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Todd Frazier isn't the only member of his family with immense power

New York Yankees third baseman Todd Frazier is one of the most powerful players in the majors. Since 2014, he ranks eighth with 125 home runs. He’s also won the Home Run Derby.

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Unfortunately for Frazier, his power replacement may already be ready to overtake him. And the worst part is, Frazier knows the kid pretty well.

That’s Frazier’s son Blake hitting a massive bomb from the left side of the plate. We feel comfortable saying that’s 80 grade power from a 3-year-old.

Like father, like son. (Twitter/@FlavaFraz21)

As a side note, we wouldn’t mind a Home Run Derby between players and their children during the All-Star break. After watching Blake’s blast, we feel like that could be entertaining.

Thankfully for Frazier, there are rules against signing players that young. Otherwise, he might be out of a job after being replaced by his son.

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