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TiVo Research and Analytics: Netflix Not Cannibalizing Traditional TV Viewing

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 29, 2013) - TiVo Research and Analytics, Inc. (TRA), the largest provider of single-source TV viewing and purchase data for advertisers and TV networks, today released findings from a completed study on the traditional TV tuning behaviors of self-identified Netflix subscribers. Notably, the data showed subscribing to Netflix is not cannibalizing the amount of linear television viewing in TiVo households.

In May 2013, TRA collected 9,956 responses from a survey conducted of TiVo subscribers who have affirmatively opted in to have their set-top-box viewing information collected as part of TiVo's Power||Watch™ panel. The topic of the survey was about opinions and behaviors regarding subscription based over the top services and their original programming. TRA observed historical TV viewing data from those households from November 2012 through April 2013 across 28 of the most watched TV networks and benchmarked them against the total universe of TRA's 1.5 million intab TV households.

Key observations from this study include the following:

  • Netflix does not appear to cannibalize traditional TV: There was no significant difference in the amount of traditional TV viewing between the self-reported Netflix and non-Netflix households, nor did either group differ from the overall TV viewing population.
  • Of the survey respondents 57% stated that they subscribe to Netflix and 18% had watched "House of Cards." 50% also reported they subscribe to Amazon Prime and 18% to Hulu Plus. 8% subscribe to all three over the top services.
  • Netflix households also are heavier viewers of other premium dramas:
    • Households who reported viewing "House of Cards" watched 85% more HBO than non-Netflix households.
    • "House of Cards" households watched Showtime's "Homeland" 125% more than those who don't use Netflix.
    • Netflix households viewed Showtime's "Homeland" 26% more than those who don't use Netflix.

Mark Lieberman, CEO of TRA said, "Our data show that Netflix is not currently a substitute for traditional television, but offers a way for TV lovers to watch more of the kinds of programs they love. The future of television may tell a different story, but as of today we've found that the Netflix subscribers in our study are not watching less traditional TV."

In addition to this survey, TiVo's Power||Watch panelists have completed four waves of surveys about their OTT subscriptions and viewing behaviors that can be matched to traditional TV viewing behaviors through their set-top-boxes. TRA also has the ability to match the purchasing behaviors of these survey respondents with their set-top-box viewing data to further help advertisers reach their target audience. To gain access to this data contact Pierre Bouvard at pierre@traglobal.com.

To learn more about TiVo Research and Analytics, visit www.traglobal.com

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