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Top 10 Entrepreneurs To Watch Out For In 2020

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 22, 2019 / Successful entrepreneurs are able to adapt to any situation that they deal with good or bad. They are able to turn any situation turn into a positive one. They didn't learn these skills in a classroom, these were skills that they developed overtime with hard work and perseverance. At the end of the day everything is based off your commitment to your cause and what are you willing to do to achieve your goal.

As an entrepreneur, you too can be one of these top entrepreneurs. In addition to the skills that you already possess, you can soon be on this top 10 page with your hardwork and dedication. Here are the Top 10 Entrepreneurs to watch out for in 2020:

Hammy TV
Ryan Hamilton Also known on social media as @Hammy_TV is a retired Army Veteran who with his wife Jennifer have created extremely unique funny videos that have taken social media by storm. In the last 2 years alone they have acquired over 10 million followers between Facebook and Instagram and have had over 7 billion views combined between the two platforms. They where the first in the world to hit 1 million shares on a Facebook video, that video currently has 323 million views. Since their rise to fame they have collaborated with some major key players including Paramount pictures, Atlantic Records, and countless celebs. Besides the HammyTV brand Ryan has another 23 Facebook pages with a combined 40 million followers. They are on track to be the biggest content creators in 2020.

Kc Chohan
Highly experienced CFO with a skillset in scaling small businesses into hyper-growth companies. KC was born and raised in the UK and moved to Los Angeles in 2012. He learned at one of the top Fortune 500 companies where he helped scale from $2 billion dollars to $4 billion dollars during his 8 years at Flowserve. He now uses that experience to help CEOs transform their companies into scalable hyper-growth performing machines. Using the MPR System KC has helped hundreds of company's double profits within 1 year and he is also a writer for Forbes Magazine.

Chris Cunningham
Chris graduated from Virginia Tech with a double major in Business Management and Global Business. During college, he joined up with Beverly Media to manage social media for high profile clients in the music, sports, and entertainment industry. Starting his tech career at Cvent, he became one of the youngest managers, helping them grow as they went public (NYSE). He moved on to help start ClickUp in San Francisco and head Business Development there. Currently, he's Vice President of Business Development at Elevator Studio and runs massive influencer marketing campaigns for Dan Blitzerian's Ignite, LYFT, 1st Phorm, and many more!

Braydon Ross
Braydon Ross aka "@Mrairbnb" on Instagram, is a 25-year-old Canadian entrepreneur known for disrupting the Airbnb space affording him the ability to travel globally teaching tens of thousands of others how to get their first or multiple Airbnb's without having to own any real estate, putting no money down and needing absolutely no credit. This young millionaire has built an Airbnb empire helping manage several hundred Airbnb's from Canada to Spain and helps run a capital hedge fund for it too. Braydon has caught the attention of both Tai Lopez and Grant Cardone and has actually taught Airbnb and marketing with Tai Lopez.

Christian J Smith
Christian J Smith, professionally known as "Mr. Frost", is a 19 year old entrepreneur, and one of the youngest, successful traders in his industry. Now, at 19 years old, he is averaging well over $25,000 per month as a trader, as well an extra 5 figures + per month from mentorships and his online business. He is a source of inspiration for many because of his powerful community, FrostFXTheMarketMasters. Mr. Frost is the founder of the brand FrostFXTheMarketMasters.com , an educational platform and community where people learn how to trade in the Forex Market, and connect with other like minded individuals in the industry.

Wayne Liang
Having built a soon-to-be 9-figure portfolio in 3 years, Wayne Liang is now a full-time investor at 23 years old. With a vast amount of experience in digital marketing, e-commerce, and analytical work, Wayne's expertise has helped out numerous Fortune 500 companies. Gaining exposure through frequent features on various media outlets, Wayne is able to spend most of his time networking with other entrepreneurs around the world. With multiple on-going businesses and a global real estate portfolio, we expect Wayne's success to continuously multiply.

Shanice Ramirez
Entrepreneur Shanice Ramirez, who is also known as Shye Lee on social media, is originally from Kissimmee, FL. She has grown her following showcasing her journey as an entrepreneur and is known for helping high status entrepreneurs establish and grow their social media presence and following. Along with her social media growth services, she also works as a Public Relations agent for selected entrepreneurs. Although right now she's running as a "one man" team, she plans on growing her PR Agency in 2020. She has multiple investments outside of social media that she is excited about for the new year.

Ambro Di Pilato
Montreal, Quebec--21-year-old CEO Ambro Di Pilato founded the Stratton Sales Agency 10 months ago and under his leadership, the agency has already grossed more than $5.6 million in high ticket sales across the globe. Di Pilato came to Stratton after 5 years in the high-ticket sales sector and after the creation of one of the largest pop-up art galleries in Montreal. After working as a sales representative for an agency, he cites his encounters with what he calls "unsavory business transactions" as the driving force behind Stratton's inception. He began Stratton with a brand new vision: to start a high ticket sales agency that values authenticity and morality in a field full of scammers.

Jagmeet Kahlon
Jagmeet Kahlon, better known as "Jag", is a 20 year old Punjabi entrepreneur who is the founder of Ace Media. Jagmeet was born in Seattle, Washington, but grew up in Sacramento, California. Currently, Jag is attending Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. Through his social media management company, Jag is generating well over $25,000 dollars every month. Jag has had the pleasure of working with a countless amount of celebrities and athletes through his social media management company. Jag is also the founder of the brand Adversity which is on the cusp of 100,000 followers in less than 6 months. In 2020, Jag has his eyes set on generating 6 figure months through Ace Media and hitting the 1 million follower mark for Adversity on Instagram.

Marcio Delgado
London-based Marcio Delgado is a Producer and Influencer Marketing Manager working with brands, content creators and publications in Europe, America and Latin America. His book featuring behind the scenes of successful campaigns and how to work with influencers will be out in 2020.

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SOURCE: Authority Titans

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