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TLAC Sees Rapid Company Growth With the Rise of the Self-Publisher and Indie Author

TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - Jun 18, 2015) - TLAC, an innovative publishing and printing company, is a pioneer in the independent publishing space, boasting works with thousands of authors. TLAC announces today it has doubled its business size, publishing both traditional print and e-book titles from authors in several countries. The booming growth of the self-publishing sector is bridging the gap between expert publishers and indie authors as first-time publishers often struggle to find support from top publishing companies but are looking for traditional printing standards and high-quality work.

TLAC assists authors looking to self-publish by offering a collaborative service, focusing not on sales and best sellers, but on the ultimate goal of bringing someone's powerful story to life through novels and memoirs. With a combined 15 years of experience in efficient, affordable and eco-friendly self-publishing, TLAC offers authors the following guidance to avoid the pitfalls of publishing and create hope for the indie market.

1. Apply for an ISBN - TLAC ensures every title gets an ISBN and some titles require multiple.
2. Budget time for editing, layout and graphic design - Publishers work with TLAC from the get-go to establish a budget for editing as to not cut corners in the final design.
3. Enter writing competitions - TLAC helps authors find and enter writing competitions to get valuable feedback on the work.
4. Register to showcase at events - TLAC explores less conventional and more affordable opportunities to increase author or title awareness by assisting authors with appearances at community for conventions, fairs, and trade shows.
5. Negotiate consignment - Publishers want to set authors up for success after the writing process is finished. TLAC helps authors negotiate opportunities to sell. 

"We're excited about the opportunity self-publishing has provided us to not only tell amazing untold stories, but also further develop our business," said Miraz Manji, founder of TLAC. "Self-publishers experience a change where becoming an author opens a door, yet rookie mistakes often delay the publishing process for months -- they might even miss their only chance to get their book published -- we help avoid that."

Additionally, TLAC offers self-publishers the opportunity to join its collection (fiction titles and life stories) and leverage distribution relationships with new media republishing networks through its partner company TLAC Studios.

For more information on TLAC Printing & Publishing, visit http://www.tlac.ca/.

About TLAC

TLAC Toronto Printing & Publishing is an innovative 2D/3D Design, Digital & Print Publishing technology company headquartered in Toronto, Canada specializing in e-book publishing, 3D printing estimates, event printing, custom self-publishing and book cover design.

TLAC is an acronym for Think Like a Champion, and also a Slovakian word pronounced, "tuh'lasse", which means Printing of All Matter. The company is the highest rated Toronto printing & publishing company committed to providing high quality services that customers can trust now and forever. A portion of TLAC's proceeds go to SickKids Patient Care.