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Top 10 Online Business Coaches Helping People Thrive During The COVID-19 Recession

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / April 18, 2020 / It is becoming more important than ever to have an online aspect in your business, especially in these crazy times we live in. With everyone stuck at home, it is time to transition your business into the online space that's currently booming despite the economy heading into a recession. Let's take a look at 2020's Top 10 Online Business Coaches who are not only thriving but are also currently helping people get through these tough times with their online coaching programs:

1. Joel Brown

Joel Brown (@iamjoelbrown) has built a multi-media giant online with over 300 million views worldwide and has turned down multiple million dollar offers to sell his business Addicted2Success.com. He's an inspirational speaker who travels the world teaching others how to build successful brands and businesses online. He has also been featured in the hit Napoleon Hill movie "Think & Grow Rich" and is host of the Addicted2Success podcast. Through his 90 Day Game Plan FREE Masterclass, he's currently helping thousands of people step into creation and thrive during this pandemic.

2. Wade Foxx & Ray Pang SH

Wade Foxx (@wadefoxx) & Ray Pang (@raypangsh) are the co-founders of Speaker Agency, one of the fastest-growing Marketing & Sales Agency in 2020. They are trusted business advisors for some of the world's most influential thought leaders, including Joel Brown (Addicted2Success Academy) and Jason Stone (MillMentor.com) among others. As online business development specialists with a global team, Wade & Ray are helping businesses around the world transition online while launching their exclusive 8FC Academy to help aspiring entrepreneurs generate 6-figure income streams online during these tough economic times in lockdown.

3. Sean Ferres

Sean Ferres (@seanferres) is the founder of the Copy Millions Blueprint™ - a global movement of freelance copywriters and closers from 30+ countries who have helped businesses generate tens of millions of dollars in sales. Sean has also shared stages with other industry leaders including Dan Pena, Dan Lok, and Craig Ballantyne among others. Sean constantly over-delivers for the community, and has just released a revamped version of his infamous ‘Clients on Command DM' cheatsheet - designed to help freelancers land their next 3 high-paying clients in this economic crisis.

4. James Conti

James Conti (@jamesconti_) is an up and coming serial entrepreneur, on a mission to help both professionals and young entrepreneurs alike build and scale their own profitable online business. He's one of the most highly sought-after Marketing & Sales specialists when it comes to business development, advanced marketing strategies and innovative sales tactics. Within a year, he has built a multiple six figure business at the age of 19 and is currently helping his audience thrive during this economic recession by helping them create crisis-proof, scalable online business.

5. Lewis Raymond Taylor & Liam James Collins

Lewis Raymond Taylor (@lewisraymondtaylor) & Liam James Collins (@liam.james.collins) are one of the most famous double acts in the coaching industry. Lewis, a former convicted criminal and Liam, a former postman, makes them the most unlikely pair to be the Co-Founders of The Coaching Masters, a 7-figure, accredited training company and global online coaching community. They are renowned for their high-value online courses and international events globally and are currently helping people take control of their financial stability during this pandemic by having their own online business.

6. Brian Mark

Brian Mark (@bmarkfit) is a visionary, thought leader and business coach for online personal trainers. He helps fitness professionals start, build and scale successful and profitable online fitness businesses using organic marketing on social media. He hosts Change Lives, Make Money Online Trainer, the #1 Podcast for Online Fitness coaches. He was a WBFF Professional fitness model, ran a fitness business TeamAEnation with over 1,000 high ticket fitness clients, and now runs PT Domination - helping over 300 online fitness coaches thrive during this lockdown by taking their business online.

7. Scott Oldford

Scott Oldford (@scottoldford) is a mentor, advisor and investor in online-based businesses. He's built over 10 of his 7-figure businesses and has helped over 100 Entrepreneurs scale past 7-figures. When it comes to scaling your business, his methods and frameworks are some of the most used (and proven), in the world. With the current economic recession, Scott has been focusing his efforts on coaching online and helping his 7-figure clients continue to thrive during these tough times.

8. Peter Voogd

Peter Voogd (@peterjvoogd) is the founder of the prestigious Game Changer's Academy, which is the premier networking community for entrepreneurs and leaders worldwide. He is a 27-time international best-selling author with "6 Months to 6 Figures" and "The Entrepreneur's Blueprint to Massive Success". Peter is a true innovator and trailblazer in the personal and business development arena and one of the most sought after keynote speakers. He is currently revolutionizing the way entrepreneurs do business and launching an elite perspective series to help his audience thrive during these crazy times.

9. Julian Rosen

Julian Rosen (@julian_fearlesslife) is a leading expert in transformational coaching and specializes in the full activation of human potential. Through the potent combination of neuroscience, spirituality and self-mastery, Julian helps burnt-out success chasers evolve into prosperous and purposeful difference-makers in life and business. From 7-figure Entrepreneurs to NFL and Olympic athletes, Julian is currently helping 100's of high-performers regain control of their internal state and not letting the fear of these crazy times hijack their brain into worrying about 'what's next' so they can operate powerfully in the NOW.

10. Deniero Bartolini

Deniero Bartolini (@denierob) is a marketing agency owner, business coach, and a speaker. He has trained hundreds of entrepreneurs to achieve their business goals by scaling remote teams, automating workflows, and creating life-changing habits. He has also helped countless clients hit the 1-million revenue mark, by providing powerful digital campaigns. His work has been featured on Forbes, Adweek, Business Insider, Thrive Global and other publications. Deniero is currently helping his coaching and agency clients uncover new opportunities in these difficult times by becoming the go-to brands in those new fields.

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