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The Top 10 Female Business Coaches You Need To Be Following

·13 min read

Boost Media Agency

Top 10 Female Business Coaches
Top 10 Female Business Coaches
Top 10 Female Business Coaches

New York City, New York, Aug. 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Starting a business online is hard, right? Well… it can be. With the right direction and guidance however, it’s not as difficult as one might think. With a global pandemic at hand and more people out of jobs and working digitally, there’s more competition than ever. This is where the role of an experienced coach is of vital importance - someone who’s learned the hard way can truly shortcut the success curve for you, making the process less stressful and more enjoyable. According to Boost Media Agency, a great coach is of critical importance if you want to make it as an online entrepreneur, and each with their own unique coaching style, here we present the 10 female business coaches leading the way in their industry:

Sabrina Stocker (@sabrinastocker.r)

Having built multiple successful companies, spoken on stages and mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs, Sabrina Stocker is a go getter who’s also reached the Final Five in the BBC One The Apprentice Show, and owns the largest tennis events company in the U.K. Sabrina is a strategic consultant, who focuses on strategic planning, marketing strategy and systems and automation. With her Masters in Strategic Planning from Edinburgh Business School, and experience quickly scaling her businesses, she has been able to help companies scale up in next to no time. Her coaching academy is a community for entrepreneurs and coaches to thrive. “One of my clients just secured a 105k contract within three weeks of working together. Now I'm not saying you can make six figures overnight, but we can make sure your business is on the right track” Sabrina explained. Sabrina's fundamental principle to business is the KISS principle (keep it simple stupid, or as she likes to say, sexy). She believes the more simplistic, the more scalable. There are many decisions a business owner has to make, so the more streamlined and processed a project can be, the easier it'll be to grow. 'There is TOO much information on the internet to get access too. I like to go in, work with the team and create a clear plan of action and get things started” stated Sabrina. At just 24 years young, Sabrina’s accomplishments are astounding, and she’s been able to make a huge impact in the lives of others - and she’s only just getting started.

Rachel Bell (@rachelbell)

The founder of a 7-figure company at the age of just 25, Rachel Bell has been well recognised for her incredible accomplishments, being featured in the Top 20 Female Entrepreneurs by Forbes. She specializes in teaching online coaches how to build 6 to 7-figure businesses using the power of social media. Her company, Online Coach University, has supported thousands of coaches in learning how to live in abundance. Rachel serve’s her clients using transformative tools, to enhance their leadership capabilities and give them the zest to influence more people in their chosen niche. She has proven countless times to have helped online coaches go from zero clients, to predictably generating $10k a month without using ads. This in turn helped them leave their unfulfilling 9-to-5 jobs and create their profitable businesses online. OCU focuses on leadership and social media can be utilised to attract clients. Through her dynamic approach, Rachel and her team guide their clients on their journey towards achieving their goals. Unlike any other coaching team in the industry who are simply focused on the external results, Rachel and OCU sets itself apart through its commitment to a life-long transformation, allowing their students to change their lives for the better.

Melissa Lin (@themelissalin)

A chemical engineer turned business coach, Melissa Lin has now established a multiple six-figure business helping women start, build, and scale their online businesses. While she was accelerating up the ladder in her former career, Melissa’s income was barely growing, and her satisfaction was dwindling – it was then she decided to get out her 9-5 job. She turned her side-hustle to a business that quickly grew to six-figures. It’s the best decision she made in her career and now, she wants to help more women do the same. Through her new program, ‘The Fierce Business Mastermind’, where Melissa helps her clients scale their businesses to six-figures, Melissa helps her clients scale their businesses to multiple six-figures. She also has multiple in depth online courses that tackle lead generation, sales, and the fundamentals of how to launch businesses. Melissa believes that certain qualities make up a fierce business owner which leads them to achieve success, and that’s what she wants to impart on her clients. As they strive to be fiercely inspirational, Melissa empowers them to see the endless possibilities and step out of their comfort zones, also guiding them on how to walk the talk and live a life of integrity, to be fiercely authentic. To create boundaries and stand their ground as a business, they also need to be fiercely powerful. Melissa is committed to teaching her clients exactly how to strive, thrive and be fiercely profitable to create the life they desire.

Laura Niese (@travel_tothebeat)

Formerly a pediatric oncology and BMT nurse for 4 years, it wasn’t until she’d travelled to Thailand, that Laura Niese knew what was possible for her life. Her trip to Thailand had inspired Laura to pursue a lifestyle with more freedom, impact, creativity, and most importantly, being her own boss. Upon returning home, Laura decided to leave her nursing career behind and move to Bali - allowing herself 6 months to explore the world of entrepreneurship. It didn’t take long before she learned to make money online and she’s never looked back. Now, Laura’s coaching women from around the world, helping them get unstuck with their ideas and helping them build a soul-aligned business. Laura believes that each one of us here on Earth is born worthy of creating a life and business better than their wildest dreams. She teaches her clients a combination of both strategy and manifestation to turn those dreams into reality. Through her coaching sessions,, Laura is helping her clients tap into their intuition and gain consciousness of their most authentic selves so they can become an energetic match for the clients they want to attract. Laura believes that for us to reach financial abundance, we must fully embody the highest version of ourselves in order to create the dream reality we were born worthy of - which she’s been able to do for her clients throughout the world.

Victoria-Pearl Wright (@thevpwright)

An author, certified coach and a business mentor for creative entrepreneurs and aspiring coaches, Victoria-Pearl ‘VP’ Wright is the CEO and founder of VP Wright International, the umbrella organization for The Creative’s Corner, an online community and learning hub dedicated to helping creatives and aspiring coaches build inclusive, sustainable, and community-based online businesses. As a leading community leader in the coaching industry, VP has been featured in NPR, MSNBC, Vox, Houston Voyage, Boss Babe, and Societygal for speaking on topics such as inclusion and well-being of the marginalized population. Her years of experience in various fields led her to create The CEO Accelerator and her 1:1 Creative Business Mentorship Program, where she has helped aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs elevate their mindset into becoming a Creative Executive Operator. Topics in the program include how to set up the systems they need in their business, how to build a product suite and tailor their payment plans, and how to improve their content creation skills to scale their business up to 5k to 10k sales per month. In her most recent published work, ‘Inclusive Strategies for Your Coaching Business’, she broke down all the possible opportunities and skills they need to learn in order to build a sustainable and inclusive coaching business that serves the marginalized population properly. VP strongly believes that people are not ‘one-size-fits-all’ and their businesses should not operate as such, which is why she’s been so successful at helping her clients reach their goals.

Taylor Rae (@tayraeofficial)

An Intuitive Business Coach, creator of Sacred Funnels and the Queen of blending the woo with the work, Taylor Rae has managed to scale her business to multiple-six figures in less than two years. Her unique approach to sales funnels infuses both the spiritual and the strategic, which has enabled her to help countless female entrepreneurs scale both their impact and income. Taylor also host’s a 5-star, top 10 rated podcast in Australia, with an audience of over 60,000 women online. Taylor has helped her clients reach a number of accomplishments, including generating over six figures in sales in less than a year, hitting their first $10k within 30 days of launching, and even launching podcasts that hit top 5 in their category in the first week. Taylor prides herself on showing up daily to teach her clients how to blend spirituality with strategy to create the income and impact they were built to make. Her extensive client list sees her working with entrepreneurs from all across the world. Taylors wealth of knowledge and experience are perfect for women who are looking to build intuitive, intentional, impact-creating online businesses through the divine process of showing up, sharing their light, and trusting in sales funnels and systems that serve them.

Charity C. Clark (@charitycorrin)

An online coach with a passion for helping others, Charity Clark works with a variety of entrepreneurs who are looking to gain clarity, alignment and scale their business. A multi-talented entrepreneur herself, Charity co-founded ‘We Got Social’, a SoCal based digital marketing consulting firm that offers social media services for small businesses and professional consultants, who are looking to gain more exposure. As her name suggests, Charity is a very charitable woman. She understands that not everyone has equal opportunities so as an act to amplify black voices, she offers scholarships to black women, who are looking to pursue a career in the online entrepreneurship world. Her agency has also established an internship program, where she helps college students get hands on experience and increase the value in the job marketplace. Inside of her coaching program, she offers a scholarship where the winner not only gets 1:1 coaching to build their business, but the scholarship pays for Charity to hire someone to do their branding and website, ensuring their business gets up and running. “I call my audience and tribe ‘Social Stars’, because I believe everyone has a light inside of them that is ready to burst out and shine” Charity explained. Her uniqueness and energy can be felt in her presence, and incorporating her passion, energy and intuition, she’s been able to help countless clients break free from their limiting beliefs, and project them onto the path of success that is rightfully theirs.

Megan Ladd (@megladd)

Megan Ladd is a business coach who works with female entrepreneurs and leaders. Her unique 3-step approach combines mindset work and soulful strategy. While Megan’s coaching focuses primarily on business, the confidence boost and sense of empowerment her clients experience always results in a full-life upgrade. In addition to major growth within their companies, many of her clients have found their dream home or business location, lost weight they’ve held onto for years, and even met their life partners within weeks of beginning the coaching process. The common denominator amongst Megan’s clients is having that sincere desire to experience both inner fulfillment and outer success simultaneously. Megan has helped all kinds of ambitious women — from Forbes 30 Under 30 CEOs to VPs of Fortune 100 companies — do their work on a bigger scale, reach their full potential, and build businesses (and lives) they can’t wait to wake up to each morning.

Elley Mae Charles (@elleymae)

Elley Mae Charles is a business coach, who specialises in helping female entrepreneurs earn more while working less. Elley helps her clients find their own dream clients, to attract and book them with ease. Having left the corporate world to embrace entrepreneurship full-time, Elley managed to build a prosperous 6-figure business at age 24. She is passionate about helping her clients avoid the hustle and bustle on their journey to success, showing them the path of least resistance to see greater results, and have more satisfaction in every aspect of life. Elley works with her clients both through private 1:1 mentorship as well as through her mastermind and group coaching programs, which are all designed for women who are ready to create more freedom, fun and fulfillment in their businesses. Her ability to go beneath the surface with her experience in NLP, Elley’s passion for personal development enables her to support and nurture her clients to work on whatever it is that is holding them back. Elley believes that understanding why things haven’t worked out the way they want them to will help them achieve true success, and reach both the short-term and long-term goals they desire.

Tomasha Suber (@tomashasuber)

A business operations strategist who teaches entrepreneurs how to scale sustainably, Tomasha Suber is a master of systems, which she’s been able to use to help her clients confidently serve as executive leaders in their industry. She's helped clients and their teams gain clarity on their backend operations, create profitable customer experiences, establish leadership strategic plans and have successful launches without the chaos of wondering what's next. With a combination of both operational and leadership consulting, Tomasha is able to deliver long-lasting results both financially and personally, for both leaders and staff. “My choice to focus on women-led, service-based businesses directly stems from my own personal experiences of serving female leaders and the challenges I faced being one” Tomasha explained. All of her frameworks and methodology are developed for the female leader, helping them overcome challenges they may face such as being a mom, wife and businesswoman simultaneously. Her ultimate mission is to help women to step back in the day-to-day of the business, scale up at the bank and stand up as a true leader of their empire. Tomasha is committed to being the driving force behind their vision, and she is truly helping women to find their leadership style, voice and approach that will push them forward with absolute confidence and freedom in life and business.

Make sure to follow each of these incredible women, as they continue to thrive and help their clients grow. Each of their Instagram's have been directly linked here. Finally, we would like to thank Boost Media Agency for taking the time to put this article together.

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