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Top 15 Young Entrepreneurs Of 2020

·17 min read

The beginning of summer has brought with it the steady reopening of many businesses previously closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While some choose to use this time to relax and enjoy themselves for the first time after months of quarantine, other dedicated individuals have remained devoted to their entrepreneurial pursuits. Though some of the youngest entrepreneurs out there, these 15 have made a name for themselves as among the best in the industry.

In response to work-from-home orders, many companies have pivoted to a virtual environment permanently. Amid an increase in online activity and the growing prevalence of internet consumers, it is apparent now more than ever that the future of business is digital. While some might view 2020 as a bad time for business, the following 15 entrepreneurs have stood out as trailblazers in the online space, turning a profit even in the most inauspicious conditions.

These 15 are the best of the past five months and represent the next generation of big earners:

1—David Campbell

Date of Birth: December 19, 2000

Social Media:

Instagram — @Soups, LinkedIn — David B Campbell

David Campbell is a well-decorated social media entrepreneur and marketing mastermind, all while pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration in Finance from the University of Miami. Beginning his career in the social media industry, David grew his profile to a modest 55,000 followers, closing brand deals and receiving sponsorships from internationally accredited companies including Adidas, CCM, and many more. It took two years until he sold this entity to focus full time on social media services, management, and marketing campaigns. He currently works with Defining Media to handle clientele in the influencer industry with tremendous results. His plans for the remainder of the year are equally visionary and forward-thinking. David is working with his team to introduce Trendiest, (@trendiest) a merchandise provider and fulfillment partner for influencers thriving across numerous platforms of social media. Having run notable stores before, managing multi-million follower portfolios, and fulfilling orders for tens of thousands of satisfied customers internationally, David believes he can take merchandising deals to the next level with Trendiest.

2—John Meehan

Date of Birth: May 5, 2001

Social Media:

Instagram — @Meehan @Joke LinkedIn — John Meehan

John Meehan is a 19-year-old social media entrepreneur with a heavy specialization in social media management and content creation. Beginning in the summer of 2015, John has grown his Instagram account @Joke from zero followers to over one million, attracting the likes of many major companies who want to run social media campaigns with him: FashionNova, AmpMe, PureVPN, and many more. He has created and developed several high profile Instagram accounts amassing millions of followers, reaching out to hundreds of millions of viewers. In expanding his account, he has been able to connect with extremely well known figures such as Shaquille O’Neal, Giancarlo Stanton, and many others. Having created numerous successful Instagram accounts in the past, he is always thinking of new ways to expand his personal brand while being a full time Entrepreneurship student at Quinnipiac University. Currently, John is developing a podcast that consists of interviews with various well known celebrities across a wide variety of interests and occupations and is excited to utilize what he has learned growing on social media as well as the connections he has developed in order to make his next endeavor a successful one.

3—Moe Ghani

Date of Birth: January 2, 1996

Social Media:

Instagram – @beastpreneur, Facebook — @beastpreneur, LinkedIn — moeghani

Moe Ghani is a financial executive and technology entrepreneur. In 2016 while studying pre-med in college, Moe recognized the need for a radical change in the financial industry that would fundamentally change the way investments were made and managed. It was then that he decided to drop out and focus full-time on Affinity Beyond Capital, a venture capital firm that operates faster and more efficiently than almost any other business loan provider. His high school experience as a professional eSports player (during which he played for one of the top teams in all of North America) honed his competitive drive, and he uses it to continue growing his firm in the finance industry. A technology expert, Moe applies his skills in developing a novel syndication platform that gives investors, clients and representatives exclusive access to their investments while maximizing their potential to yield a high return. He and his firm are also developing a broker platform that focuses on the actual sale as opposed to converting cold data (allowing brokers to focus on their clients and individualized needs), incorporating blockchain technology into the alternative finance industry (giving increased security and productivity for both partnered lenders and clients), and developing marketing programs for his clients that will be more cost efficient and hands-on than other business development programs.

4—Sammy Cavallaro

Date of Birth: August 18, 2000

Social Media:

Instagram — @sammycavallaro, @sickhighlights, @sickmediaagency, @thesickpodcasts, @sickattireofficial

Sammy Cavallaro is a social media management and brand marketing specialist. Since 2013 Sammy has had a love for sports, and began posting sports content to Instagram as a way of sharing his favorite moments from games. Seven years later, Sick Highlights has grown to over 2.2 million followers, and expanded further and faster than almost any of its rivals. While he could have relaxed and relied on its profits once the account began earning traction, Sammy took it even further. Applying the knowledge he gained by growing the account, Sammy founded Sick Attire— a clothing line based on the Sick brand he pioneered. Leveraging the millions who follow his highlights page, he created Sick Media Agency, an influencer marketing firm with a combined network of over 1 billion followers. He also started The Sick Podcast, a podcast focusing on sports news and events. Through his love for sports and ambitious vision, Sammy has continued to push the envelope by building upon his previous successes and never settling for what he already has. He maintains that staying positive and believing in oneself is the key to success, and his record of business successes are a testament to that.

5—Jeffrey Radimiri (AKA Jeffrey Gold)

Date of Birth: September 14, 1991

Social Media:

Instagram — @jeffreygoldvine, @smashcakesmtl, @montreal_only, @no.idea.comedy, @toronto_only

Jeffrey Radimiri (better known by his handle Jeffrey Gold) is a social media entertainer turned media company executive and the founder of a highly successful cake venture. Jeffrey began his career on Vine in 2013, making comedy videos and attracting an immense following. It was there that he learned the power of e-commerce, making upwards of $2500 per post in brand deals. When Vine shut down, he pivoted to Instagram and reinvested his earnings to found Only Media, a company that manages a collective of Instagram pages for over 20 cities. Beginning with his hometown with the page Montreal Only, Jeffrey quickly rebuilt and far surpassed his audience on Vine. Though he assures his followers this is only the beginning, Jeffrey has already built an impressive media portfolio including branching out into the dessert market. Using his skills in creating and promoting a brand, Jeffrey has grown Smash Cakes MTL into one of the premier dessert companies in Montreal, supplying celebrities with a unique chocolate cake that smashes open to reveal candy inside. After only six months in the business, Jeffrey has already made contract deals with major hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs all over the city. He manages all of his accounts and businesses while continuing to write and film comedic content for his YouTube channel No Idea.

6—Jacob Walter

Date of Birth: November 7, 1999

Social Media:

Instagram — @Jacobwalter

Jacob Walter is a Canadian entrepreneur specializing in e-commerce development and digital marketing. At age 12 Jacob discovered his talent for graphic design, and began charging gaming teams on Twitter for his services. Soon after he grew it into a full-fledged business, quickly accumulating over 20,000 Twitter followers selling design team packs of logos, jersey designs, and video overlays. As he grew his experience and connections, Jacob founded SocialSquared Digital Marketing in 2018 to allow his talents to reach a wider audience. Its core services include web design, paid advertising on Facebook and Google, and social media management, each of which Jacob became an expert in through years of work. In just the last 48 days, Jacob has generated over $100,000 selling physical products online through Facebook and Google ads, outperforming many top advertisers. With its unique digital marketing strategies, SocialSquared is among the fastest growing and most effective agencies out there, growing to a team of 8 with an average return-on-ad-spend of 5.4 with 1 million dollars spent on advertising in just two years. A proud Ontario native, Jacob has quickly made a name for himself as one of the top young Canadian entrepreneurs, and is passionate about teaching others how to set their businesses apart from the competition.

7—Nathan Johnson

Date of Birth: June 16, 2000

Social Media:

Instagram — @weekdayrehab

Nathan Johnson is an advertising agency entrepreneur and social media account manager. When he was just 12 years old, Nathan first heard of making money through social media when he heard someone bragging that they had made $50 posting sports edits. He took this as a challenge, and just two years later he had built a following of over 500,000 people across his accounts and was making $1000 a week in brand deals. His talent allowed him to expand his network further, providing his advertising experience as a consultant and working with big names including David Dobrik and Yung Gravy. Nathan would go on to found NJAC LLC, an advertising agency that houses all of his ventures. Today his Instagram account portfolio boasts over 10 million total followers, and he continues growing his Instagram following and establishing new brands while working on a program that tracks Instagram statistics at a higher level. He maintains that there is no one recipe to success, and despite making six figures a year Nathan still values his education and manages his many accounts and ventures while pursuing a double major in Finance and Management from Baylor University.

8—Tobi Fröhlich

Date of Birth: April 30, 2002

Social Media:

Instagram — @tobi.froeh, @novadigitalmarketing

Tobi Fröhlich is a social media management, digital marketing, and e-commerce entrepreneur. Since age 14, Tobi has been wholeheartedly dedicated to social media management. He quickly learned his talent was in growing accounts, and in just 1-2 months he would build accounts from 0 to 100,000 followers before selling them. After several years building his social media skills and successfully reaching large target audiences for a variety of account types, Tobi founded Nova Digital Marketing to provide this service to others. In contrast to other agencies, Nova Digital Marketing grows influencer audiences with real, active followers who are genuinely interested in the content. It also offers brand building and monetization strategies for continued growth, allowing accounts to flourish well beyond their original 100,000 follower base. Tobi is known for his unparalleled speed and effectiveness, growing accounts faster and with more active followers than nearly anyone else (owing to his many years of experience). His advice to new entrepreneurs is to start now and leave your comfort zone, just as he has expanded his skillset into e-commerce which he hopes to continue building alongside his social media management agency.

9—Bryan Farida

Date of Birth: April 19, 2002

Social Media:

Instagram — @bryanfarida, @faridadesigngroup, Facebook — @faridadesigngroup

Bryan Farida is a graphic designer and digital marketing expert. From humble beginnings growing his hockey Instagram account from nothing to over 30,000 followers, Bryan learned the ropes of reaching an audience and creating a relevant platform for a target demographic. He honed these skills through several more successful accounts before applying them to another digital marketing endeavor— dropshipping. His brand Pro Hockey Co would go on to dominate the e-commerce space, while his advertising experience paid dividends in its success. His passion for graphic design led him to found Farida Design Group, a creative agency that leverages both his design talents and his vast marketing capabilities. The company already boasts an impressive clientele including Rochester Medical Center, AAO Care, and many other local businesses throughout Michigan. Through a focus on long-term thinking and a willingness to sacrifice immediate gratification for future gains, Bryan plans to grow the agency further while entering the lucrative software engineering and artificial intelligence technology space. He manages his businesses and social media presence all while pursuing a degree in Information Technology from Wayne State University with minors in Computer Science and Business Administration.

10—Gaven Fish

Date of Birth: October 31, 2000

Social Media:

Instagram — @gavenfish, @lyrics, @blunt, @heartache

Gaven Fish is a social media management and music marketing entrepreneur. At just 14 years old, Gaven began earning money managing Instagram accounts with large followings. Following his passion for social media, he would go on to make 5 figures a month just two years later by growing and marketing accounts on social media. After spending another two years honing his skills and building connections, Gaven dropped out of college to pursue social media entrepreneurship full-time. With a network of accounts containing over 5 million organic followers and over 20k net monthly profit across all his ventures, Gaven is among the most successful young social media entrepreneurs, with plans to continue scaling it up further. Applying the same passion and drive that led him to success in Instagram, Gaven also focuses on music marketing, building artists’ careers and taking them from hundreds to tens of thousands of streams on their music through connections that include Quavo, Rod Wave, Luh Kell, Bankroll Hayden, and more. Gaven has always maintained a focus on long-term growth rather than short-term cash flips, and hopes to use his extensive knowledge and experience to go into real estate investing and diversify his revenue streams. Additionally, Gaven plans to create a music marketing agency around his very large social media presence and with his prior experience in the industry. He also says he will be creating various brands using his large followings to grow long term businesses, versus quick cash flips. Lastly, Gaven plans to take all of his knowledge in the social media world, and apply it to real estate investing to really diversify his streams of revenue!

11—Sebastian Ramirez

Date of Birth: January 27, 1998

Social Media:

Instagram— @partywithsebby, TikTok — @partywithsebby

Sebastian Ramirez is an event organization and media company entrepreneur. At the age of 16, Sebastian had his first foray into business when he founded S&R Trading, a hedge fund to manage his friends’ and family’s money by investing it into the stock market. Upon graduating high school, he took the financial savvy he acquired and used it to found an event organization and planning company at age 18. While hosting events throughout cities in the US and Canada, Sebastian recognized the power of social media, and began building his personal brand Party With Sebby. Only months later, Sebastian had turned his company into an entire college party movement, hosting parties through Syracuse University and other colleges. A proud Syracuse native, Sebastian considers consistency and confidence to be the keys to business success, and he has since founded even more successful ventures. One of these is Sebby Media, a media agency focusing on small businesses and personal brand online media services offering everything from a quick commercial to full account management and content creation. Sebastian hopes to soon release the inaugural episode of Tea Time with Sebby, a podcast featuring local Syracuse business owners.

12—Sam Lister

Date of Birth: October 3, 1999

Social Media:

Instagram — @samxlister, TikTok — samxlister, LinkedIn — samxlister

Sam Lister is a video production agency entrepreneur. Since his senior year of high school, Sam knew he wanted to pursue business— he just wasn’t sure which of his many talents to turn into his full-time job. Sam started making videos in his senior year of highschool, documenting his story which then led into him starting BLNK Slate Media, a content agency specializing in high level personal brands creating content for platforms like Instagram, Tiktok and LinkedIn. Through his extensive social media experience, Sam and his agency quickly rose to prominence, landing deals with local businesses all over Wisconsin. The content space is filled with so many directors and agencies that it can seem hard to get started. Sam always ensures that all one needs is to set bigger goals and don’t listen to anyone trying to put you in a box. By viewing the world as a blank slate, Sam and his business partner Tyler Wrightsman (the man behind the scenes whom he credits with much of his success) have taken over the video content market and made a name for themselves when few people could have imagined him doing so only a few years ago.

13—Ryan Testa

Date of Birth: January 17, 2001

Social Media:

Instagram— @realryantesta, Twitter— @realryantesta, TikTok — @realryantesta

Ryan Testa is an event promoter and hospitality industry mogul. Since middle school, Ryan has been immersed in event planning and promoting when he was first hired as a promoter for the greater New York area. A proud Long Island native, Ryan didn’t take long to become the city’s premier event promoter, attracting attention from the biggest names in hospitality for his talent. He was quickly promoted to event organizer and became a hiring manager for other promoters. As he gained experience working with hospitality brands all over the tri-state area (including organizing concerts for 6ix9ine and Travis Scott, among others), Ryan realized it was time he put his skills to work for himself. It was then that he moved to Tampa, Florida and founded Vortex Hospitality Group and College Bangers. Using his years of experience and connections he is now hosting a nationwide college party tour, planning to reach 30+ cities by 2022. Ryan currently attends University of Tampa though he credits much of his success to his time at Saint Anthony’s High School in New York, where he developed his calling and in just a few short years went from “that stupid party kid” to “I want to be that kid”.

14—Ethan Roger Nasiff

Date of Birth: January 10, 1997

Social Media:

Instagram — @ethannf502, @nasiff_associates_inc

Ethan Nasiff is an expert in media and marketing. He works primarily in building the brand of Nasiff Associates Inc, a medical technology company providing PC-based diagnostic cardiology solutions. His talent for social media management and internet marketing has grown the audience for Nasiff Associates Inc exponentially, broadening its scope and allowing it to reach more consumers than ever before. He is driven by a passion for growing exposure and influence for the company, and his natural ability to connect with others and market products to them effectively. He maintains that the best advice is always to focus on what is most important to you, and to follow what makes you happy. He is grateful to be able to work doing something he enjoys and is good at, and implores others to do the same. Residing in New York, Ethan learned from some of the best in the media marketing business, and applies those same skills in his every day work to continue building his brand and improving its exposure.

15—Evelin Mercedes

Date of Birth: November 4, 1996

Social Media:

Instagram — @evelinm_

Evelin Mercedes is a music journalist, photographer, and entertainment entrepreneur. After two years of writing entertainment news and photographing concerts for her school newspaper and various publications, Evelin decided to found Music Trails, a blog highlighting up-and-coming artists while serving as a platform for music fans to discover them. Though Evelin loves helping build recognition for small artists, she has no shortage of experience covering some of the biggest names in music, photographing artists such as 21 Savage, NAS, Bebe Rexha, A Boogie wit da Hoodie, A$AP Ferg, Aminé, Lil Skies, and more. In the incredibly competitive music industry, Evelin has stood out through her determination to build her own opportunities and make a name for herself. Using her vast experience writing about concerts and profiling musicians, Evelin continues to grow Music Trails into one of the top destinations for small artists to get coverage and music fans everywhere to find new artists. She hopes to inspire other young entrepreneurs to overcome their fears and follow their entrepreneurial passions. A New York native, Evelin builds Music Trails while working as a Level Two freelancer on Fiverr and offering entrepreneurship coaching on Instagram, all while pursuing a degree in Journalism from Stony Brook University.