catfish at a Nashville Predators game.

He cut it on a large can of beer.

Lewan attended Game 6 of the Western Conference Final with several Titans teammates, including Quinton Spain and Ben Jones, because literally everyone with a modicum of fame is attending Predators playoff games from country music to pro wresting to the NFL.

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During the game, he partook in two of the great traditions at Predators games. The first was slamming tall boys while rocking the Nashville gold. Here’s what it looked like when they did it at Game 3:

The other great tradition is taking a giant catfish and hurling it on the ice during the game, which he did during Game 6.

Here’s a video:

Now, when word came out that he had an injured finger, Lewan felt the need to clarify what happened:

So there you go. Not the catfish. Just the beer can.

Is anyone else absolutely smitten that Nashville has gotten this far, and thus is a fountain for weird-ass playoff stories like this?

s/t Fox Sports

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