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To Buck the One-Dimensional Selfie: Allie Cameras Capture Every Angle of a Scene

Daniel Bean
Assistant Editor
Yahoo Tech

(Yahoo Tech)

The selfies you’re taking now are a little too one-dimensional.

The solution can be found in the new Allie (pronounced like the skateboard trick) line of “720-degree connected cameras,” which will capture not only your beautiful, grinning face, but everything in any given scene all at once.

Florida company IC Real Tech introduced four models of its dual 360-degree-wielding cams this week, claiming its tech for capturing “all-D” as an industry first.

The Allie Pro, Allie Home, and Allie Play each pack 13 MP cameras and stream live 720p, all-angles video to mobile devices. Footage can also be wirelessly recorded to the cloud for later viewing, up to 30 days’ worth, according to the products’ website. All Allie cams pack the ability to store footage internally, though at a capacity trade-off.

Allie Play camera


From within IC Real Tech’s app, viewers can digitally pan and scroll around full scenes wherever an Allie camera is placed, either for fun or for super high-tech surveillance. The Allie Pro, which will be priced around $3,000 when it ships later this year, is more geared toward the latter, capable of digging deeper into footage, live or recorded, with its powerful 8x digital zoom.

(Yahoo Tech)

The Allie Home and Allie Play, IC Real Tech’s more consumer-oriented versions, will go for $500 when they ship this year. The company also says it has a GoPro-like version coming in 2016, called the Allie Go (listed as the “360eye” on its website), but the details are currently light on that model and don’t yet include pricing.

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