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Tony Delgado Launches Disrupt Magazine: The Voice of Latino Entrepreneurs

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO / ACCESSWIRE / June 30, 2020 / Tony Delgado is a well-known tech entrepreneur and business mogul based out of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Over the past decade in business, Tony has launched numerous successful and profitable socially conscious businesses and media properties. Some of these brands include Disrupt Magazine, a website to learn from the world's most successful entrepreneurs, Yolo Daily, a cultural zeitgeist crafting the narrative for modern-day storytelling, and Latino Wall Street, a program lead by Hispanic representatives teaching you how to build a 6 and 7 figure income in the stock market. These 3 brands have one thing uncommon, educating and inspiring the Latino community and empowering technology, innovation, and minority-owned businesses.

Using Entrepreneurship To Battle Inequality

In 2017, Tony moved to Puerto Rico after witnessing the devastating effects of the natural disaster, Hurricane Maria, that struck the American commonwealth. After seeing the extensive damage to the island, Tony Delgado decided to step up and make a difference to do something to uplift and empower his people. Tony knew that if Puerto Rico was perfect for digital nomads, it could also be the perfect place for locals to thrive and make money online as well. In early 2018, Tony moved to Puerto Rico to help restore and rebuild the communities, handing out water and supplying any types of aid rendered necessary for the Puerto Rican people.

From Newark To Puerto Rico

Before he moved to the island, Tony worked with an initiative in New Jersey called Newark Kids Code lead by Darrin Sharif, Director of Operations for the Urban League of Essex County. Darrin was introduced to local government serving as the Chief of Staff to the current United States Senator Cory A. Booker when Senator Booker served on the Newark Municipal Council from the Central Ward. Working alongside Darrin at Newark Kids Code, Tony Delgado was inspired to bring a technology education movement to his home country of Puerto Rico. Since relocating his business to the island, Disrupt has touched many people across the island, bringing significant amounts of joy and happiness to the people after wanting to make a difference. Tony is not just a philanthropist but a tech and coding expert. Tony Delgado plans on building a school and launching the first Coding Bootcamp in Puerto Rico to teach young Puerto Rican's the current state of the digital economy, entrepreneurship, and the idea that all you need to succeed is WiFi and a dream.

Building SXSW To The Caribbean

Tony is not stopping there. After moving to Puerto Rico, Tony had a crazy idea. Imagine we bought together with the greatest tech-entrepreneurs and thought leaders in the world. What if we gave them a platform to teach and share their experiences? Some would move to Puerto Rico, some would invest in Puerto Rico, but everyone would have the opportunity to impact Puerto Rico for the better in there own unique ways. Disruption is exactly what happened. In 2018, Tony created a seven-day festival called Disrupt Week that aimed to do for San Juan, Puerto Rico, what South By South West did for Austin, Texas. Tony then partnered with the University of Puerto Rico to sponsor hundreds of college students to get free tickets to the event and learn from these world-class disruptors.

In March 2020, Tony Delgado partnered up with Luis Rios after he contracted COVID-19 and helped him hosted the first TEDx in Puerto Rico alongside sponsor Bryan Quaranto, CEO of ProprioX to bring disruptive new ideas for the future economy of Puerto Rico. Along with his network, Tony has some powerful speakers in his roster. John Mallot, Grant Cardone, David Meltzer, Jason Capital, and Eric Thomas, just to name a few. Tony Delgado recently partnered with fellow Puerto Rico resident and host of the Entrepuers Of Fire Podcast, John Lee Dumas, to release an educational series of masterclasses including an episode called 7 months to 7 figures, where his shares his 15+ years experience into a 40-minute audio experience.

The Latino Wall Street Movement

Latino Wall Street is an initiative Tony started with his fiancé Gaby Berrospi, Forbes council member, financial expert, and capital investor to help Latina women earn extra income from the stock market. The graduate of NYU, Ms. Berrospi, had paid off her student debt by 21 years old. She had joined forces with Alan Burak, a Mexican Hedge Fund Manager in New York, to create Latino Wall Street focusing on their mission to "provide insight, information, and resources to the Latin American community." The power couple feels that Latinos are an underrepresented part of the finance industry, and they are on a mission to disrupt that.

Now, Latino Wall Street has extended its opportunities for not just Latinas but anybody willing to learn how to invest in the stock market and grow their bank account. They also offer personalized training, courses, and seminars all in Spanish to help you leverage the digital economy from home. Tony and Gaby are now leading a movement to transform the lives of the 400 million people in Latin America and building it into an online educational empire all from there homes in Puerto Rico.


Tony's mission is clear; to help the youth of Puerto Rico learn entrepreneurship and lucrative opportunities to thrive outside of the traditional career path. Through the Disrupt Foundation; a non-profit incentive that hosts in-person events and workshops in the Puerto Rican startup community, Tony continues to educate and inspire. Nobody said this mission was easy, but this is why Tony Delgado is up for the job. Tony gives entrepreneurs the rare opportunity to share their stories in Disrupt Magazine to provide a voice to up and coming moguls.

Contact Info For Tony Delgado

Tony Delgado Full Bio:

Tony Delgado (born 02/06/1986) is a Puerto Rican-American software developer, businessman, activist, philanthropist, and multimillionaire tech entrepreneur who has started multiple online and software-based businesses. He has also helped thousands create their first profitable businesses, all from the comfort of his home in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Tony Delgado started his first 7-figure online business in 2009, which was focused on eCommerce. Tony soon after launched an online magazine called Hyper Eater that discussed music, fashion and pop-culture. After successfully launching his first online publication, Delgado used his computer programming skills to launch several other online magazines, Twitter Bots, content aggregators and video sharing sites. These online publications were all monetized with Google Advertising and Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

In 2015, Tony landed a role as the lead developer at Websignia, a digital marketing agency servicing corporate clients in the New York City metropolitan area. During his time there, Tony became widely known as a hacker in the professional developer community after winning numerous hackathons sponsored by Fortune 500 tech companies like Google, IBM, Intel, Microsoft and Facebook.

In 2016, Tony moved to Newark, New Jersey to become business partners with internet entrepreneur, Gerard Adams, after he sold his company Elite Daily for $50 million dollars to The Daily Mail the year prior. Adams and Delgado started a company called Fownders, a tech accelerator & startup investment firm, that focused on investing in and mentoring minority owned businesses in the inner city area of Newark, New Jersey.

In 2017, Hurricane Maria struck the island of Puerto Rico and the outcome was devastating. Many people were left without a home and even more, were injured and killed. Nobody knew how bad the Hurricane was going to be until it finally struck. People from all over the world went to go help rebuild and support Puerto Rico in their time of need, amongst those people was Tony Delgado.

Delgado made the bold move to go and fly over to Puerto Rico during the wake of the aftermath of Hurricane Maria when the island had less than 50% of its residents without power. He helped the people rebuild homes and distributed over 300 solar panel lights in addition to food and water. While he was there he noticed the economical problems that Puerto Rico faced. Only the wealthy had food, water, and power and it was the people with no money and no resources that were affected the worse.

Delgado decided to take on a problem that was much bigger than himself so he decided to live in Puerto Rico full time to help the people and the economy. He knew a shift had to change because it couldn't stay like this forever.

At that moment, Delgado realized he had to move to Puerto Rico full time so he could help out in any way he can, he wanted to help the community and the people in it. After he got back home, he resigned from his role as the CTO of FOWNDERS, and decided to go back to the island, start his non-profit and live there full-time. He saw a huge opportunity to teach people about technology, entrepreneurship, and how to make money online by leveraging the power of the digital economy. He believes that all people need to succeed is "WiFi and a Dream". Tony then started to Disrupt University, an online learning ecosystem, so that kids and young adults can learn the ins and outs of entrepreneurship. The company's mission is to teach the youth about technology, innovation, and business opportunities available online. He knew that if he could teach more people how to make money online and how to create and run a business, it would help grow the economy of Puerto Rico.

In 2019, Delgado partnered with hedge fund manager Alan Burak and options trader Gaby Berrospi to start Latino Wall Street, a movement to educate Latin America about the opportunities on the stock market and to help people create financial freedom.

In addition to his online programs, he also hosts an event series in Puerto Rico called Disrupt Week. The purpose of the event is to bring value and knowledge to hackers, doers, makers, successful business people and aspiring entrepreneurs alike. Some of the previous speakers have included Gerard Adams, Brock Pierce, John Malott, Jennifer Hopp, Sam Bakhtiar, Jason Capital and many more multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, investors and change-makers.

Personal Life

Tony Delgado was born on February 6th, 1986 in Hoboken, NJ. Tony's father left when he was 2 years old and he grew up raised by a single mother, who was a computer programmer in the late '80s and early '90s during the advent of the internet. Tony was one of the first kids in his town with access to the internet and learned to code in the 2nd grade.

His entrepreneurship tendencies started when he was 16 years old selling on eBay and Amazon where he began making money by burning and selling mixtape CDs, going from $50 a week to $3,000 a day using the internet. Those entrepreneurship tendencies have led him to where he is today.

Today, Tony Delgado is a multimillionaire tech entrepreneur and now a full-time resident of Puerto Rico where he continues his mission to rebuild the Puerto Rican economy through his non-profit, The Disrupt Foundation.

Today, Disrupt Week is one of the biggest tech and entrepreneurship conferences in Puerto Rico and it is specifically aimed to help educate and inspire both the people of Puerto Rico and people from around the world.

Tony is also the host of the Disrupt Podcast, where he interviews the most disruptive entrepreneurs, leaders and change-makers in the world. Tony also interviews and profiles world-class entrepreneurs and thought leaders in his publication, Disrupt Magazine.

Email: tonydisrupt@gmail.com

WhatsApp: 1-201-875-8684

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