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‘Today’ Show Star Al Roker Got Into a Twitter Fight With the Rockefeller Christmas Tree

Kayla Keegan
Photo credit: Getty

From Cosmopolitan

All appeared cheery and bright during last night’s lighting of the Rockefeller Christmas tree in New York City. But little did anyone know that on Twitter, the famous tree and the Today show’s very own Al Roker were in the middle of a pun-slinging battle.

Since 2009, a parody Twitter account called @30RockTree has been tweeting out sassy Christmas-themed jokes, much to the delight of sarcasm lovers everywhere. This year in particular though, @30RockTree and Al have been going at it online—that is, of course, all in good fun.

An example of this emerged following the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. After Al infamously pushed away a man dressed as a stick of butter during the event (an incredibly funny viral moment worth a watch below), the sarcastic conifer began to initiate trouble.

“Fun Fact: I paid that stick of butter to annoy @AlRoker on TV. Oh, it’s on, my friend,” the tree tweeted. In response, Al pulled out a clever pun, writing, “I am coming for you, thank you very mulch.” Unimpressed with Al’s quip though, the 30 Rock Tree replied, “Your dad jokes could use some sprucing up.”

It was on yet again the morning of the tree lighting. Everything began when the Rockefeller Tree jokingly tweeted, “Funny how the NBC employees at 30 Rock that mumbled not-so-nice things under their breath at me when when they walked by this morning will all of a sudden act like we're best friends or something after they’ve had a few to drink at the party tonight.”

Seeing this, Al felt prompted to respond...twice. First, he joked, “That’s because they work at the branch office.” A minute later, Al threw out another pun: “Speaking of which, if anybody knows what it’s like to be ‘potted’ at the end of a big celebration, it’s you.” Ohhh, burnnn.

Seeing Al's comebacks, some folks on Twitter were inspired to tweet out clever replies of their own. "Come on Al, you're barking up the wrong tree," one fan wrote. "This is so 'sappy'," another one said.

Alas, by the time the Rockefeller Christmas tree lights flickered on for the first time this year, Al seemed to have changed his tune. “Hey @30RockTree looking pretty good tonight. Hope you had a good time. You look #lit,” he tweeted.

Looks like a spruce—er, truce—was reached, after all.

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