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Top 6 Value Packed Courses to Level Up in 2020

SEATTLE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / June 5, 2020 / The infamous coronavirus epidemic has left millions without a job while forcing them to seek out resources just to get by. In a world where making money online has never been easier than it is today, it forces us to evaluate how safe a career is, with many staying uncertain. As we continue to grow into a technologically advanced age at the forefront of the 4th industrial revolution, there are multiple online-centric industries that you could learn a proficient amount and within a matter of months completely change your life.

If you have ever been curious about learning a digital skill from home, there is no better time than now. As the unemployment rate rises and hourly wages continue to not give you a chance at living comfortably, the idea is enticing for many individuals. So where do you start? Based on the feedback of hundreds of individuals I've listed out the most value-packed courses for 6 different industries to take your skills to the next level from home as a complete beginner. Whether you're a complete beginner trying to pick up a side hustle or a professional looking to grow on the number one platform for professionals, these courses have seen a wide variety of success for their members.

#1 Selling on Amazon: Reco Jefferson - Roughnecks eCom Bootcamp

Roughnecks eCom Bootcamp is meant to help people with dropshipping on Amazon, running Facebook ads, and flipping phones and electronics. The course helps complete beginners get started from scratch and the methods taught are perfect for people with low capital. It takes a very militaristic approach and focuses on the lessons step by step. For people who have tried other courses or have difficulty following instructions, this course is made with them in mind.

#2 Stock Trading: Tyler Espitia - Ichimoku Traders Academy

Ichimoku Academy was created by Tyler Espitia as a way to help as many people change their lives the way Tyler has through Trading. The course is beginner-friendly and offers an in-depth look into the method Tyler trades consistently, Ichimoku. You can expect this course to feature modules on stock trading as well as Forex. Since its release, Tyler has helped thousands of course members reach financial freedom and broaden their understanding of the markets. For that reason, Tyler's Course has been named the best stock trading course of 2020.

#3 Forex Trading: Hither Mann - Fast Track Forex

Fast Track Forex has been dubbed the world's best trading system for beginners, literally a step-by-step home study course where you can learn to trade the forex market with no previous experience needed. The risk management system has been proven to work 100% every time and is the safest trading system you can get - I.e. you will never lose more money than you've planned to risk. Profitable Results can be seen after 24-48 hours and Fortune Academy is so confident in this Fast Track Forex system that it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Best for the savvy entrepreneur or self-employed contractor that wants to make their money grow faster than just sitting in the bank, or worse giving it to a money manager to invest.

#4 E-Commerce: Dion Jaffee - HyphenMax

HyphenMax is a revolutionary E-commerce system that stems from Dion Jafee one of the first pioneers in E-commerce. HyphenMax teaches people how to tap into the new emerging marketplaces and how they can leverage these local market places to make big profits due to there being virtually no competition. The Course has had thousands of student successes since its launch, it's completely beginner-friendly and can even teach experts a few tips and tricks.

#5 Dominating Linkedin: Justin Welsh - The Linkedin Playbook

The LinkedIn Playbook is the step-by-step system Justin used to build his audience from almost nothing to over 45,000 in just 12 months. Justin will show you what he's learned and how he grew an audience consistently every day. This technique will be presented in the context of LinkedIn, but it can be used to grow an audience nearly anywhere else online. The LinkedIn Playbook is a great resource for anyone who wants to grow their personal and professional brand on the world's largest professional networking platform. Whether you are looking to land a new job, more podcast guest spots, or speaking engagements, The LinkedIn Playbook can help.

#6 E-mail Marketing: Parikchhit Basnet - Online Skills Agency

Online Skills Agency is a step-by-step blueprint course that focuses on the skill of email marketing. E-Commerce is taking over the world and everything is going online. A big problem in the e-commerce space is that most online stores have no idea how to utilize their email list to make more money. O.S.A teaches you how to solve that problem by teaching you how to offer them done-for-you high converting email marketing service. O.S.A teaches you how to master the skill of email marketing and how to build a long term/consistent business out of it.

Key Takeaways

The following six courses have had a significant course member success rate and have been jam-packed with value to take your skills to the next level. The 6 different industries offer value for almost anyone from beginner to advanced, you can even expect to see a direct return on investment by applying the skills and strategies you learn in these booming industries.

Name: Tyce Escalante
Company Name: Next Level Brand
Contact: Tyce@nextlvlbrand.com

SOURCE: Next Level Brand

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