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Top 10 Female Mindset Coaches - Transforming Lives Throughout 2020

·12 min read

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 25, 2020 / Mindset is arguably the foundation of all success and in the crazy year that 2020 has been, it's certainly true now more than ever. With the issues we all currently face, a mindset coach is of utmost importance to ensure we are staying in control of our thoughts, beliefs and ultimately lives. Each with their own unique methods and coaching styles, there are a group of women who have been busy creating transformations for their clients. Here we present the 10 women leading the way in the mindset coaching industry:

1. Valentina Marzola


A versatile and talented woman serving as a certified confidence coach and mindset mentor, Valentina Marzola empowers women to harness their full potential to live a powerful and abundant life. Since 2014, Valentina has been obsessed with learning about how to fully understand the human mind, which has seen her undertake 3 diplomas and a degree in psychology. Combine this with her own experience, and you have a trifecta that not many other coaches can offer. All of Valentina's experience and learnings paved the way for her to facilitate deep transformational sessions with her clients, teaching them of the power of their subconscious, and how they can rewire their brains and their conscious mind to a mindset that will give them the confidence and energy to be the best version of themselves. Valentina's passion for coaching is inspirational, and her unique coaching method, Courage - Connection - Confidence ensures her clients find that deep connection to fully understand themselves. Given her experience working alongside world renowned professors, modelling full time in a fashion capital of the world, and a life-changing expedition to India involving study and research projects, Valentina's knowledge and experience is near unmatched. She now gets to help women all over the world to find deep unshakable confidence and go after their dreams with fulfillment, all while being able to work and travel anywhere in the world, on her own terms, as her own boss.

2. Jessica Battle


Jessica Battle is an author, lifestyle entrepreneur, and a motivational speaker who is best known for inspiring women to become the best versions of themselves. She helps women develop the self-awareness that is necessary to create a lasting change in their lives. Through her "Mind, Body + Spirit Transformation" program, she guides her clients to create sustainable habits that will give them control around food. Jessica believes that developing the right mindset gives them the desire to take care of their body. This is the realization she had when she successfully left her unhealthy eating habits and yo-yo dieting behind. From 280 pounds, she lost over 100 pounds which led her to be featured in People Magazine, Oprah.com, and the Huffington Post. Her journey encouraged her to help more women experience a paradigm shift not only to create the physical transformation that they desire, but also maintain the result and feel amazing as they lead an improved life. Jessica's influence in a community of like-minded women with similar struggles is helping them find the peace, balance, and freedom they've always wanted to have in their lives.

3. Sol Ballard


Using a well-balanced approach and cutting-edge techniques, Sol Ballard is an empowerment coach and author of the upcoming book, ‘You're Meant For Bigger Things'. Having previously battled with her own self-destructive thoughts and behaviours for many years, it wasn't until her first major life reinvention that Sol followed her passion as a model and TV personality. With the powerful psychological techniques she's learnt as a qualified NLP practitioner, Sol focuses on guiding her clients into a well-deserved quantum leap to get them moving and ascending in the direction they crave. Using modern science-based techniques as well as ancient spiritual tools and wisdom, Sol is able to shape, mould and even recreate her client's reality, helping them lead their life in a more meaningful and inspired way. She prides herself in not only helping her clients reinvent themselves, but she's successfully transformed her life as well, using her spiritual and psychological approach to success. Since realizing she had a meaningful message to share with the world, she hasn't looked back - having spoken on hundreds of stages and coached countless clients. Sol is committed to guiding her audience to take back control over themselves and confidently move towards the world-shaking goals they were truly meant for.

4. Jessie Williams


Jessie Williams is an Australian-based health and mindset coach, who's passionate about helping women feel confident in their skin. Jessie has paved the way for her clients to boost their body confidence and create a more positive outlook in life, with her business centered around health, fitness and mindset. Along with her team, Jessie's program ‘Nourished in 90', aims to bridge the gap between evidence-based systems with more spiritual mindset practices. The program is designed to help clients find the best strategy suited to them, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach often marketed by other coaches. Jessie and her team are proud to say that they approach fitness, nutrition and mindset holistically, going into great depth and detail in the programs. Jessie also hosts her own podcast "The Jessie Williams Podcast", which made it into the Apple Podcast Top 200 chart for the Health and Fitness Category three times since its launch in October 2019. Jessie's mission is to help women change intrinsically through her work, to enable them to take back control of their lives and become their best possible self."

5. Lara Young


With over 20 years' experience in the mindset industry, Lara Young is the founder of The Mindset Coach Academy and has one simple mission - to build a global mindset coaching superpower. Lara is a Master Certified Coach, who certifies coaches and leaders in mindset mastery and neuroscience-based modalities, helping them to create rapid success with their clients. Lara's world class programs deliver both personal and professional results, and she is truly passionate about helping others be the best possible versions of themselves - showing up with self-belief and taking the action they need to reach their goals with speed and ease. The Mindset Coach Academy offers a growing suite of engaging programs that will equip her clients with everything they need to succeed as a coach, and to create a business doing what they love. Through education, resource sharing and building a community of coaching expertise, Lara's coaching collective helps coaches maximise their impact through lasting transformation and results for their clients, at every stage throughout their entire coaching career. Lara is an expert at helping people boost their personal and professional effectiveness and performance at each and every stage, connecting them with countless resources, including a compassionate community of peers. Lara's qualifications make her the perfect fit if you're looking to overcome any limiting beliefs and transform into the person you know you can be.

6. Tori Gordon


As an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, podcast host, and master transformation coach, Tori Gordon is committed to guiding people and organizations to reach their highest potential. Having spent six years trying to fit in with societal norms and climbing the corporate ladder, Tori decided to finally leave for good, to follow her passion. After the unexpected loss of her sister and mother to cancer and years of transformational experiences, she realized that she was meant to empower others by healing their past, finding their own paths, and creating a life that they love. Through Coachable LLC, a professional coaching and consulting agency, Tori is enabling highly motivated individuals and business leaders to learn radical self-acceptance - working with them to uncover their inner power, helping them step out of the box they've always thought they belonged in, and embracing new standards for living. Unlike other coaches, Tori offers her clients unlimited support through 1:1 transformational mentorship focused on deep healing. Her methodology is beyond getting quick wins but rather a holistic approach, looking at the mental, emotional, behavioural, and spiritual lives of her clients to achieve the total transformation that will help them pursue the life that they deserve.

7. Emmilia Brammer


At just 23 years old, Emmilia Brammer is a college dropout turned entrepreneur and mindset coach. Since leaving her college life behind, Emmilia has explored multiple ways of how to make money online; like building dropshipping stores, managing Instagram accounts as a social media manager, creating and selling digital products, and was also an affiliate in network marketing. Through her vast experience making money online without any ‘qualifications', Emmilia realized that success is a combination of having a great mindset and growing your skills. She was able to recognise the limiting beliefs set by society around needing to have a degree to be successful - which she didn't let hold her back. From that point on, Emmilia made a promise to herself that no matter what happened, she would be the last one standing in her business ventures and would be a life-long student of the game, always continuing to learn and grow, even if it sounds ironic to others. When Emmilia tells people about her job, they almost always respond with "Oh, you're a Boss Babe!", which led her into building Full-Time Badass, and turn it into an online community to help more people realize their full potential and soar to new heights.

8. Nadja Amelie Arzini


Believing that hustling was the only way to be successful in life, Nadja found herself drained from working over ten hours a day. Taking a step back to find her balance, Nadja made self-improvement her priority. Nadja stumbled upon the power of hypnosis and harnessing one's mindset to become better, which inspired her to explore the wonders of the human mind. She studied psychology, coaching, and childhood development, then became trained as an NLP practitioner, hypnotherapist, EFT practitioner, and T.I.M.E technique practitioner. Now, Nadja has worked as a speaker and mentor for CEOs, business leaders, and business owners around the world. She used her expertise and experience in helping them increase their revenue through her program which combines the transformational effects of NLP, hypnotherapy, and her unique magnetic unblocking and reprogramming method. Through her program, she enables her clients to generate 6 to 7 figures revenue with more ease. It's not just about fixing their mindset on the surface level but rather identifying the root causes of their struggles to fix them on a deeper and more subconscious level. She strongly believes that our minds can work wonders if it's using its full potential and Nadja commits to helping more people, especially women, be successful while leading their lives with more balance, peace of mind, and freedom.

9. Chrissy Papetti


Chrissy Papetti, M.S. OTR is the go-to mindset and success coach for high-achievers who are hungry to master their mind and body to redesign their reality on their terms. After a near decade spent navigating her lost sense of identity and battle with chronic pain when a life-altering injury brought her dance career to a halt, Chrissy reclaimed control of her fate by rediscovering and healing herself from the inside out. She now empowers ambitious go-getters to overcome stress-induced burnout, pain, anxiety, and other mind-body challenges so they're no longer held back from who they are meant to be and the impact they are here to make. By embodying the art and science of self-mastery, her clients are able to redefine their version of success and realign their endeavours with their deeper life purpose. Chrissy's innovative process has a proven track record, with success stories of her clients including a shift from less than $1500 income per month to a staggering $30,000 in sales in just two weeks of working together. Her highly sought-after private intensives and coaching programs are imprints from her own transformational experience inspired by scientifically-proven and spiritually-informed methodologies of Mind-Body Medicine, Subconscious Reprogramming, Lifestyle Medicine, Lifestyle Redesign®, Human Design, The Gene Keys, Somatic + Energy Practices, and Dance/Movement Medicine. As one of the few mindset coaches in the world qualified to ignite change from both a top-down (mind-first) and bottom-up (body-first) approach, Chrissy expertly fuses her knowledge and skills with self-awakening tools that go beyond just awareness, ensuring her clients achieve deep, lasting change as they reach their full potential.

10. Patrycja


With a deep passion and drive for helping others, Patrycja's journey took her in all different directions, until she found her purpose. Having been in an abusive, toxic relationship, which led to all kinds of issues including anxiety and low self-esteem, it took Patrycja years of personal development to take back control of her life, and reclaim the life she knew she deserved. "The moment I freed myself I focused very heavily on personal development and self-improvement. That's when my spiritual journey began along with finding myself during my solo trips," Patrycja explained. Her company BlisswithTrish, is all about increasing your confidence and creating more ease, flow, and abundance in your business. She works closely with coaches and entrepreneurs, helping to end their cycles of burnout, so they can easily tap into their synergy of mindset and enjoy living a freedom-based lifestyle. Using advanced coaching methods combining Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques and T.I.M.E. Techniques, Patrycja is able to create deep, lasting transformations - helping you unleash your inner badass. Patrycja's passion, drive and ability to connect with others has been paramount in the success of both her and her clients, helping them create massive shifts in both their lives and business.

Make sure to follow each of these incredible coaches, as they continue to create incredible transformations for their clients. Each of their Instagram's have been directly linked here. Finally, we would like to thank Boost Media Agency for taking the time to put this article together.


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