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The Top 25 Web Design Companies from Around the World, According to DesignRush

DesignRush determined the best website design firms who can build custom platforms.

NEW YORK, July 18, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- DesignRush.com, a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies, rounded up the top local and global website design companies who can design and develop stunning, successful online platforms.

The top web design agencies from around the world include:

1.    Mad Icarus Media
At Mad Icarus Media, they believe mediocrity is the enemy. They challenge companies to change the way they think about themselves because change is powerful and if done right, can be insanely profitable. Mad Icarus Media works with its clients to take the creative and calculated risks needed to create Rockstar digital marketing campaigns. They start by building a solid, strategic foundation. From that foundation, Mad Icarus Media creates integrated, multimedia marketing campaigns laser-focused on each client's goals and obsessively monitor the analytics to ensure they are crushing every single one. Ready to kick mediocrity to the curb?

Visit Mad Icarus online at https://www.madicarusmedia.com/

2.    BoTree Technologies
BoTree Technologies helps individuals, startups, small and medium-scale businesses build their ideas from canvas to cloud. They work in technologies like Ruby on Rails, Spree Commerce, Shopify, Python/Django, Machine Learning, AI and Chatbots, Front end development (AngularJS and ReactJS), Mobile Application Development using React, ReactNative, RPA using UiPath(Advanced Certified), Automation Anywhere, and Blue Prism. BoTree is a domain-agnostic company and has experience working in domains like FinTech, Social Media Platform, Publishing, Hospitality, Healthcare, Insurance, E-commerce, Banking, Information Sharing System, EdTech, and Real Estate.

Visit BoTree Technologies online at https://www.botreetechnologies.com/

3.    Brocoders
Brocoders is a Ukraine-based web & mobile development company established in 2013 focused on delivering high-quality tech products in various business areas. Over the past 5 years, they have developed over 50 projects in the areas of digital health, e-commerce, peer-2-peer marketplaces, SaaS systems, internal management platforms, EdTech projects, job boards, etc. The team consists of 55 people, including back-end and front-end developers, UX & UI designers, project managers, sales & marketing specialists and leading technical engineers of various projects.

Visit Brocoders online at https://brocoders.com/

4.    Broderick Advertising
Effective marketing is an interesting dichotomy. The age-old struggle between art and commerce, strategy and creativity played out across a growing number of modern messaging and media touch-points. Broderick Advertising catches lightning in a bottle at this intersection to best serve strategically sound objectives with brand-building campaigns that engage and shape perception. Broderick Advertising is a tightknit team of unassuming advertising vets with the scars and industry experience to prove it. Their key personnel has been together as a team for 18 consecutive years. Collectively, they are hardworking advocates for clients. The team is flexible, responsive and really good listeners. Plus, they have a knack for extracting smart, simple sales messages for even the most complicated assignment. Broderick Advertising is not a one-size-fits-all agency. Every campaign and concept are originals with the one-off personalization that differentiates and creates a recognizable brand personality. Over their nearly 40 years in business, Broderick Advertising has served clients of all types and sizes in practically every business sector, including the launch of the world's largest HVAC manufacturer to the U.S. as a consumer brand.

Visit Broderick Advertising online at http://broderickadvertising.com/

5.    Buzz Interactive
Buzz Interactive is powered by passion, dedication, and a lot of tea. They are an awesome group of designers, developers, coders, illustrators, and copywriters, who capture those pure gold ideas. Buzz Interactive's aim is to build user-friendly apps, websites, rock star copywriting portfolio, and too many t-shirt slogans. One day they will be rich, so it's the best time to work with them while they need the money.

Visit Buzz Interactive online at https://www.buzzinteractive.co/

6.    Cloud LGS
Cloud LGS is the leading online SEO content marketing tool and digital marketing agency that empowers entrepreneurs to grow their business. From SEO to Pay-Per-Click Management, to Social Media Management, they have all the services brands need to get in front of the right audience. Cloud LGS's goal is to provide the best mobile phone website experience possible. Their collection of online tools & features make it easier to grow a business from a mobile phone. Cloud LGS provides an improved mobile device experience while still delivering an incredible desktop version too. There are no coding or programming skills required to create a mobile-friendly website with Cloud LGS. Small business owners and entrepreneurs everywhere love Cloud LGS because it's so easy to use. In fact, it's the easiest self-edit mobile website system ever created. Anybody at any computer skill level can create a mobile-friendly website with Cloud LGS.

Visit Cloud LGS online at https://www.cloudlgs.com/

7.    Comrade Web Agency
Comrade Web Agency is a full-service award-winning digital marketing, SEO and web development agency, based in Chicago. They love solving design, technology, and marketing challenges that help propel their client's success to their next level!

Visit Comrade Web Agency online at https://comradeweb.com/

8.    DaBrian Marketing Group
DaBrian Marketing Group began as a Search and Analytics agency which has evolved into a full-fledged, full-service Digital Marketing Agency. Their evolution was due to the passionate and intelligent folks on their staff as well as their Four Pillars. They are the four guiding principles by which DaBrian's vision for digital marketing was created are Strategy – DaBrian Marketing Group makes a plan for a business' marketing future that promises nothing but success; Transparency – There is no confusion with the agency. Clients own their marketing, while the agency manages it; Quality Services – DaBrian Marketing Group is the best at what they do – and they have the certifications to prove it; and Measurement – Don't just trust their friendly words. Look at the numbers to actually see results. The dynamic of their team allows everyone to have a voice in all projects and every decision. DaBrian Marketing Group is committed to satisfying all of their clients' needs with the highest standard of transparency and clear communication.

Visit DaBrian Marketing Group online at https://dabrianmarketing.com/

9.    Definite Creations
Definite Creations is a premier digital agency in Uganda providing compelling digital solutions in professional website design and hosting, search engine optimization and social media marketing, mobile apps, and software development to help businesses achieve more.

Visit Definite Creations online at https://www.definitecreations.com/

10.    Double Up Digital
Double Up Digital takes pride in their ability to serve businesses of all sizes, by providing individualized solutions based on client needs. They are constantly learning and adapting to ensure they are always pushing the needle. Double Up Digital's patrons are unique and they treat each campaign as such. By delivering strategic solutions that cater to specific business models, the agency enables itself to create successful long-term relationships with its clients.

Visit Double Up Digital online at https://doubleup.digital/

11.    efelle creative
efelle creative helps their clients achieve the spectacular by taking their online marketing game from ho-hum to unforgettable. They specialize in all things digital—efelle creative builds memorable brands, creates beautiful, fully custom websites that get noticed, accelerates revenue through intelligent design and automation, develops content that sings, and so much more. They are obsessed with UX, UI, and SEO, and they even built their own content management system because they firmly believe brands should never have to squeeze content into a box. efelle creative believes in building long-term relationships with clients and strives to help them succeed through careful attention to analytics and thoughtful implementation of ongoing digital marketing strategies. They believe in leveraging all that technology has to offer so that clients can focus on doing what they do best—running their businesses. efelle creative is centrally located in the heart of downtown Seattle, WA—the hub of great technology. They boast an extraordinary client-retention rate and live by the motto "Good Enough Sucks."

Visit efelle creative online at https://www.seattlewebdesign.com/

12.    ForeFront Web
ForeFront Web is a digital marketing agency offering web design and development, mobile apps, eCommerce sites, consulting, SEO/SEM, armadillo wrangling, and a healthy dose of self-deprecating humor. They work from our hometown of Columbus, Ohio but have clients around the world. Since they started life as a full-service marketing company, ForeFront Web has a better understanding of just how a website fits into an overall marketing scheme. It's why the decision was made to narrow their focus to web development - a good site serves as the linchpin for many successful businesses. And who can't use a good linchpin? ForeFront Web is also a proactive web development firm. They don't sit back and wait for their clients to ask them about the latest web trends/gizmos/Ponzi schemes. Instead, ForeFront Web considers it their job to let their clients know about them.

Visit ForeFront Web online at https://www.forefrontweb.com/

13.    Good & Gold Marketing
Good & Gold is a digital marketing and creative strategy firm focused on efficiently delivering transformative results. Through tactical planning, thoughtful goal-setting, and sharp analysis, they aim to put their clients in the best position to quickly increase sales, multiply profits, and maximize customer value.

Visit Good & Gold Marketing online at https://www.goodandgold.com/

14.    iTec Media
iTec specializes in WordPress web design and marketing solutions for small to medium businesses. They are a full-service, results-oriented web development company that strives to help businesses increase Sales & Conversions through a strong online presence. iTec Media's entire web design process is geared towards helping businesses grow and find customers online. They strive to build websites that are high ranking and conversion-optimized so that each business can succeed.

Visit iTec Media online at https://itec.media/

15.    Jolly Good Media
Jolly Good Media believes that when agencies treat their clients less like projects and more like partners, the web gets simpler, small business grows faster, and answers are just a phone call away. They are a tight-knit team that takes a full-service approach with their clients. Where other digital agencies see just another project, Jolly Good Media sees an opportunity to manage and grow their clients' digital presence over the long term. Ask them about custom web design, website maintenance, PPC ads, Content Marketing, and Video services.

Visit Jolly Good Media online at https://jollygoodmedia.com/

16.    Messapps
Messapps doesn't just develop apps. They build dreams. The agency's thorough stages of development create strong foundations for app functionality, a design that best represents the personality of the app from a range of aesthetic themes, and continually assesses the performance of the app to ensure consistency.

Visit Messapps online at https://messapps.com/

17.    PT Marketer Group
PT Marketer Group is a marketing management company. They offer social media services, email marketing services, website design services, and paid advertisement services. PT Marketer Group creates and manages top-performing social media campaigns for businesses. The company manages social media networks such as Facebook, Google Plus, and Instagram on your behalf. PT Marketer Group uses relevant social media marketing services to help businesses grow and achieve marketing success.

Visit PT Marketer Group online at https://www.ptmarketergroup.com/

18.    Slabmedia
Slabmedia believes that the first time someone is introduced to your business or project, they should get a full understanding of what the brand, product, or service is all about. That is why they specialize in creating custom-designed websites. Slabmedia builds professional, responsive, well-organized representations of any unique brand for the world to see.

Visit Slabmedia online at https://slabmedia.com/

19.    Stagetek Branding Agency
As a full-service advertising branding agency, Stagetek provides promotional advertising, web development, search engine optimization, and social media marketing, graphic design, content writing and video production for local small and medium businesses. The company was specifically designed to streamline the marketing and advertising process – from concept through delivery – to provide their clients time-efficient and cost-effective solutions for their needs.

Visit Stagetek Branding Agency online at https://stagetek.com/

20.    Techmango Technology Services
TTS a full-scale software development services company founded in 2014 with a strong focus on emerging technologies. It holds a primary objective of delivering strategic solutions towards the goal of its business partners in terms of technology. By providing custom software solutions aided with the best available technologies, Techmango Technology Services assures the quality of the delivery on the defined time-line. They provide analysis, design, architecture, programming, testing and technical support for long-term which is ultimate objective towards customer satisfaction. TTS is comfortable working with all the niche technologies like Big Data, Business Intelligence, IoT, Augmented Reality, Mobile Development (iOS and Android) and many others. For over 3 years, Techmango Technology Services has emphasized clients' success by aiding with their techno-stack. Their strategy and the personalized techno-solution towards every client and their projects has been the success formula all these years.

Visit Techmango Technology Services online at https://www.techmango.net/

21.    TekRevol LLC
Tekrevol offers web and app development services and enterprise solutions to startups and medium to large businesses to help create new opportunities. TekRevol LLC has a team of some of the best minds in the industry who come up with creative and innovative ideas and transform them into remarkable business solutions through their unique approach towards web and application designing and development services, and enterprise solutions.

Visit TekRevol LLC online at https://www.tekrevol.com/

22.    Touchline Marketing
Touchline Marketing partners with busy owners & executives at small & medium-sized companies to establish a professional digital marketing foundation that helps build a brand, generate leads, shorten sales cycles, and increase customer loyalty. Owners and executives partner with Touchline so they can spend less time on marketing and more time on the day-to-day business without the typical investment involved with staffing and training an internal digital marketing department.

Visit Touchline Marketing online at http://touchlinemarketing.com/

23.    Visiture
Visiture is a full-service eCommerce marketing agency focused on helping online merchants acquire more customers through search engine optimization, pay per click management, conversion rate optimization, website development, and user experience design services. They help to pave the way for online merchants to achieve higher returns from their online marketing channels and outpace the competition in a dynamic, digital world.

Visit Visiture online at https://www.visiture.com/

24.    Web Design Sun®
Web Design Sun is a fully remote web design and development company that is focused on each client's results and revenue. Web Design Sun's clients' revenue is very important to them because they know that clients' success is their reputation. Web Design Sun's income depends on the effectiveness of the business solutions that they provide. Web Design Sun has incredible expertise in creating customized web and mobile solutions. Their programmers are dedicated code maniacs who adore bringing a product to perfection. Operating with efficient SEO technologies, the company works hard to propel forward brands around the globe. Since 2012, Web Design Sun has completed hundreds of successful projects and developed high-performance products for start-ups as well as for bigwig enterprises. Web Design Sun® Team works remotely to get completely engaged in the development of every client's web wishes and needs.

Visit Web Design Sun online at https://www.webdesignsun.com/

25.    Webmoghuls
Webmoghuls is a Web Design Company specializing in Web Design, Web Development Services, Custom WordPress Design, WordPress Development, and SEO. They are based in India and Canada, and they have clients in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, among others. Webmoghuls prides itself on providing the very best personalized solutions for their customers to achieve their goals. Their talented professionals can assist each organization's vision by applying strategy and planning to Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Web Development, Content Management, Social Media Marketing, and other Online Marketing Services. Webmoghul's creative and technical teams have more than 40 years of combined marketing and web development experience among them. Webmoghuls has satisfied clients since 2012. Their main services include Responsive Web Design Services, WordPress Development, SEO Services, and Web Development.

Visit Webmoghuls online at https://www.webmoghuls.com/

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