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Tom Brady's brother-in-law Kevin Youkilis had a take on uncaring radio host

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady isn’t the only person upset that a radio personality called his daughter “an annoying little pissant” on the air. Tons of people are angry that someone would go after the family of an athlete, especially a little girl, and ex-Boston Red Sox star Kevin Youkilis is definitely among them.

Youk tweeted about it Monday, and it was easy to tell where he stood.

Being a former Red Sox player isn’t the only reason Youkilis has to be upset over that comment about Brady’s daughter. Youkilis is married to Julie Brady, Tom Brady’s sister, which means Brady’s daughter is Youkilis’ niece. So it’s understandable that Youk would want to put on some Hulk fists and punch some concrete over a radio host calling his niece something like that.

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Kevin Youkilis married into the Brady clan, and he’s not happy that a radio personality made a disparaging comment about his young niece. (Getty Images)

But Youk somehow managed to restrain himself while still conveying how deeply angry he was about someone going after a member of his family. Yes, it probably would have felt good to unload on Alex Reimer, the guy who made the comment. But Youk decided to take the high road, and in the process he did something really important — he avoided stooping to Reimer’s level.

Youkilis was probably steaming about the incident, but he kept his cool. Just like his brother-in-law did.

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