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Top 6 Real Estate Agents to Watch in 2020

NEW YORK CITY, NY / ACCESSWIRE / January 24, 2020 / After years of financial uncertainty and major swings of the economy, it has become clear that the safest way to build wealth is by investing in passive income. The most famous way of doing this is through real estate, which is why there are so many realtors and real estate agents everywhere. However, not all of them know what they are talking about. Here are the Top 6 real estate agents that we have found to deliver exceptional services to their clients and are definitely agents to look out for going into 2020.

FULL NAME: Ricky Carruth


Ricky Carruth is a real estate agent with 17 years of experience who beat all odds to become the top RE/MAX agent in the state of Alabama. Since 2014, Ricky has been selling over 100 properties annually. In addition, Ricky has been building the fastest growing real estate coaching program in the world in the past three years, Zero to Diamond. This is the world's first completely free real estate coaching program and is a disruptor in the industry, with over 22,000 real estate agents already enrolled. Some of the biggest names in real estate coaching are watching Ricky closely!

FULL NAME: Colton Lindsay


Colton Lindsay is ranked in the top 1% of sales agents in the real estate industry, and he is only 28 years old. He sells 75 homes a year on average. Lindsay is internationally recognized as a prospecting expert, inner game master, and a financial freedom teacher. He is an NLP expert who teaches that 85% of results are determined by the mind. Lindsay is the creator of The WGR Academy and he is one of North America's most exciting trainers and presenters using "accelerated learning techniques" to trigger breakthroughs in agents' lives to turn them from business operators to business owners, allowing them to create financial freedom through leveraged residual income and tax free wealth.

FULL NAME: Vittorio Faricelli

INSTAGRAM USERNAME: @vittorio_faricelli

Vittorio Faricelli is a successful, 10 year real estate veteran and a top performer in the industry, having consistently earned industry awards such as The President's Council Award, Platinum Circle Award and The Top Producer Award. Over the years, Vittorio has amassed an extensive network of high networth clientele, during both his time in the finance world and in real estate. Vittorio began his real estate career in New York City but has since taken his talents to the South Florida luxury market where he and his team are primarily focused on the implementation of the most effective and cutting-edge technologies along with the the usage of ultra high end marketing to sell multi-million dollar properties. If you are looking for the right balance of traditional, luxury brokerage and new age technology, there are no better experts to work with in South Florida than Vittorio Faricelli and his team.

FULL NAME: Jimmy Rex


Jimmy Rex has been an agent since 2005 and in that span has sold over 2,000 houses. In 2010, he set up a system called the 100K Agent Blueprint, a marketing system that focuses on spoiling clients and becoming the most networked person in town. In 2019, Jimmy's real estate team of four agents sold 285 houses and 143 of them were to investors. They have a unique system where they sit down with the client and act as an advisor. They go through an investment strategy with them and determine what is the best course of action to buy real estate. They don't look at their clients as a transaction but rather as a partner for life.

FULL NAME: Dylan Suitor

INSTAGRAM USERNAME: @dylansuitorelevate

Dylan Suitor has been an entrepreneur since he started his first official business at 18 years old. For the love of sales, he decided to move into real estate as an investor and get his real estate license. After his first real estate transaction, Dylan knew real estate was the career he wanted to spend his life on. Fast forward three years and Dylan has successfully sold over a hundred homes, built a successful real estate team of six people and growing, speaks in front of audiences of over 600 people, and has cemented himself as the go-to realtor for real estate investors. Dylan has a passion for helping entrepreneurial homeowners to "replace their active income with passive income through real estate investing." His team has grown to be exceptional agents as well as community leaders.

FULL NAME: Shane Willis


Shane Willis is a U.S. army veteran who has owned a mortgage company for over a decade. He also holds a mortgage loan officer license that only a handful of real estate brokers have, which gives his clients an upper hand when negotiating their mortgage. Shane also owns rent and flip properties and is a certified negotiations expert. In 2014, he co-authored an Amazon Best Selling Book and his weekly videos have been cited by multiple videos as "must-watchs." Finally, in 2020, he will be inducted into the RE/MAX Hall of Fame after more than two decades in the real estate industry, helping investors and homeowners.

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