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Top 20 Real Estate Professionals In 2020

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 31, 2020 / Next Wave Marketing has conducted a list of what we believe to be some of the top producing real estate professionals in their respective markets across the globe. By reading this list, we look to share all of their success stories in hopes of inspiring other professionals to model their work ethic and ambition.


#1 Aaron Rian

Aaron Rian is the founder of The Brokerage House Realtors which is a Real Estate Brokerage company. The Brokerage House Realtors provides solutions to the marketplace such as helping people buy and sell homes. The Brokerage House is one of the Top 50 real estate teams in the nation and the #1 producing real estate team in Oregon. They primarily service Oregon but also grew their footprint to Washington, Idaho, Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina. Aaron Rian's dedicated focus to continuing to get the job done for his clients and doing nothing else until he delivers great results is what has allowed him to be successful in the industry. One of The Brokerage House Realtors biggest successes in 2020 as a business is pushing through the Covid-19 pandemic, adapting to the changes in the industry, expanding their business, and having the best four months in company history. Aaron has made his mark as a thought leader in the American real estate industry. Aaron Rian forecasts future success for his business in opening new offices and expanding to Orange County and many other areas. The Brokerage House Realtor's next goal is to sell over 1,000 homes in 2021. To learn more information about The Brokerage House and get started today, click here.

#2 Adeleke "LA" Ademuyewo

Adeleke "LA" Ademuyewo is an agent with EXP Realty which is the fastest growing Real Estate brokerage. His business and brand are different than other comparable real estate services currently crowding the market because his model is focused on using real estate to educate and grow the financial knowledge and portfolios of Millennials and Generation Z. LA Ademuyewo's focus is to assist the demographic of young professionals and athletes to have a well-rounded understanding of the real estate market and assist them in the home buying process by giving them the tools to begin creating generational wealth at a young age. LA Ademuyewo takes pride in his continuous and dedicated study of the markets in which he practices and consults. This attention to detail of properties allows him to ensure that his clients are aware of both the long-term and short-term business of potential investment. His goal is to empower young professionals to make informed, sound decisions as they begin their journey towards generational wealth through real estate. LA Ademuyewo attributes his success to prayer and his unique background. His degree and firsthand experience in construction management has allowed him to learn secrets of the trade from the builders perspective and brings understanding to the real estate industry from a construction and market standpoint based on firsthand experience. One of LA's biggest successes as a business in 2020 has been growing the consulting end of the business and being able to walk clients through the entire process. As for what is next for LA Ademuyewo and his business, he is continuing to grow his platform while teaching the young professionals of our generation about real estate sales, construction and development as well as investing. To follow along with LA Ademuyewo and EXP Realty, click here.

#3 Joe Rea

Joe Rea co-founded By Jesse & Joe Realtor Group which is a Luxury Residential and Commercial Real Estate Brokerage. By Jesse & Joe Realtor Group provides expert online and offline marketing strategies to effectively showcase and sell client's properties to the marketplace. In the business of selling homes since 2008, By Jesse & Joe Realtor Group have become major players in the Toronto real estate scene. They have created a competitive edge on other salespersons in the industry because of their strategic marketing techniques, attention to detail, and working diligently for their clients to ensure they get the best deal possible. Tough negotiating tactics have given By Jesse & Joe Realtor Group a definite advantage and reputation, even earning themselves the nickname The Monster Negotiators™ . Joe Rea has proven that taking calculated risks supplemented with hard work, determination, and a passion for real estate, goes a long way and will build credibility in the industry. One of By Jesse & Joe Realtor Group's biggest successes in 2020 as a business in dealing with the pandemic, was being able to quickly pivot and adjust their business practices and implement new systems in place to continue producing at a high level while keeping their first priority as their clients well-being. As for what is next for By Jesse & Joe Realtor Group, they are branching off from just single family dwellings into larger developments and working alongside major developers to construct, assist, and provide expert opinions on how to improve the lifestyles of the communities they work in. To learn more about Joe Rea and his business, click here.

#4: Eddie Lack

Eddie Lack is an entrepreneur who works with Kenneth James Realty which is a business in the real estate industry run by Karl Freund. Kenneth James Realty is a real estate brokerage, but so much more than that. Eddie and their team put people and the planet at the center of everything they do. They believe in doing the right thing every single time, even if it doesn't benefit them financially, their main goal is to serve their customers. Kenneth James Realty serves the public by helping to educate people on the best way to build wealth through real estate and making the transactions completely transparent. They serve their agents by providing relentless training along with the tools and education to serve clients. One of the things that makes Eddie Lack unique is that he is a former professional athlete, has won a Gold medal for Sweden in the World Hockey Championship, and played in the NHL for 6 years. He always loved buying and selling Real Estate as investments and when he retired from the NHL he decided to pursue his other dream of becoming a Scottsdale Realtor. Eddie now wants to help others achieve happiness and love of their new Arizona home purchase. Each customer that works with Eddie Lack should expect him to bring knowledge, hard work, and passion to find their dream home. Eddie's main goal is to make real estate transactions a great experience while earning clients respect and trust for referrals. Eddie Lack is currently working on growing and maintaining loyal clientele in the Arizona area and making progress every day towards his goals. To learn more about Eddie Lack and Kenneth James Realty, click here.

#5 Laura Bernaby

Laura Bernaby is the perfect example of what happens when you mix passion with grit. Laura has been in the mortgage industry for only a few short years, she learned early on in her career that there are no shortcuts, and in order to be successful, you have to put in the work. Laura is a top producing Loan Officer and Sales Manager at Total Mortgage in Andover, MA and takes pride in doing things differently. "I'm not interested in how much money I can make; I'm focused on how many lives I can change" Laura says, "I believe that hard work mixed with consistency and being completely transparent; it will help you win every time". To Laura, this industry is about helping people get into a better financial position and she carefully chose Total Mortgage a year ago when she set out in search of a company that had the same vision and mindset that she does. Laura is in her 4th year of originating loans and completed her first year at Total Mortgage this past June. Laura truly believes that Total Mortgage has every aspect you could want in a mortgage company from operational support, technology, a variety of loan programs, low interest rates and culture; it's second to none. In 2019, Laura earned a spot among the top producers at Total Mortgage and was a President's Club award winner and is well on her way to receiving it for a second year in a row. In 2018, prior to joining Total Mortgage, she won awards for placing in the top 1% nationwide at United Wholesale Mortgage and placed in the top 20 in her state for her production. To learn more about Laura and her business, click here.

#6: Real Estate Knowledge Institute

Real Estate Knowledge Institute (REKI) is quickly becoming the benchmark for real estate investment education and training. REKI was founded by John Trautman, along with his partners Robert Foley and Trent Ellingford, on the premise that investing should only be taught by active investors. Instead of offering a one-size-fits-all "System", REKI uses a community approach. The Real Estate Knowledge Institutes Board of Advisors is a collection of experts and authorities as diverse as REKI's own real estate portfolio. With each advisor having their unique proficiency, team members benefit from leveraging that depth of mastery and experience. It has also allowed more novice members to utilize the competence of the group to secure funding, partners, and resources for their projects. From residential to commercial, multifamily to syndication or raw land to development, John Trautman and REKI have done it. This real-world knowledge combined with a genuine desire to see others succeed is why Real Estate Knowledge Institute is known as the Most Results-Focused Real Estate Training Company in the country. To follow John Trautman and REKI, click here.

#7 Chris Bustos

Chris Bustos is the founder of Bellator Real Estate which is a Consultant and Investment firm in the commercial real estate industry. Bellator Real Estate provides some of the most exclusive off market multi family properties helping investors find some of the best and highest return properties in the market. Bellator Real Estate brings solutions to the marketplace such as helping buyers and sellers of commercial real estate by providing both sides with solutions. The team at Bellator Real Estate uses some of the latest AI technology to find property owners and convince them to sell to their high net worth investors. They offer services such as contract negotiations, loans, locating off market properties, and closings. Chris Bustos is 24 years old and has been in the real estate industry since 2016. Bellator Real Estate is on track to surpass over 1 billion in sales this year and in under 12 months have over $100 million in assets under management. Staying ahead of the curve with technology on finding owners and their likeliness to sell is what has allowed Bellator Real Estate to be a successful business. As for what is next for Bellator Real Estate, they are looking to expand to other states and start a syndication company where investors invest with the company as they are buying large multi-family properties. To follow along with Chris Bustos and his company, click here.

#8 Enrique Delatorre-Then

Enrique Delatorre-Then is a founding partner and CEO of Fastway Capital which is a Wholesale Real Estate operation. Fastway Capital provides solutions to the marketplace such as helping distressed homeowners find solutions for their property and get cash in their pockets. Fastway Capital also provides buyer solutions to the seller and vice versa. If a client needs to sell their property for whatever reason and sell fast for cash, Fastway Capital will find a buyer. In addition, they also provide investors with properties to buy fast to flip for profit or expand their portfolio. Patience, hard work, dedication, and networking is what has allowed Enrique Delatorre-Then to become a successful businessman. He started his business at the age of 19 and has reached great success by the age of 20. Enrique's biggest success in 2020 in regards to his business has been receiving consistent deals for his clients and not succumbing to the Covid-19 pandemic. Fastway Capital is looking to transition from wholesaling to investing and property management in the near future. They are forecasted to reach nearly a quarter million in assignments for 2020. As for what projects are next for Enrique Delatorre-Then, he is working on acquiring rental properties for investment purposes as well as flipping and wholesaling for profit. To learn more about Enrique Delatorre-Then and his business, click here.

#9 Celeste la Perla Pandhi

Celeste la Perla Pandhi is the founder of Real Estate With Celeste LLC. Real Estate With Celeste LLC operates as a Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker at LEVEL, a residential and commercial real estate brokerage in New York City. The Real Estate With Celeste team specializes in residential real estate in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Long Island City and is committed to helping their buyers, sellers, and landlords meet their real estate goals. Real Estate with Celeste is dedicated to keeping the fast paced NYC real estate market personal. Each client is part of their community and they pride themselves on providing individual attention to detail no matter if you are renting, selling, or buying. Celeste la Perla Pandhi has found success in the real estate industry by developing strong relationships with her clients which has led to a great referral network. Trust is key and Celeste believes her success comes from her willingness to take those extra steps to help guide clients through the process while always having their best interest in mind. Celeste makes it a priority to keep herself educated, resourceful, and accessible for her clients. Real Estate With Celeste LLC has an amazing network of behind the scenes professionals from marketing and social media to legal and financial advisors. One of Celeste la Perla Pandhi's biggest successes as a businesswoman in 2020 has been adapting to all of the changes in the industry and staying ahead of the curve. If you can't handle change you will not survive in the real estate industry and Celeste is busier than ever! As for what is next for Real Estate With Celeste LLC, the team will continue developing their network and working on streamlining their processes to make buying, selling and renting the less stressful. To learn more information about Celeste la Perla Pandhi and her business, click here.

#10: Stafford Booth

Stafford Booth is an entrepreneur who works at Capstone Realty and is a realtor. Stafford Booth provides solutions to the marketplace such as assisting home buyers and sellers throughout North Alabama. He dramatically simplifies the process to empower each customer with the freedom to move. Stafford Booth says "Whether you are looking to sell or buy your home, I can simplify the process with his global marketing, local insight, and real estate expertise. My goal is to empower you with the confidence and freedom to move. Come experience the difference quality makes working with me." Stafford has become successful by providing unsurpassed service to his clients through professional insight into the local real estate market, innovative marketing techniques while holding himself to the highest standard of integrity in all that he does. One of his biggest successes in 2020 as an entrepreneur has been being Real Trends 2020 Nation's Best Top Ranked Brokerage. As a buyers specialist, Stafford Booth offers a full concierge service to help assist you with making the home buying process a simple 5 steps. His experience, along with local knowledge and connections, helps his clients feel comfortable about the financial investment of purchasing a home. As for what is next for Stafford Booth, he is working on continual growth in residential and commercial real estate. He is constantly trying to best help the residents of North Alabama with their real estate needs, by placing his clients interest and goals at the heart of my mission. To follow along with Stafford Booth and learn more information, click here.

#11: Hakim Habib

Hakim Habib founded Billboards UK which is a property investment business that provides affordable housing for working professionals. Research has shown that over 70% of landlords have significantly struggled with rental technicalities at some point. Billboards UK offers landlords a hands off approach to renting their properties. By committing to long term guaranteed rent, our clients are able to receive true passive income from their investments. Hakim's success with his business has come from his dedication to be laser-focused on a particular course of action until he has reached his desired goal. Once Hakim Habib has achieved a goal, he is able to systemise the process so that it can continue to grow without his day to day involvement and he can move onto the next goal. One of the biggest successes Hakim Habib has had as a business in 2020 is not only seeing the significant growth in profits despite the COVID-19 lockdown, but the fact that he has been able to help tenants and landlords through these uncertain times. Hakim sees his company becoming a leading player in the UK property investment and training sector. He says "Marrying true innovation with cultured authenticity our brand will transcend through generations to be a household name when thinking of the UK property market." As for what is next for Hakim Habib, he is constantly trying to give back to the community and teach others who want to learn about investing in property so that they do not make the same mistakes he did. To learn more about Hakim Habib and his business, click here.

#12 Jonathan Chvala

Jonathan Chvala is an affiliate of the Keri Shull Team which is a residential real estate business. The Keri Shull Team is the #1 Brokerage in sales volume in Virginia, DC, and Maryland. In the past year, they have sold about 700 homes and are on track to do over 1,000 next year. An estimated 30% of the homes that the Keri Shull Team sells are actually off-market meaning no online presence, no escalations, no price wars etc. Jonathan Chvala is the #1 Solo Agent on the Keri Shull Team which means he strategically and effectively meets his clients criteria and beats out the competition to get his clients their dream home. In one of the most competitive cities, Jonathan Chvala is able to take his clients needs and match them with the ideal home on the market in a matter of days because of his experience and knowledge of the industry. One of Jonathan's biggest successes in 2020 as a businessman has been overcoming Covid-19 and continuing to grow his business, adapt to the changes in the market, and staying on pace for his annual goal. Jonathan Chvala meets his clients on a more personal level allowing him to build a deeper connection and earn their trust. After showing them his proven results with previous clients, he works tirelessly to find them what they want. Jonathan prides himself on staying as available as possible for his clients from late night showings to weekly open houses. As for what is next for Jonathan as a businessman, he is working to grow his mini team into two agents within the next 3-5 years and eventually break the $100M annual sales barrier. To learn more about Jonathan Chvala and get started today, click here.

#13 Megan Fink

Megan Fink is a Business Development Manager for The Home Team of Freedom Mortgage which is a Mortgage Lending business ran by James Ustun and Brandon Sturman. Megan Fink and the team of Freedom Mortgage are in the business of providing sustainable homeownership and helping originators find the right home to elevate their business in the marketplace. They are committed to helping people with their mortgage needs even when others can't or won't. The Home Team of Freedom Mortgage pledges to provide their originators with the full support and resources to deliver exceptional service to anyone who seeks their help and expertise. One of Megan Fink's biggest successes of 2020 as an entrepreneur has been joining The Home Team of Freedom Mortgage which has provided her with a strong platform to elevate her business offerings. Megan is a big believer in relationships over transactions and growing together with team members and referral partners. Megan's focus on her relationships with her clients and determination to add value to everything she does has allowed her to be successful in the real estate industry. As for the future of her business, Megan plans to stay committed, resilient, and adapt to whatever changes come ahead. To learn more about Megan Fink and get started today, click here.

#14 Tarry Summers

Tarry Summers is the Founder and CEO of The Columbus Home Company which is a Real Estate Investment fund and solutions firm that specializes in real estate acquisitions, asset management, and affordable housing rental units. Now with over 30 million in assets under management their mission has been to transform the Columbus landscape by taking distressed and underperforming properties and bringing them back to the market through their unique business model. By taking pride in revitalizing local Columbus neighborhoods they have learned they can mutually benefit investors and local communities. Tarry Summers describes his biggest success as an entrepreneur in 2020 as thriving during COVID by expanding, growing and adapting at a much faster pace during the pandemic. One of the elements that allows The Columbus Home Company to be successful as a business is creating win-win scenarios for sellers on the front end, staff, contractors and investors during the rehabilitation process, and renters and buyers on the back end. Everyone wins. The Columbus Home Co. continues to crank out deals on a daily basis even during these challenging times. To learn more about Tarry Summers and his business, click here.

#15 Nicholas Homcy

Nicholas Homcy is an affiliate of the Robert Dekanski Home Selling Team in the real estate industry. Nicholas along with The Robert Dekanski Home Selling Team provides solutions to the marketplace such as comprehensive new school digital approaches to marketing homes. They are the #1 Real Estate Team in New Jersey with over 1500+ sales in 2019 while consistently selling homes faster and for more than their competitors. The Robert Dekanski Home Selling Team invests over 3 million per year in generating buyers for their listings because high traffic is key to high prices. In the six years Nicholas has been a real estate agent, Over the past 6 years, Nicholas Homcy has learned and adapted to the ever changing real estate market. By combining the resources of the #1 team in the state with countless hours dedicated to his business, Nicholas has risen to the top of the charts in NJ. Nicholas Homcy and the Robert Dekanski Home Selling Team have made use of in house call centers and a team of rapidly responding buyers agents to stay on top of today's fast paced market. Nicholas Homcy stresses how much being a part of the Robert Dekanski Home Selling Team has helped and supported him as a real estate agent because he believes there is no way an individual could handle all the facets of this business alone. One of Nicholas' biggest successes as a real estate agent in 2020 has been breaking the 100 homes per year mark, consecutively year after year. He has also received platinum accolades with RE/MAX and the New Jersey Association of Realtors. In the next 3 years, Nicholas plans to take his closed sales from about 475 to over 1,000. As for what is next for Nicholas and the Robert Dekanski Home Selling Team, they are working on identifying sellers and getting their homes on the market. Currently the supply of homes is significantly less than the overwhelming demand. The remainder of 2020 is going to be one of rapid growth for Nicholas and the Team. He intends to use the increase in revenue to expand the teams database of over 200,000 potential buyers and sellers. To learn more about Nicholas Homcy and his team, click here.

#16 Jaime O. Sanchez

Jaime O. Sanchez is the Co-founder of Oakwood Development Group which is a Real Estate Development and Investment Firm. Oakwood Development specializes in the development of $50M+ residential multifamily and mixed-used commercial projects in the Los Angeles metro area. Oakwood draws upon the partner's years of experience in developing over $1Bn of real estate to provide high-quality management and consulting for ground-up development, redevelopment, and repositioning of assets for a variety of clients and investors. Jaime Sanchez and the team at Oakwood pride themselves in their ability to identify opportunities, utilize their network of well-respected industry professionals, craft custom-tailored solutions to unique challenges, and successfully execute on transactions of varying scale and complexity. Jaime Sanchez's extensive experience working in real estate finance, private equity, construction management, and real estate development has allowed him to combine various skill sets in order to be a successful real estate developer and entrepreneur. Jaime's biggest success in 2020 as an entrepreneur has been taking on transit-oriented development projects that require a different entitlement path for project approval. This particular project is high-profile near a major transit corridor that will set the scene for new projects to enter the area. The future success of Oakwood Development Group is highly dependent on the creative framework that their team utilizes to take on complex and challenging projects in major urban markets with high-barriers to entry. As for what is next for Jaime Sanchez and his team, they are currently in discussions to develop over 1,000+ multifamily units in South Los Angeles and in the East Coast. Over the next few years, Oakwood Development Group plans to expand internationally to major Latin America and European metro markets. To follow along with Jaime Sanchez and his developments, follow him on on LinkedIn or Instagram.

#17 Mike Mondelli

Mike Mondelli is the founder of Flip Homes Today, a hands-on mentoring program that utilizes an individualized approach to real estate investing. From one-on-one consultations, Mike provides each of his clients a goal-specific education in real estate wholesaling, negotiations, syndications, deal flow, and deal structure, and facilitates an open dialogue which is centered around each client's real estate investment goals. The caveat? Participants have to be willing to get their hands dirty.

Mike defines his biggest successes thus far in 2020 as the data-driven impact of his coaching on his clients' balance sheets, and, as clients routinely buy and close out multiple projects in a single year, the measurable increase in after-tax ROI that his training helps garner. To learn more about Mike Mondelli and his business, or discuss a potential partnership, click here.

#18 Jimmy Murray

Jimmy Murray co-founded Lyon Property Group in February of 2015 and is also co-host of The Cashflow Kings podcast. Lyon Property Group is a property management company based out of Rhode Island. His company's primary focus is providing passive income to real estate investors via multi-family investment property. Lyon Property Group provides property management services in Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts to investors across the globe. Their relationship based approach has provided them with strong growth in their local market. Jimmy Murray has found success in the real estate industry because of his focus on systems and procedures that consistently deliver strong results. One of Lyon Property Group's biggest successes in 2020 as a business has been navigating Covid-19 and furthering their relationship based approach to aid tenants in a time of difficulty. They care about providing financial freedom to their clients through real estate investing. As for what is next for Lyon Property Group, they are looking to broaden the depth of their existing relationships as they grow the portfolios of their clients. To learn more about Jimmy Murray and his business, click here.

#19 Steven Dickson Kremer

Steven Dickson Kremer is a rising real estate entrepreneur at IRG Corporation-a Real Estate Investment company in Miami. He started his journey under the wing of his mentor, Eduardo Mualim, who is the founder of IRG Corporation. The company's main objective is to wholesale real estate in less than 30 days by purchasing properties in cash with no realtor fees or closing costs. Steven's critical role provides solutions and assistance to homeowners looking to sell, and investors looking to buy in the wavering South Floridian marketplace. He often deals with properties in need of repairs or city mitigation, pre-foreclosures, short sales, probates, tenant difficulties, and much more. Real estate investors locally, nationwide, and internationally count on Steven and his team at IRG Corporation to acquire discounted properties all across South Florida so they can relieve these properties from their distress. In turn, not only does this elevate our economy, but it also elevates the living experience in these neighborhoods. Thanks to the priceless guidance his mentor Eduardo has given him over the years, and all of the hard work Steven pours into his craft, he has had success in the REI industry and is now thinking larger than ever before. His 2020 mantra is to "Be Great" and is ecstatic he has found a strong team to scale the business. His future success forecasts a rapidly growing unit, and taking the business concept nationwide from every angle! To learn more about Steven Dickson Kremer and additional objectives IRG Corporation offers sellers and buyers, click here.

#20 LJ Aguinaga

LJ Aguinaga is the founder and CEO of LJ Realties, which is a Real Estate Brokerage & Property Management company. LJ Realties provides solutions to the marketplace such as helping buyers, sellers, investors, and renters match up with the right property. If you are looking for a made to measure service that will take you from an initial consult to living or owning your dream property, LJ Realties will take you every step of the way, never wondering what comes next. The team at LJ Realties is determined to simplify every step of the process.

Their dedication to clients, constant growth and evolution, and exceptional market research have allowed them to be a successful business. LJ Aguinaga has been in the industry for over 12 years, and aims to grow his team and add more administrative staff in order to continue servicing all new and existing clients. LJ Realties' biggest success as a business in 2020 has been staying on pace for a record-breaking year, all while navigating the Covid-19 pandemic and adapting to the changes in the industry. As for what is next for LJ Realties? Their team is working on expanding their offices, clientele, and reach. To learn more information about LJ Aguinaga and his business, click here.


Kiley Almy

SOURCE: Next Wave Marketing

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