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Top 5 Benefits of Working from Home



Transitioning to a work-from-home job can be stressful because of many unknowns, like adapting to a new environment, staying motivated, and avoiding a new set of distractions. While there are many reasons why you may choose a work-from-home career, not everyone may be aware of the benefits they can expect to receive once they begin telecommuting.

1. Save Money

Working from home offers multiple ways to save money. In fact, many people can take a work-from-home job that pays less over a traditional in-office position because of the savings. Depending on the commute, savings on fuel alone can be astounding. Besides saving on gas, normal maintenance costs to your car could decrease, as it will not be needed as frequently. Additional savings include costs of dry cleaning, new work clothes and eating lunches out.

2. Higher Productivity

While some people may wonder if employees working without supervision will be as productive, many studies have proven that employees tend to have higher productivity working from home than in an office environment. The office can hold many distractions, including socializing with co-workers, meetings and office noise. Working from home has the possibility of having distractions of its own, but telecommuters have more control over these distractions. Work-from-home employees also tend to use less sick days. Being exposed to less germs working from home usually makes for a healthier employee and, without the worry of infecting others, telecommuters can still choose to work when they are sick.

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3. Save Time

Commuting time alone can save a large chunk of time in a telecommuter’s day. This time can be spent working longer hours contributing to higher productivity or by accomplishing more around the home, which allows for more free time after work hours. Gaining additional time in the day also helps bring a better balance between work and life and can make for a happier employee. The typical day working outside the home includes time spent getting ready for work in the morning, driving to and from work and fighting rush hour on the way home. Saving all of this wasted time creates time to get chores done around the home, run errands or make more time for family

4. Less Stressful

While the changes that come with transitioning to working from home may make you anxious at first, most people will find that this new lifestyle is less stressful overall. The office environment can be a great social outlet, but it can also be exasperating. Add on top of that the normal stress of a daily rush hour commute, and the life of a telecommuter starts to look pretty ideal. Working from home generally allows for more control over many variables in the workday making life less stressful. Improving the overall balance between work and life also usually lowers anxiety and creates a healthier lifestyle.

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5. More Flexibility

Most employers that allow employees to work from home generally make allowances for a more flexible work environment. Employees may be able to create their own schedule to some degree and work around personal needs. This can be a great situation for parents working around school hours or for those in need of a more family friendly schedule. Giving flexibility in the work day generally creates happier employees and a higher retention in staff.

Alaina began researching work-at-home jobs 13 years ago when she decided to leave the workforce to stay home after the birth of her first child. Through years of research and first-hand experience, Alaina has learned how to sort the legitimate jobs from the scams. She now enjoys sharing legitimate work-at-home jobs with Moms via her blog Telecommuting Mommies. She also opens up her personal life as a homeschooling, blogging, work-at-home Mom of four at The Maestro Mom. Follow her on Twitter at TelecommuterMom.

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