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Top 10 Mobile Apps for Cheap & Easy Travel

Holly Mascaro



Whether you’re road tripping across the United States or jetting off to Asia, you’ll want to waste as little travel time and funds as possible. Luckily, today’s tech-saturated world provides plenty of apps that can save you time, money and stress.  Here are my top 10 favorites:

XE Currency

Whether you’re paying in pounds, euros or yen, it’s best to be aware of exactly how much you’re spending in your native currency. The XE Currency app is straightforwardly simple, allowing you to easily convert over 180 different currencies on the go via your iPhone, Android, Blackberry and more.

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No more time wasted wandering around the airport in search of a meal, only to find that there were infinitely better — or cheaper — options closer to your gate. With GateGuru, you can search through listings of the nearest food and shops, ensuring that you’re seated on the plane with time and cash to spare.


Sign up with Manilla and you will never experience the aggravation of expired flight credit ever again. With the Manilla app, you can keep track of your frequent flier miles, airline credit and other travel rewards accounts all in the same place. Plus, you can ensure that the rest of your bills are paid on time, allowing for a worry-free vacation.


Kayak helps you quickly search for flights and hotels tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re flying first class or coach, staying at a 5-star hotel or quaint motel, Kayak offers the most control over your search options and incorporates your preferences to find the cheapest options.

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With GasBuddy’s user-friendly interface, simply tap the screen to generate a list of nearby gas stations and pinpoint the best local prices. You can also view the list as a map, saving precious time previously spent driving around searching for the best deal. This app is a must-have for any road trip.


Skype has long been lauded for its convenient computer-based messaging and video calls, and now the app makes these services accessible on the road. Find yourself some Wi-Fi and enjoy free Skype calls or, for low per-minute rates, call a phone line directly.


Every country has its own tipping rules, and those rules vary depending on whether you’re paying for a meal, a cab or being shown to a hotel room. To avoid paying either too little or too much, use the GlobeTipping app, which contains short descriptions of tipping practices in more than 200 countries and a calculator to easily tally it all up.

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Trip Splitter

As if figuring out how to pay for everything while traveling isn’t ordeal enough, there is often the added complication of traveling in groups and keeping track of who pays how much for what. Thanks to Trip Splitter, you can now easily punch in which friend paid, divvy up the costs for each person, and save this IOU until you can leisurely sit down and pay up. The app keeps track of each expense both by day and by activity, leaving little room for confusion.


AllSubway provides public transit maps for over 150 cities around the world, making it the ideal app for the frequent traveler. Globe-trot for less and easily navigate your destination’s public transportation, saying a final goodbye to expensive cabs.


Last but not least, TripIt will help you keep track of everything on your itinerary, syncing directly to your calendar — because there is nothing worse than planning everything perfectly, finding all the best deals, and then forgetting to show up.

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