Top 11 Female Coaches to Follow in 2021

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Here is SAS’s list of Top 11 Female Coaches to follow for the year ahead.

These ladies have shown outstanding work throughout 2020 and are looking to make big moves this year in 2021.

Whether it is life coaching, business coaching, relationship coaching, etc., we have you covered.

Our team is very excited to introduce our list of female coaches that are a must-follow for 2021.

Top 11 Female Coaches to Follow in 2021
Top 11 Female Coaches to Follow in 2021
  1. Jill McGowan (@JillMcGowan)

1.Meet Jill McGowan, the “Ideal Breath Coach.”

Her bespoke coaching utilizes a blend of health and lifestyle coaching incorporating breathwork for relaxation, focus, and increased concentration. Her teamwork with stressed, overworked professional women offers them the opportunity to take their life back and break the 9-5 shackles. She says that her clients now “work to live, not living to work.”

98% of her clients, who include corporate bankers, health professionals, and accountants, who complete her bespoke program enjoy more family time and social events.

Jill developed her program because she was facing the same problem as her clients – Living to work and not the other way around, resulting in her creation of a program that helps “perfect breathing changes to your life, sleep, health, and psychological wellbeing.” Jill has been a coach for 10+ years and has coached more than 300 clients

2.Orsi Jones (@OrsiJonesCoach)

Orsi Jones is an Author, relationship coach, and business mentor for financial freedom seekers. The Jump With Orsi Coaching founder has only one goal in mind: “Help women become merely UNSTOPPABLE.” With her proven methods, Orsi has coached thousands of women stuck in a revolving door of unsuccessful relationships and helped them find their ideal partner. With her guidance, “women have learned to shine as they have never shined before” and become the best version of themselves, not only in their romantic relationships but also in their careers and professional lives. Orsi’s financial freedom programs have taught many women how to create a passive income, find the job they are passionate about, and live in abundance. Orsi believes that “we were born to be excellent; we deserve to be loved and have an incredibly joyful life. Limits only exist in our minds.” With ten years of experience, Orsi found a way to “rewire our thoughts” and changed many women’s lives.

Orsi also leads retreats in Thailand and California. These luxurious hideaways help women regain their long-lost faith in their beautiful selves in just a few days. “Her life-changing sanctuary is truly one of a kind that is a must-do on every woman’s list.”

3.Cheryl Thacker (@coachcherylthacker)

Cheryl Thacker is the founder of Successful Coaches Enterprise LLC. She works with emerging coaches and solopreneurs to gain the confidence, skills, and knowledge to build their dream business without “confusion, overwhelm, or burnout.” Cheryl delivers a 12-week Master Your Coaching Biz Bootcamp that helps coaches make a massive impact in the world while growing successful and profitable businesses. This program is a step-by-step system explicitly designed to help coaches consistently attract clients, market their services, and build a solid foundation for success.

4..Amy Morgan (@AmyMorgan)

Amy Morgan is the founder of Amy Morgan Wellness. As a Certified Transformational Life Coach, her work centers on helping busy women transform their lives through a process of self-discovery to “find their purpose & reclaim their life.” Amy helps her clients “uncover their belief system that drives their behavior and then guides clients through emotionally-driven actions to help break the patterns that keep them stuck.”

Her “YES YOU CAN Program” will lead you to a place of self-acceptance and emotional freedom to lead a more authentic life. Amy teaches you that “your power lies within, and shows you how to connect with yourself and move through inspired action.” Amy will progress you through a process that includes “moving from fear to faith, breaking through limiting beliefs, forgiveness, and letting go.” Through the process, clients gain clarity and have renewed energy to live in accurate alignment.

Amy Morgan Wellness also offers “Cultivate Happiness Workshops” to get you started on your journey through her Free Facebook Group.

5. Elizabeth Tritsch (@ElizabethTritsch)

Elizabeth Tritsch is a Date Attraction Expert that helps modern women and heart-centered men attract, date, and create their ideal relationship by intentionally focusing on pleasure and fun.

As a dating and relationship coach, Elizabeth has several success stories, including introducing her first client to the man she’s been happily married to for 24 years and her most recent client, who bought a home with her Mr. Right together, during the pandemic.

She is the founder of Dare To Date Differently, which has a 4-prong approach that uses techniques, strategies, and tools along with the laws of attraction while addressing your limiting beliefs; “This shifts your mindset, allowing both your mind and your heart to open.” “She holds you lovingly accountable in a safe, supportive container while inspiring, encouraging, and championing you to take action and get results.”

Elizabeth maintains, “Keep your core values high, be authentic and receive and give love openly while staying true to yourself.”

When you’re ready to get serious and find the one that resonates with you, Elizabeth will help you “dare to date differently.

6.Michelle Mehta (@iammichellemehta)

Michelle Mehta is the founder of “Motivating Your Teen Playbook, a complete Manual on Tips to Motivate Your Teens for Infinite Success.” According to ABC Television, “She has overcome unthinkable obstacles and is one of the most successful teen coaches in 2020.” Michelle will be sharing her message on the TEDx Virtual Conference Stage on February 12, 2020, (via YouTube) and sharing her statement at the US Air Force Academy in Denver, Colorado.

According to James Haven (Angelina Jolie’s brother), “what we see in our world are coaches who train themselves based on old or new ways, but still in a formulaic way. Michelle does not do this. Michelle listens and then coaches. There is no greater way, and that is the most important compliment I can give her.” Michelle is a 2x International Best-Selling Author, Teen Confidence Expert, and Celebrity Coach. She has worked with clients in the USA, Canada, India, and Nigeria

7. Dr. Ellen Anne Schultz (@DrEllenLoveCoach)

Dr. Ellen Anne Schultz is the founder of Dr. Ellen Love Coach, a luxury online coaching service specializing in Romantic Relationships for single, dating, or married women. She offers three signature programs: The Soulmate Manifestation Program, Empowered Feminine Dating, and Happy Wife, Happy Life.

Ellen facilitates dramatic and real change in her clients’ romantic lives with her tried, tested, and often practical approaches. Ellen is the ‘go-to’ relationship expert across various media, including BBC Radio, National Newspapers, and social media. She is currently scaling and expanding her business and looking forward to developing a Premium Global Dating Service for self-aware and conscious people looking for love. She also has a growing YouTube Channel dedicated to all things love and relationships

8.Nadja Chaieb (@Nadja_Chaieb)

Nadja Chaieb is a Career Fulfilment Coach who has coached high ambitious professionals for some of the world’s leading brands, such as IKEA and H&M.

Nadja has founded Made for More, a Coaching Business, to improve others’ working lives. She has worked in leading management positions across ten countries and has experienced great success – but climbing the ladder “isn’t always the road to fulfillment.” She has now vowed to use her business acumen and experiences as a global HR expert and Certified Coach to help people find their unique path to success and fulfillment. Through her online coaching program on how to successfully relaunch your career, Nadja is making waves in her industry and helping high-flyers reconnect to themselves, clarify what they can offer to the world, and get paid for how to stand out on the market. Nadja is up and running with her business by providing 1-2-1 Coaching

9.Jessi Romero (@Adhdfemaleentrepreneurs)

Jessie Romero is the founder of ADHD Female Entrepreneurs(TM), an online community for ADHD women entrepreneurs to connect, relate and get business tips that work for their brain. Jessi teaches ADHD business owners her “game-changing framework” to convert their businesses’ potential into implementable steps to accelerate their impact. “The Successful ADHD Entrepreneur(TM)” is an 8-week 1:1 program that teaches a unique business and marketing strategy framework to grow a business into a memorable brand quickly. Jessi’s students have “pocketed a 3x profit increase, turned their side hustle into their full-time business, while yet maintaining their mental health a priority”. She has crafted her entire coaching and teaching process to better suit her clients’ brain and lifestyle by ditching Zoom and making all educational material strategically absorbable. If you are an ADHD Entrepreneur needing Jessi’s tailored support, click here.

10.Alexis Doncic (@alexis.181)

For Alexis Doncic (@mindsetcoaches), freedom is her ability to “travel the world and to help as many people as possible on her way.” With her “optimism, warm personality, and incredible communication skills, she is empathic and can easily understand her client’s situation.” Her project management background helps to identify goals better and provide strategies for reaching them. Having spent hundreds of hours exploring cultures, mindset, thinking patterns, psychology, biology, and neurology to understand life better, she is always striving to help others grow mentally and spiritually. Alexis´s focus is on individual mindset coaching. From clearly stated goals to a growth mindset, she will accompany you during the program in an “open-minded non-judgmental atmosphere.

11. Natali Constante (@NataliConstante)

Natali Constante is the leader and founder of the High Achievers Online Entrepreneurs Academy, the first business and high-performance academy that works with heart-centered entrepreneurs and professionals seeking to make a high-impact footprint in the world. Natali is the creator of RAISE METHOD. She helps visionary entrepreneurs reprogram their minds with neuroscience tools, activating their potential and performance to build successful online businesses that transform lives and achieve absolute geographic, financial, and emotional freedom.

Besides, she works with senior visionary professionals who feel stuck and seek to exploit her full potential through her COA (Creator of Opportunities and Achievement) program. She explores the art of fulfillment and the science of achievement to climb professionally. Her clients have launched businesses with results of USD10,000 in just three months of coaching, book publications; they have closed contracts tripling their profits and increased their confidence achieving significant positions.

Natali is also a Keynote Speaker participating in events with the support of government institutions in Ecuador. She has been the only Latin representation in tourism congresses for LATAM (Latin America). Natali belongs to high-level world coaching communities, is a Biotechnology engineer, and has traveled to 27 countries worldwide, exploring and teaching others to focus their education towards entrepreneurship and online business and contribute to organizations that focus on education and conservation. She is co-owner of the Coral Blanco Hotel in the Galapagos Islands and has a virtual Galapagos travel agency.