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Togo's National Program For Fight Against Malaria (PNLP) To Launch Mosquito Eradication Initiative In West Africa

LOMÉ, Togo, Jan. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Recognizing the scourge of mosquito-borne illnesses that ravage communities all over the world and the challenges to find effective, scalable solutions, Spartan Mosquito has agreed to an innovative partnership to help improve mosquito control in Togo.

Pictured left to right --- Dr. Atcha-Oubou Tinah, MD-MPH (Coordinator of the National Malaria Control Program), Ambassador O. Arouna (President and CEO Innovative Mosquito Control Incorporated (InMoCo), Togolese Minister of Health and Public Hygiene Professor Moustafa Mijiyawa (Chair of the Africa CDC Governing Board), Jeremy Hirsch (Founder and Chairman of the Board, Spartan Mosquito)

The six-month pilot phase will include deployment of Spartan Mosquito's new "Pro-Tech Eradicator" technology throughout the country, at no cost to local communities.

"Spartan Mosquito is proud to bring the Pro-Tech Eradicator to communities in Togo that desperately need innovation," Spartan Mosquito Chairman of the Board Jeremy Hirsch said. "We know we can have a meaningful impact on the catastrophic disruption in the region that is caused by mosquitos."

The Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene in Togo will help coordinate local implementation, including distribution of the technology and collection of quantitative and qualitative data to demonstrate efficacy. Spartan Mosquito is supplying 10 square miles of Pro-Tech Eradicators at no charge to communities throughout Togo, with an anticipated impact of relief for tens of thousands of people.

"We are so pleased to partner with Spartan Mosquito to promote effective new mosquito-control solutions in Togo," The Minister of Health and Public Hygiene Professor Moustafa Mijiyawa said. "Innovations like the Spartan Mosquito Pro-Tech Eradicator are critical to combatting mosquito-borne illnesses in West Africa."

Based in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Spartan Mosquito has proven and sustained success in mosquito control and developed its Pro-Tech Eradicator technology as the next generation of its popular and effective original Eradicator product.

The Pro-Tech Eradicator uses naturally occurring borate and simple, easy installation to eliminate 95% of mosquitos in the radius of control. The Pro-Tech Eradicator is currently in its final stages of EPA review and approval.

Spartan Mosquito has made an ongoing commitment to local communities all over the U.S. and the world to help municipal governments and individual property-owners to use the Eradicator technology to effectively and efficiently improve the quality of life for everyone.

Based on data from the World Health Organization, there are 500 million cases of mosquito-borne diseases every year – millions die each year –  with 90% of those happening in Africa.

For more information, please contact:
Coordinator of the National Malaria Control Program
Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene Republique of Togo


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SOURCE Dr. ATCHA-OUBOU Tinah, MD-MPH Coordinator of the National Malaria Control Program (PNLP)