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Tooyn Tech Launches the World’s Thinnest MacBook Charger, Doubling Up as a USB-C Hub and a Wireless Charger


Tooyn Tech is excited to announce the launch of the most innovative and versatile MacBook and other type-C laptop Charger and type-C Hub on Indiegogo!

After tremendous success at this year's CES and receiving Indiegogo’s 2019 innovative product award, the Tooyn Charger is launching on Indiegogo with two models. This is the most ambitious endeavor into creating the world’s most efficient, stylish and feature packed MacBook accessory to date.

Promising to become the 2019’s must-have Mac accessory this gadget not only declutters your laptop and simplifies using it, but also looks complementary to your MacBook leveling up the experience.

We all love our Macs and, well, depend on them. Still, after a short period of basically living with them, our team members seemed to lack something in the laterals. So, we began conceptualizing a new, better charger that would become the most versatile and functional gadget, worthy our Macs. We added unique innovative features that every Mac user needs in their daily life.

The Tooyn Charger includes the following features:

  • Laptop Charger
  • iPhone Wireless Charger
  • iWatch Wireless Charger
  • AirPods Wireless Charger
  • Type-C Hub: ✔ 2 USB-A QC 3.0; ✔ 4K HDMI; ✔ SD/MC slot; ✔ MicroSD slot
  • Additional High Capacity Power Bank

The Tooyn Chargers are packed in an aluminum casing, with acrylic top panel to ensure the wireless charging. Designed as sleek and modern, as your MacBook, Tooyn also complements it in color and functionality, incorporating practical features, such as a separate plug to connect to tighter outlet locations.

With this product our team sets to tackle the problem with the current Mac chargers that are bulky, inconvenient and do not support environment connectivity.

Tooyn is setting out to become the most demanded Apple Accessory of 2019. We have been designing the technology to aid the Mac users everywhere.

The crowdfunding campaign for the Tooyn Charger is launching on Indiegogo May 29.

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