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Tithe.ly and Elvanto Join Forces, Creating the Most Powerful Cloud-Based Software Solution for Churches in over 45 Countries

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Tithe.ly and Elvanto announced today that the companies have agreed to combine their businesses, creating a global leader in online software for churches—serving over 8,500 churches in 45 countries. In uniting together, the companies will conduct business as Tithe.ly.

Reflecting on this three-year-long process, Dean Sweetman, Chief Executive Officer of Tithe.ly, shared, "Coming together as one company enables us to provide the best cloud-based software for churches at an unbeatable price." Sweetman added, "Today, we're in a better position to help churches do what they do best—preach the gospel and grow their church—by making it easy for them to manage the day-to-day life of their church."

When asked about how the merger will benefit churches, Frank Barry, Chief Operating Officer of Tithe.ly, said, "Our goal is to put best-in-class software into the hands of churches of every shape and size all around the world. Tithe.ly and Elvanto joining forces is a big step toward making that happen."

By adding Elvanto's church management software to their digital giving and church engagement platform, Tithe.ly is now able to offer an all-inclusive solution to churches of every size, at market leading prices.

In this new endeavor, Ben Sinclair, Elvanto's Founder and Chief Executive Officer, will join Tithe.ly's leadership team as Executive Vice President of Product, and he will continue to lead the efforts in developing easy-to-use church management software.

"At Elvanto, our goal has always been to help the church fulfill its mission with technology," Sinclair explained. "There has been great synergy with Tithe.ly from day one, and coming together allows us to offer even better products and service to churches around the world."

For more information, please contact Jesse Wisnewski at 304-741-8085, email at Jesse.Wisnewski@Tithe.ly, or visit Tithe.ly at www.Tithe.ly.

About Tithe.ly

Tithe.ly is the global leader in digital giving, church engagement, and church management software for churches of every size.



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