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TMEIC Lauded by Frost & Sullivan for Disrupting the Industrial Power Electronics in Everything Market with its Visionary Modular PE System Technology

TMEIC's digital manufacturing process, complemented by its technology expertise in PEiE and semiconductor applications, helps it offer industry-leading customer ownership experience

LONDON, Dec. 31, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Based on its recent analysis of the global industrial power electronics (PE) market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes TMEIC with the 2019 Technology Leadership Award and 2019 Company of the Year Award. Its strong R&D culture has resulted in a truly unique modular PE system that enhances every industry's critical process and provides much-needed relief from power supply disturbances. It has demonstrated visionary product innovations and technology incubations in the four distinct product groups of PV inverters, uninterruptible power systems (UPSs), energy storage systems (ESSs), and motor drive inverters (MDs).


TMEIC has developed three path-breaking modular products Universal Power Conditioning System (U-PCS), Multiple Power Compensator (MPC), and Modular multilevel converters (MMC). The Universal PCS is designed to perform both energy generation and energy storage functions while offering high efficiency, cutting-edge features, and unparalleled reliability. It also significantly reduces the maintenance time as it allows seamless replacement of the faulty inverter module without disrupting the operation of the rest of the inverter modules. The company's modular approach not only offers superior reliability and efficiency but is also highly cost-effective.

"TMEIC's modular PE system solutions will help industries optimize overall operations and achieve their sustainability goals," said Gautham Gnanajothi Research Director. "For instance, its newly developed MMC technology can significantly enhance the performance of extra high-voltage power transmission systems. Its unique mechanical, electrical, and anti-seismic design allows this technology to address the evolving power network requirements such as higher flexibility in power exchanges among distributed renewables and cities (load centers), and better resilience against the rising number of natural disasters."

TMEIC's PV inverters have been able to achieve 3-5 percent higher annual power output compared to its competitors. With its advanced control capabilities, TMEIC's inverters can maintain maximum active power generation even when the cloud-edge phenomenon passes through the PV panels, which is dangerous and may damage PV inverters. The company's best-in-class strategy implementation is characterized by processes, tools, and activities that generate a consistent and repeatable level of success. Its digital manufacturing initiative through the use of 3D working model visualization showcases its outstanding engineering and endows TMEIC with a unique competitive advantage.

"TMEIC's focus on power electronics has enabled it to achieve above market average growth, registering 10 percent year-on-year revenue growth. The company currently holds the highest market share in the large-capacity PV inverters (100kW and above) segment and is looking to increase its overseas sales percentage as well," noted Gnanajothi. "With its state-of-the-art product design, TMEIC delivers industry-leading efficiency, reliability, performance, and flexibility to meet critical power demands. Other key functionalities that enhance customer ownership experience include a DC-to-DC chopper charging circuit, which extends battery and capacitor life, while the high-speed digital control ensures stable power supply to the critical load even for unbalanced and regenerative loads."

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