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Top 2 BEST Background Check Service Comparison Announced by Background Check Solutions

The 6 types of low-quality services to avoid and 7 pros and cons of best online background check companies revealed

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / August 3, 2015 / "With over 70 million Americans carrying the burden of a criminal record, it is not surprising that as many as 90 percent of large companies in the United States choose to run pre-employment background checks on prospective employees" says Natalie Nathan, a spokesperson for Background Check Solutions.

This Top 2 BEST Background Check Service Comparison was recently published to educate employers on the Pros and Cons of popular online background check companies, so that consumers can avoid websites known to provide inaccurate and outdated results.

The above review of online background search companies is based on several factors like (1) reputation of the company, (2) ability to search background records based on a name or a social security number, (3) database size, (4) comprehensiveness of results, (5) the reliability and accuracy of the report, (6) updating frequency, and (7) customer service.

Go to http://OnlineBackgroundCheckReviews.com/Side-by-Side-Comparison/ to get the full scoop of this recently published review.

The above background check review not only compares the two best background check companies, but also reveals how anyone can easily identify a low-quality service. Any company (1) with a small or local/regional database, (2) with an outdated database, (3) without a good reputation (e.g. BBB accreditation), (4) that asks for the consumer's personal info in exchange for info on the person-of-interest, (5) without proper safety certifications (e.g. TRUSTe certification), or (6) that does not follow federal and state regulations should not be used for searching background records.

"With nearly one out of every three American adults having criminal records, background checks have become more commonplace than ever before in the history. Today, pre-employment background screenings, criminal record checks, arrest record checks, tenant background checks, sex-offender searches, and even caregiver/nanny checks can be conducted relatively easily and inexpensively using online tools," says Nathan. "Digging up someone's background records used to be a time-consuming task that consumed several days or even weeks. Furthermore, it was an expensive procedure. But today, thanks to online background checking services, background searches can be done within minutes, with complete privacy from the comfort of a home or office computer," she explains.

There are dozens of online background check services, however, they are very different from one another. For example, certain companies that promise to provide the best background check, mislead employers by providing outdated and incorrect information about job applicants.

"To be able to provide accurate results, these services need to access national records as well as county-level records. That is because certain background information is available only in one of these two databases. Unfortunately, certain companies can only access one of these criminal record databases and as a result, they can miss vital information. Missing out on a misdemeanor may not have serious repercussions, however, missing out on a felony charge can be critical," explains Nathan.

There are dozens of popular background checking services like Intelius, People Finder, People Search, Inteligator, and US Search. However, only a handful of these can be recommended for an accurate background investigation. Doing detailed research on all of these would take up hours, if not days. This is where the above comparison of the top rated services for background checks becomes useful and time-saving.

Employers should also be aware that background check reports are not 100% accurate all the time. For example, it is not uncommon to encounter cases where employees' public records have been ruined thanks to identity theft. Because of this and other reasons, the Fair Credit Reporting Act requires that the employee be notified of the name of the consumer reporting agency upon his/her request. With as many as 10 million Americans becoming victims of identity theft every year, some experts recommend that people check their own background records and credit scores to check if their identities have been stolen.

Another aspect employers have to be aware of are so called free online background checking services. Even though some of these background info can be available in public record databases at the office of the local assessor or recorder, the information is not freely available to be searched online.

"This is why anybody who promises a free background check should always be dealt with caution," warns Nathan. "Many companies try to lure visitors to their websites by promising free background check reports. However, upon carrying out the free search, consumers find out that the results are almost always useless unless a payment is made to unlock the paid background search results," she elaborates. "For all these and many other reasons, it is crucial that employers select the best available background check services for all their employee-screening activities," concludes Nathan.

For more information about us, please visit http://OnlineBackgroundCheckReviews.com/

Contact Info:

Name: Natalie Nathan
Organization: Background Check Solutions

SOURCE: Background Check Solutions