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Top 10 Businesses to Watch Out for in 2020

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 8, 2020 / Millions of entrepreneurs are steadily making their way towards the limelight. With the ever-expanding number of businesses in the US, the competition is becoming tighter. Entrepreneurs have to innovate and find a unique niche within the community to survive the conditions of the business world. Faced by this predicament, several exceptional businesses have placed significant imprints, and deserve a careful watch from the public. Here are the Top 10 Business to Watch Out For in 2020:

10. Le Bijoux Parfum, Adeline Dorsainvil

Adeline Dorsainvil was born and raised in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. She attended Nova Southeastern University and graduated with Bachelors of Business Administration and Masters of Human Resources Management. She was a former Professor of Business at Okan International University and taught undergraduate courses in Marketing, Human Resources Management, Business Ethics, and Principles of Management.

Adeline is the founder of Le Bijoux Parfum which delivers premium quality luxury fragrances and ouds for men and women. As of today, the black-owned company Le Bijoux Parfum is BBB-accredited and a certified Woman & Minority-owned business.

Facebook: Le Bijoux Parfum
Instagram: @lebijouxparfum
Twitter: @lebijouxparfum
LinkedIn: Le Bijoux Parfum
Website: www.lebijouxparfum.com

9. Luke Liftup Fitness, Luke Wade

Luke Wade is an international fitness consultant who specializes in the overall health and wellness of professional women. Luke has helped a multitude of driven women achieve and maintain their fitness goals. His motto: client success is priority # 1.

Luke's psychology and nutrition university education, as well as years in physical therapy, give him an edge in enhancing his clients' results, not only through the psyche and fine-tuned dietary interventions but also for post-rehab clients who have suffered from injury. Luke is intent on establishing and cultivating client relationships that ultimately direct his clients toward flourishing and wealth in health.

Facebook: Luke Wade
Instagram: @lukeliftupfitness
LinkedIn: Luke Wade
Website: www.lukeliftup.com

8. My Biz Consulting, Jamilah Lawry

Jamilah N. Lawry is a well-acclaimed technology disruptor, public speaker, and radio personality in Philadelphia. Lawry was greatly inspired by Elon Musk for his innovative thought process and unbothered implementation methods. Being an innovator and serial entrepreneur, she has honed many crafts by constantly taking in knowledge as she goes. She takes great interest in understanding and implementing new trends.

Lawry studied Applied Behavioral Analyst, Psychology as well as Management Information Systems, and Organizational Leadership.

As a digital marketing consultant, she enjoys building online marketing strategies for businesses; so that they get a clear understanding of online marketing. Through her consultations, she makes sure her clients understand how online marketing works for the brand, understanding key performance metrics, buyer behavior and how they can benefit from the monthly reports in many ways.

Facebook: My Biz Consulting LLC
Instagram: @mybizconsulting
Twitter: @MBC133
LinkedIn: My Biz Consulting LLC
Pinterest: My Biz Consulting
YouTube: My Biz Consulting LLC
Website: www.mybizconsulting.net

7. Ecommerce Marketing Agency, Steven Ridzyowski

Steven Ridzyowski, the founder of Ecommerce Marketing Agency, has been a leader in the eCommerce/digital media buying space for over ten years. His business specializes in Shopify store creations and marketing via multiple advertising platforms and does not just rely on typical social media marketing campaigns like most agencies do.

With his team at Ecommerce Marketing Agency, Steven Ridzyowski was able to create a true turnkey experience to start brands and businesses online. Steven is a top entrepreneur who can help businesses make a smooth transition to online retail.

Instagram @StevenRidzyowski
Business Instagram @EcommerceMarketingAgency
LinkedIn: Ecommerce Marketing Agency
Facebook: Turnkey Ecom Stores
Website: www.ecommercemarketingagency.com

6. Jafton; Block Crunch; and Missed, Sardor Akhmedov

Sardor Akhmedov is a serial tech entrepreneur, speaker and a podcast host who is currently a managing partner and a shareholder of the IT consultancy companies Jafton.com, Blockcrunch.com and the video conferencing platform missed.com.

Sardor has high expertise in tech and entrepreneurship and mentors aspiring entrepreneurs on their journey. He also hosts a daily podcast called "A Better Day" with short episodes of daily inspiration. He has recently been recognized as the best speaker at the biggest business and self development conference called "Synergy Online Forum" where he gave a speech among tens of celebrity speakers about the future of voice technology.

Instagram: @akhmedov.co
Facebook: Sardor Ahmedov

5. Fresh Pawz

Fresh Paws is a leading official streetwear brand for dogs. Their passion is to provide exclusive designs, innovative products, and unrivaled quality. The company offers different varieties of accessories bridging the gap between the culture and people's dog.

Fresh Pawz revitalizes the market of dog accessories by introducing streetwear influence to an otherwise mundane product selection. They enable dogs to become extensions of their clients' lifestyles without compromising the quality and functionality they rely on.

Facebook: Fresh Pawz
Instagram: @freshpawz
Twitter: @freshpawzla
Tumblr: Fresh Pawz
Pinterest: Fresh Pawz
Website: www.freshpawz.com

4. Basani Financial, Sumedh Basani

Sumedh Basani is a serial entrepreneur and business consultant who is a leading expert in finance and marketing. He has built several successful businesses including his 8-figure financial firm, Basani Financial, which dominates the modern day insurance sector.

Sumedh serves as a silent partner in many of his businesses and consults with multiple companies to grow their marketing. Over the course of a few years, Sumedh has built a massive business portfolio and leverages some of the most powerful relationships in the financial industry, representing over 550 individual financial carriers within the United States.

Facebook: Basani Financial
Instagram: @sumedhbasani
Website: www.sumedhbasani.com

3. Buzzy Booth, Jolina Li

Jolina Li is the founder of BuzzyBooth, a photo marketing kiosk that helps businesses turn their customers into brand advocates. BuzzyBooth currently dots the US with 500+ different locations, and has successfully helped businesses collect contacts ten times faster, increase 5-star online reviews, and automate their marketing efforts to bring more customers back.

Facebook: BuzzyBooth
Instagram: @buzzybooth_media
LinkedIn: BuzzyBooth
Pinterest: BuzzyBooth
Website: www.buzzybooth.com

2. Destination Driven LLC, Josh Gorra

Josh Gorra is a successful financial services professional and entrepreneur coach. Most popular for his 10-principle mindset that has propelled the company he founded Destination Driven LLC, to international acclaim. Mr. Gorra graduated from Johnson & Wales University in 2004 with an AS in Entrepreneurship and a BS in Financial Service Management. His technique is built from experiences he's faced & overcome. It's gratifying for him to help organizations grow their revenue

His determination to help others sprang from a childhood tragedy. Clinically dead for 3 minutes, he was brought back to life by the mercy of God - and with an even better appreciation for life. Through Destination Driven LLC, Mr. Gorra has helped clients succeed in their businesses by providing awareness to master the 10-pronged mindset and their "time value of life."

His book "Start with Gratitude, 10 daily principles to maximize EACH day" is scheduled to be released this summer.

Facebook: Joshua I. Gorra
Instagram: @mindset_driven
Website: www.joshgorra.com

1. Tax Emperor, Joseph Lang

Joseph Lang is an entrepreneur, tax professional and owner of Tax Emperor. The company provides clients with the best accounting, tax, and consulting services by expanding the knowledge and practice of the financial function in your business. "The more you learn, the more you earn" is a concept Joseph likes to enforce at Tax Emperor. Whether it be for business or personal, good practices can lead to better decision making and maximizing profits.

As a tax professional for over 7 years Joseph has helped thousands of business owners save large amounts of money on taxes by providing efficient tax education, monthly tax planning, and unlimited consultation sessions with his team at Tax Emperor. In addition, they even have an international team that can handle clients in other countries including Canada and Europe.

Facebook: Tax Emperor
Website: www.taxemperor.com


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