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Top 20 People to Follow in 2020

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 3, 2020 / With so many new personalities and creators today, one could barely skim through all the information in their feeds. It goes without a doubt that some success stories are more worth-reading than others. Information enthusiasts need to spend their valuable time and attention on those who are genuinely dominating at the top of their game. Here are the top 20 people everyone should watch out for in 2020:

1. Jamar Griddine

21-year-old food fanatic, Chef Jamar Griddine, is spicing things up in the culinary world. This young man has a real passion for food. He cooks and bakes anything his heart tells him to. Whoever is tasting his food can genuinely experience his love for cooking in every plate.

At an early age, he discovered his knack in the kitchen as he was helping his mother prepare dishes for their family. His talent in cooking led him to opportunities to host events in Kansas City and participate in various competitions. Chef Jamar owes it to his mentors, who have propelled him into the creative individual he is today.

Instagram: @chefjamarg

Website: www.jamargriddine.wixsite.com/jamarscatering

2. Austin Zelan

Austin Zelan is redefining financial literacy education. He dedicates his efforts to help younger generations achieve financial freedom by teaching his students how to handle finances and use them effectively.

Austin started his career as a consultant at Microsoft, but he knew that there had to be more to life. Today, he impacts the community through his platform, Westgate Fund, where he coaches many people around the world to become financially literate and even break free from their 9-5 routines. Austin believes that anyone can simply make money, but what matters more is how those people use their knowledge to impact the lives around them.

Instagram: @austinnzee

Website: www.westgatefund.com

3. Anthony Beverley

Anthony "Shi" Beverley has cruised through the highs and lows of life. The successful real estate mogul has come a long way from his impoverished life in the Mill Creek Projects in West Philadelphia. Beverly's early life was not ideal, but he looked at it as a training ground. He was in the streets for most of his youth, got shot in the head, and even kidnapped. It wasn't until he asked God to realign his priorities that he started to live a meaningful lifestyle.

Beverley's interest in the industry started when he was exploring the business behind his grandfather. Today, he is a renowned and respected developer and businessman. He has sold millions of dollars worth of property in Philadelphia and all across the region. He has worked with the best of the best, is an esteemed asset of The Money Team (TMT), and is living a very comfortable life flying back and forth between his astonishing homes in both the East and West Coasts.

Instagram: @moneyteamshi

4. Alandise Harris


Owner of successful breeder company Burrnationk9s and certified dog lover, Alandise Harris specializes in producing the most colorful family of pets.

The overseas basketball player has built quite a name in the dog breeding business. His sought-after roster of pets have found homes in the hearts of NBA players and celebrities like Cardi B. Their dogs go beyond being a man's best friend. They are capable of performing in a showroom, service protection training, or perhaps just the humble yet mighty family guardians that everyone needs.

Because of their unique and exotic qualities, Alandise Harris's puppies sell from $2500 up to $20000. But still, what's a couple of thousand bucks when you get to keep a furry bundle of joy?

Instagram: @burrnationk9s1

Website: www.burrnationk9s.com

5. John Campbell

John Campbell is one of the most sought-after real estate agents in California. With over 20 years of experience, John has sold exclusive properties on the most luxurious residential areas such as San Marino, the Hollywood Hills, and Malibu. John spent many years in the entertainment industry, giving him access to a vast clientele mostly made up of celebrities and A-listers.

John is very passionate about helping both buyers and sellers in the real estate business make the most out of their time, effort, and money. He is part of the competent team of agents under PLG Estates. John easily impresses his clients with creative and unconventional approaches in the industry, giving clients a hassle-free property hunting experience.

Either one is buying their dream home or searching for an excellent investment property. There's no better person to talk to than John Campbell, the man who knows the Los Angeles real estate market like the back of his hand.

Instagram: @johncampbellest

Website: www.johncampbellestates.com

6. Christopher T. Gonzalez

If there is one person who knows how critical financial literacy is, it's Christopher Gonzalez.

Raised by a single mother with three kids, Chris lived in poverty. His difficult circumstances motivated him to achieve a better life for him and his family. So, he worked hard and eventually bought everything he thought he needed from luxury cars, homes, vacations, and business. Anyone would think that Chris is living the dream life.

But behind the riches, he was barely managing to stay afloat with his $750,000 debt from surging interest alone. After going through bankruptcy at the early age of 30, Chris now makes it his life mission to educate young people and help them avoid financial pitfalls.

"Credit repair and education are just stepping stones to achieve your financial goals and freedom."

Instagram: @chrisgonzalezbgr8

Website: www.apexcreditfix.com

7. Morad Fiki

Morad Fiki hails as one of the top real estate agents in Houston, Texas, with an unparalleled passion and expertise for luxury real estate sales. He has built the luxury real estate concierge service in Houston with excellent service, world-class marketing, and a global reach capable of dominating the taste of the international market.

He has been dubbed as "The Future" of Houston's real estate industry as his vision has empowered the market with flavor and powerful marketing strategies. Recently, he launched a reality show on YouTube called Million Dollar Agent, where he showcased some of the most exclusive homes in Houston, Texas, for the world to see.

Instagram: @Morad.Fiki @Houston.Luxury

Website: www.houstonluxuryrealestate.com

YouTube: Morad Fiki - Luxury Home Expert

8. Colene Kennedy

Colene Kennedy is a single mom of 5 beautiful young adult children. She was born into adversity simply by being a female and has spent her life overcoming multiple facets of abuse. Given up for adoption, later entering a group home and foster care; she has seen the highs and lows of life.

Colene is an activist in her community working with legislation to strengthen victims rights, hosting Me Too; Take Back Your Story Rally on the steps of Boise's Capitol. Colene mentors victims coming out of abuse through the court system. She is a public speaker, trainer, writer, director and actress.

Through the pain of sexual assault and domestic violence; Colene found her passion, helping others find hope and freedom along their journey. Colene shares her story and empowers others to find their voice because "Awareness educates, education empowers and empowerment evokes change."

Colene is the Founder and Director of Quest for Freedom, a non-profit that benefits victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. It has been morphing into a ministry for those who are bound and seeking freedom. One of their biggest events is in Oct called Trading Colors. Communities and companies are encouraged to trade in their normal work attire for the t-shirts Colene designed. The two fold purpose is to create awareness and provide resources for victims and their families.

Colene has written a series, in the works entitled The Box, which shows her journey from the bondage of victimization to freedom. Contact Colene at quest_forfreedom@yahoo.com.

9. Brady Morgan

Not only does the founder and CEO of Financial Automation, Brady Morgan, look after his own business. He also prides himself on helping other entrepreneurs take full control over their finances by teaching them strategies on how to monitor money flow in their businesses. His consultation tackles business finance, personal finance, and business strategy.

Morgan is also developing software that would further aid his clients in terms of finance, accounting, and merchant processing solutions to address their needs adequately. Aside from being a consultant, Morgan also hosts Budgetrek, one of the top 35 entrepreneurship podcasts today, where he interviews high-level entrepreneurs on his fields of expertise.

Instagram: @bradymorgan_

Website: www.financialautomation.com

10. Ryan Engh

The former D1 baseball player, Ryan Engh, now serves as a mentor to hundreds of young entrepreneurs hungry for financial education. He is most-acclaimed for his teachings on how to obtain high credit scores for people with zero income to obtain capital and launch their business ideas. His lectures on how to travel for free by leveraging credit secrets and hacks are also widely-recognized.

Today, Ryan Engh basks in his successful career. He is a multi-family real estate investor; he owns and operates a social media marketing company and e-commerce stores. He has had the honor of attending the most prominent events, such as the 2020 NFL Honors hosted by Steve Harvey and the 2018 NBA Finals.

This young bachelor is indeed living his dream lifestyle. He regularly flies on private jets, both for business and personal flights. Recently he has settled in a low-key beach town near Tampa, Florida, after moving out of his high-rise apartment in Miami.

Instagram: @ryan.engh

11. Antonio Pelayo

Although born in Glendale, California, Antonio spent most of his childhood in his father's village in the Mexican Countryside. Being different from the rest of his neighbors in Mexico, he felt that he did not particularly belong to any country. Nevertheless, he discovered his passion as he explored the diverse and colorful art of Mexico.

Later on, he moved back to Glendale and saw it through Mexican eyes. This constant change in his residence made Antonio feel unstable. But amidst his instability, he enhanced himself as an artist. Pelayo joined Disney Studios Illustrious Ink and Paint Department in 1994. In 2005, he finally staged his first art show, opening a new chapter in his career.

Antonio Pelayo has drawn himself into darkness and solitude. Now through his intimate portraits, the world can understand how art made him feel at home.

Instagram: @antoniopelayo

Website: www.antoniopelayo.com

12. Matthias Mazur

Matthias Mazur is a serial internet entrepreneur, investor, and CEO of Zuramedia, a leading digital advertising and social media portfolio business based in London, UK.

Getting his discipline as a former professional athlete, Mazur has built several multimillion-dollar businesses and managed to acquire an astonishing 150,000 followers online.

His ventures and clients have greatly benefited from his internet strategies that have generated over 100 million dollars. Today, Matthias is aiming to help more business people through his 4th book, 30 Golden Rules for Entrepreneurs.

Instagram: @matthiasmazur

Website: www.matthiasmazur.com

13. Blima Ehrentreu

Blima Ehrentreu is the founder and CEO of The Designers Group. The company started as a two-woman firm in 2009 and has now blossomed into an international design firm with offices in Toronto, New York, and Miami. The Designers Group operates under the premise that design is capable of finding and creating positive energy in any space.

Today, as the world is facing a pandemic, The Designers Group looks into new solutions where design goes beyond merely serving the purpose of aesthetic quality and practicality. Blima and her team are working on transforming spaces so that they will be able to adapt to and address much-needed health functionalities through design.

Instagram: @thedesignersgroup

Website: www.thedesignersgroup.com

14. Talibah Bratton

Talibah Bratton is the CEO of Century Capital Solutions and is a credit expert specializing in Personal Unsecured Funding (PUS). The company has raised 3.2 billion dollars in funding in 2018 and 5.1 billion dollars in 2019, with a 99% approval rating. Their clients get the results they expect and deserve through the company's active collaboration with its partners and teams.

Talibah believes that what they are doing goes beyond merely acquiring funding. Through their platform, they can change lives. Talibah is a member of Legacy Leavers, an organization that aims to uplift, educate, and change peoples' lives by practicing unity, loyalty, and liberty.

Instagram: @centurycapitalsolutions

Website: www.centurycapitalsolution.com

15. Collin Musikula

24-year-old, Collin Musikula, is the founder and CEO of Next Generation Data Analytics. The company is a business intelligence and data consulting firm based in Los Angeles, California, with an estimated valuation of 30 million dollars by FY2022.

Collin's entrepreneurial career started in college when he won first place in Financial Services at the Future Business Leaders of America Competition statewide. Aside from his data intelligence firm, Collin is also a founder and partner to several other business ventures. Among them are start-up companies in the tech, finance, and cosmetics industry. Collin is also an esteemed adviser in African investments. He has worked and partnered with multiple companies securing multi-million dollar financing deals for SMEs.

Instagram: @collinjason1

Website: www.nextgenanalytics.net

16. Rome

Artist/Rapper Rome came from humble beginnings in Newark, New Jersey. Fueled by his passion and talent, he took his leap of faith by buying a one-way ticket to Dallas, Texas. Dion "Rome" had no money, no connections, but the artist had a dream. He worked hard and got cast in a small part of a film.

Dion went through hardships before he came into terms with his career. He moved to six different states in hopes of finding stability in his creative process and suffered through the death of his grandmother, who has greatly supported him. Dion worked a day job at the Hollywood Wax Museum, printing blank receipts for paper and a pen.

He saw his circumstance as an opportunity to express his love for poetry. It wasn't long after that he had piled song lyrics written wholeheartedly at the back of those blank receipts. He wants his music to inspire his listeners, and that's the reason why Dion is an artist to look out for.

Instagram: @dionrome

Website: www.romeempiremusic.com

17. Luis Balaguer

Luis Balaguer is a user experience and lead generation expert with over 17 years of experience. He holds a Masters in Communications with Virtual Media and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Graphic Design. Through his skills, Luis worked with over 60 brands, six of which were Fortune 500 companies. He has trained over 550 students as a university professor for over eight years.

Today, Luis focuses on building memorable, experiential marketing interactions for businesses to enhance their communication and connection with their customers. He is also passionate about passing on his knowledge to his inner circle of students coming from Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Peru, Uruguay, Chile, Canada, and the USA.

Instagram: @lfbalaguer

Website: www.15element.agency

LinkedIn: Luis Balaguer

Facebook: @LuisBalaguerRuiz

18. Darnnelle Gibbs

Former US Army Veteran Darnnelle Gibss now focuses his attention on many worthwhile endeavors. Although he is currently serving in the US Air Force, Gibbs is also a mentor at Essex County Cops for Kids, a non-profit youth program.

He is also the owner of Pure Natural Vibes LL. Gibbs is also passionate about helping other small businesses by showcasing their products on his social media platforms. His company, Pure Natural Vibes LL, has donated hand sanitizers to essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Instagram: @purenaturalvibes

Website: www.purenaturalvibes.com

19. David Imonitie

David Imonitie is a self-proclaimed multimillionaire, success trainer, coach, investor, and serial entrepreneur. He is a global influencer in the areas of enterprise, business and leadership. David Imonitie became successful by applying proven principles, earning his first million in his early 20s, and has since earned over eight-figures. Through his leadership, he's been a catalyst in building large organizations and developing leaders, teams, and organizations to generate hundreds of millions in revenue. He created Believe Nation to become the world's most powerful personal development platform to help people grow their belief and teach success principles he has learned over the years of his success.

Instagram: @davidimonitie

Website: www.believenation.com

20. Jermaine Simon

Maine Simon was born and raised in the Bronx New York. He is a credit specialist creating opportunities for people through a financial literacy platform helping people improve their credit and manage their finances. He is mission driven and the owner of Grand Auto Sales, a dealership specializing in subprime lending. Maine Simon's goal is to create generational wealth through personal, unsecured lending. His focus is to help average blue-collar individuals improve their credit and secure funding. He is an energetic and high-performance marketing professional with well-documented success in delivering outstanding profit performance in highly competitive national markets. He is also an expert at building relationships with senior executives, investors, employees, and customers worldwide. Plus, he's an innovator in launching strategies, programs, systems, products and processes to boost sales performance, capture new revenue opportunities, and expand into new channels.

Instagram: @Mainesimon

Website: www.mainesimon.com

email address: support@authoritytitans.com

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