Top 10 Books About Money (Under 200 Pages) That Will Improve Your Finances


Part of changing your financial habits is changing your mindset and views about money. And one of the only ways to do that is through learning new and interesting ideas.

The best medium for this is by reading books. But how can we make time for reading books within our busy schedules?

Check out these top 10 books about money that are less than 200 pages. You’ll be able to improve your finances and change your money mindset within just a few hours. How’s that for spending your time (and your money) wisely?

1. Money Rules, by Jean Chatzky. Many of the rules society has taught us about money are completely untrue. If we take a minute to think about it with some common sense we’ll understand how easy it is to figure out the money rules. Jean Chatzky plainly explains 90 simple money rules that we should all live by to build wealth.

2. The Money Answer Book by Dave Ramsey. As we grow up, graduate college and embrace the working world, we face many of the same issues. This questions and answer book includes some of the most popular financial questions, along with the specific answers to get out of debt, save for the future and have financial freedom.

3. Dream Save Do, by Warren and Betsy Talbot. This book was the catalyst for me when I was trying to pay off my debt and work towards the goal of running my own business while traveling. The Talbots have a straight-forward and honest approach to getting control of your finances and life. Their book is geared towards helping you go from dreaming to doing.

4. How Much Money Do I Need to Retire, by Todd Tresidder. No matter what age you are, we all tend to ask this question. Saving enough money so you don’t have to work your entire life is a very important part of your financial picture. Todd shares his expertise as a financial planner, in a quick and easy to understand book.

5. Make Money Your Honey, by Amanda Abella. This is a book straight from Gen Y for Gen Y and covers everything from your money mindset, to carving out your own career in a tough economy, to going on a date with your budget. Amanda Abella explains her perspective in a very honest way, that will enable you to get past your roadblocks with money.

6. CliffNotes Graduation Debt, by Reyna Gobel. Student loans are a big issue for many of us, but thanks Reyna we have some help. She shares her story of facing a seemingly insurmountable student loan debt and her step-by-step approach to regaining control and having more money to spend on fun.

7. The Super Duper Simple Book on Money, by Alan Akina. Being part of the middle class is a whole lot different now than it was in the past. Financial literacy isn’t taught at home, or at school or even in college, so we’re left to fend for ourselves. This ebook breaks it down in simple terms and gives you the tools to reach financial freedom.

8. The Mint Manual, by Tim Murphy. In case you don’t know what is, it’s a budgeting software that’s free to use and helps you organize your finances so you can save money to reach your goals. In this manual, Tim Murphy shares the secrets and tips he’s learned to use leverage the budgeting software to your advantage.

9. How I Budget Without Spreadsheets or Software, by Todd Swart. Getting your money organized so you can see an accurate overall financial picture is key to reaching financial independence. But not all of us are number nerds who like using spreadsheets. Todd has created a simple, do-it-yourself budget for all of us “lazy” money managers.

10. Manilla New Year’s Toolkit, by No list would be complete without this guide from Manilla. Kickstart your motivation and improve your life this year with free toolkit. You’ll get access to tips for all aspects of your life, including money, organization, productivity, health, fitness and more!

Carrie Smith is the owner and editor of Careful Cents, a blog that specializes in helping small businesses and solopreneurs earn more money in less time through systems and financial organization. She also writes for The Huffington Post, AllBusiness Experts and several other business websites. Connect with her on Twitter @carefulcents.

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