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Top 8 Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2020

·9 min read

The internet has proven to be one of the most resilient ways to make money. Whether in economic recession or full-on pandemic, digital businesses seemingly always find a way to turn a profit. But that has as much to do with the internet itself as it does with the people running those businesses— there’s no doubt that the next wave of online entrepreneurs are among the most talented, passionate, and hard-working in their respective industry. Some of these entrepreneurs stand out among the rest for their success, perseverance, and unique approaches to mastering the digital space. The following 8 individuals represent the best of the best in their field, beating out their competitors and making a name for themselves despite the immense competition.

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1—Anmol Singh

Date of Birth: April 23, 1992

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Social Media: Instagram — @DeltaNinety, Twitter — @DeltaNinety

Anmol Singh is a financial trading and investment entrepreneur. After graduating from Brunel University in London with a BSc with Honors in Business & Management, Anmol knew he wanted to combine his business acumen with his financial knowledge. Anmol got his start in the financial industry in 2010 when he first began trading. Despite his extensive background and education, Anmol found few resources to teach him how to achieve success, and had to work hard to make real money through trading. This led him in 2015 to found LiveTraders, a program in which he coaches and trains other aspiring traders or just those looking to supplement their income by trading passively. LiveTraders not only teaches people all they need to know about making money from the markets, it also funds aspiring traders by providing initial capital, giving them everything they need to become successful. The success he was able to create for others inspired Anmol to write a book detailing his advice, entitled Prepping For Success — 10 Keys For Making It. Anmol has quickly become one of the premier financial experts and traders, turning a profit faster and more consistently than nearly anyone else while passing on his guidance to an ever-broadening audience of traders. Anmol hopes to build LiveTraders into the largest training academy for traders and investors in addition to launching his own hedge fund in 2021.

2 —Keenan Williams

Date of Birth: March 25, 1991

Social Media: Instagram — @papichulo_dreaded

Keenan Williams is a skincare brand and business consultation entrepreneur. Keenan started from humble beginnings, living in low-income housing with no car. While he lacked many of the opportunities people told him would be key to success in business, he blazed his own path, overcoming his environment to found his skincare company Ko Elixir. In the first six months of its operation, Ko Elixir made over $1 million, and now after just two years it makes that amount each month. Keenan lacked many of the resources other entrepreneurs have, and still was able to become enormously successful, now owning his own house and four cars including a Rolls Royce and BMW i8. Keenan realized his passion and talent for business, and hopes to inspire others to reach similar success by passing on the knowledge he worked so hard to gain. He is currently working on several new businesses while also offering a monthly program in which he teaches clients how to start and grow a business step-by-step. Keenan continues to help entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground while mentoring them along the way and offering key advice.

3—Herschel Dixon Jr.

Date of Birth: February 22, 1993

Social Media: Instagram — @Hd_jr25, @_hdmediasolutions

Herschel Dixon is a digital marketing and branding entrepreneur. Herschel started getting involved in business 2 years ago when he was looking to supplement his income from a corporate job with a side business. He had originally hoped to just make extra money for travelling or fun, but his marketing business quickly grew, and Herschel decided to bet on himself and quit his corporate job. Using the knowledge he gained from earning his Bachelor’s of Science in Marketing from Tuskegee University, Herschel worked full-time to grow HD Media Solutions into one of the top marketing and branding businesses. Since then Herschel has worked with several brands from a variety of industries, but his biggest success to date is the viral brand DOITFORSTATE. When his best friend who started DIFS gave Herschel an opportunity to help assist and grow the brand. Herschel took advantage and had the opportunity to leverage his network and experience to create effective marketing and branding solutions, proving the extent of his talent and skill. He now plans on continuing to grow his business while diversifying his portfolio by investing in real estate and other passive income opportunities. Herschel has a vision to give back to young boys born out of wedlock through his non-profit initiative “A-Men”, which is another endeavor he is currently pursuing. “Life is only a reflection of what we allow ourselves to see. Work hard, never give up, and manifest the reality you want to live” Herschel lives by this and believes other entrepreneurs will benefit greatly as well.

4—Tolu Abiona

Date of Birth: October 4, 1996

Social Media: Instagram — @toluceo

Tolu Abiona is an e-commerce, dropshipping, and social media marketing entrepreneur. Tolu got his start in business while only in first grade, as he started a car washing service. His passion for business only grew, and in eighth grade he began trading stocks and utilizing the power of the internet to turn a profit. As he honed his skills he branched out further, becoming well-versed in reaching an audience over the internet. This led him to e-commerce, as he founded and maintained a highly successful luxury accessories brand. Always looking ahead, Tolu sought to broaden his base even more, and began learning social media marketing and growth. While earning his Bachelor’s of Finance degree from Rowan University, Tolu became an expert in social media, successfully growing a brand for himself and for his e-commerce businesses. He hopes to continue working in this field as he starts his own social media marketing, growth, and development agency, while simultaneously working to scale his own brand. Tolu maintains that the keys to success are to network, ask questions, and invest in educating oneself, each of which have helped him on his entrepreneurship journey immensely.

5—Chase Winiarski

Date of Birth: September 2, 1997

Social Media: Instagram — @RapSoViral, @RapsViral, @ChaseWiniarski

Chase Winiarski is a social media and digital music marketing entrepreneur. Chase began working in social media daily when he was just 13 years old, quickly earning millions of followers on his Twitter pages. By his sophomore year of high school, Chase started to earn serious money through these pages by selling RTs and impression packages. Within only another two years, Chase owned over 250 Twitter accounts and managed a follower network over 10 million strong. At this time he began making connections to A&Rs at record labels to learn about the music industry. After graduating high school, Chase founded Rap So Viral, helping unsigned independent artists grow their audiences and build their careers. The company now owns a large network of rap pages on Instagram and Twitter, operating as a full service digital music marketing firm running campaigns on every major platform with over 100 unique products and services. He has worked with artists including Playboi Carti, 2k Baby, Shaq, T Pain, Micheal Jordan x Interscope, and more. Chase is motivated by seeing the impact he can have on artists, is passionate about building their careers and helping them reach their fans.

6—Kendrick Flores

Date of Birth: September 13, 2000

Social Media: Instagram — @Kendrickflores, @uncutcollegee, @underpods

Kendrick Flores is a social media marketing entrepreneur. He started his first Instagram account while in high school, and found he had a talent for growing pages and garnering followers. In college Kendrick realized he didn’t want to keep working for someone else all his life— he wanted to be his own boss. It was then that he began taking Instagram more seriously, and after only a couple years his marketing business has scaled tremendously. He now boasts a follower network of over 500,000 from all over the world spanning multiple accounts that he worked to accumulate. Kendrick is known for securing monthly deals on his accounts with several model agencies, running promotions with Manscaped, Ampmeapp, a variety of party brands, and a number of influencers. He maintains that his goal is to continue expanding and building good relationships with other entrepreneurs while working towards a business degree in marketing. Kendrick believes his success came through consistency, always pushing through hard times and working even harder to reach his goals. He is a strong believer in investing one’s time and money, and being mindful of both at all times.

6—Nikita Danilov & Connor Barner - Ecom Wizz

Social Media: Facebook — EcomWizz , LinkedIn — EcomWizz

Nikita and Connor began their online dropshipping businesses only three years ago and very quickly became experts, generating 7 figures in sales with their online stores. Their success came from the ability to see winning products and jumping on them before the market would become too saturated. However with so many options, even they had a tough time always catching the right products quickly and efficiently without spending thousands of dollars testing the ones that should have never made the cut. For this reason, they founded Ecom Wizz, an e-commerce and dropshipping software which is set out to change the dropshipping industry as we know it.

Ecom Wizz is a unique product research tool. A membership also includes a full in-depth e-commerce course, taking people from never having heard of dropshipping to making their first online sale! Unlike any other product research tools, Ecom Wizz uses actual data analysis scraping over 1.3 million Aliexpress products and over 1.1 million Shopify stores every 48 hours to help find the absolute best sellers and provides the most up-to-date information. This gives its Members a massive competitive edge, allowing them to beat out competitors by always staying ahead of the curve and jumping on hot products before they trend.

Previously, the service was not open to the public. Nikita and Connor developed and utilized Ecom Wizz as their personal business asset for the first 6 months, testing it and improving it to being as close as it gets to perfect. The last winning product which they found through the software, generated over $540,000 in sales for them in just 33 days! Ecom Wizz is now available to the public but with a limit to the amount of users it allows to join monthly. Anyone, regardless if they’re an experienced dropshipper or are just getting into the game can use this spectacular tool to take their online business a whole new level.