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Tobacco stocks are surging after the FDA threatens to pull flavored e-cigarettes (MO, BTI)

Ethel Jiang
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    Kids also use opioids but the government won’t shut down the pain clinics in Florida. Kids text and drive but the government won’t make car manufacturers build text blockers for cars
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    So much for the "free market". I see just as many kids smoking cigarettes, underage drinking, etc.; No extra regulation. Vaping happens and now we lose our minds? For real?
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    sam a
    What I would like to know is how minors are gaining access to these products? As a retailer we require a valid form of identification for all age sensitive products, without an id nothing can be purchased.
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    Whats it to you
    How are you going to shut it down when they're the same flavor extracts that the food industry uses.
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    There is NO evidence that E-cigs are bad. There are theories with no medical science to back it up. If a 16 year old is gonna smoke, would you rather have them smoke real cigs or E-cigs? Cause it's gonna happen. You can't remove every product on the market that is a danger. People know the risks but choose to engage anyway. That's human nature.
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    something is very wrong here------for decades the verdict has been in on the dangers of tobacco smoking yet the government is now going to favor this over e cigarettes----without trials .proofs or justifications whether they are better or less dangerous than tobacco to one's health ?
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    richard t
    So its better to smoke real cigarettes so the FDA is banning e-cigarettes? Where is their medical evidence that e-cigarettes are worse? I have a lot of patients who have gotten off cigarettes using e-cigarettes.
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    They can't keep illegal guns out of the hands of children, but they're worried about e-cigarettes. Heaven help us.
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    Just Saying...
    Well, then the kids will just go for real cigarettes again.... Big Tobacco must be thrilled....
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    The FDA is acting as if once you turn 21 you no longer desire something flavored that is tasty and pleasurable. Isn't Menthol a flavor? Don't they have cherry chewing tobacco. I know that they have flavored cigars. I think they are in cahoots with the tobacco companies. They say that kids are doing more vaping, I'd love to see the stats on them smoking cigarettes. I know those numbers are way down. They are trying to keep people addicted to cigarettes which are worse.