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TmaxSoft to Supply Database Management Software to Hyundai and Kia

The carmakers plan to standardize on Tibero due to performance and affordability

CHICAGO, June 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- TmaxSoft, a global software innovator that delivers mainframe rehosting, RDBMS and middleware solutions to help enterprises leverage critical data, announced today that its affiliate, TmaxData, officially entered into a memorandum of understanding with Hyundai Motors and Kia Motors to select and adopt its Tibero database solution. Tibero will be the carmakers' standard choice of database management system (DBMS) for their enterprise-wide, global business operations in North America, Europe, China and India, as well as their IT infrastructure at the Korean headquarters.

Both Hyundai and Kia have been using Tibero since 2009 and have rigorously validated both the performance and the financial ROI of Tibero which led to the decision to expand its usage. The carmakers have been using different types of DBMS software from various IT vendors, but plan to standardize on Tibero.

"We concluded that using Tibero, which has a certain stability in terms of performance, will bring a higher return on investment," said Suh Jung-sik, Senior Vice President, ICT Division of Hyundai Motor Group.

"This is a significant milestone for Tibero as an alternative to other industry-leading DBMS solutions in the market. Hyundai's decision to select Tibero is definitely a rare one in Korea where foreign DBMS products, such as Oracle, dominate most of the Korean enterprises," said John Yun, Global President and CEO of TmaxSoft.

In a five-year cost calculation, companies that use Tibero can save at least 47 percent on the total cost of ownership compared to companies that use other DBMS products.

Tibero is the enterprise RDBMS of choice for the virtual data center. Its licensing model allows enterprises to fully maximize their virtualization investment by only licensing the cores associated to a given virtual machine, resulting in drastically lower TCO. Some 900 companies, both in Korea and abroad, use Tibero.

TmaxSoft is a global software innovator focused on data management, middleware and mainframe modernization, with solutions that offer enterprise CIOs viable alternatives to support their global IT powerhouses and drive competitive advantage. TmaxSoft has based its growth on a strong foundation of research and development, along with a sustained commitment to innovation. Today, we work with over 2,000 customers around the world.


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