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Top Ben Carson adviser: He stands by Trump, recording 'is the kind of language that we hear in rap music'

Ben Carson
Ben Carson

(Ben Carson.AP)

A top adviser to Ben Carson, the former Republican presidential candidate and prominent surrogate for Donald Trump, said Carson is "firmly" standing by Trump after a leaked recording revealed the nominee making vulgar comments about women.

"There are two issues. The tape itself, which unfortunately is the kind of language that we hear in rap music, we hear in probably coarse conversation, you know, unfortunately, we hear this," Armstrong Williams told Business Insider on Saturday afternoon. "No one listening to that tape in media and political life has not heard it before."

Williams said he'd talked to Carson, a retired neurosurgeon who was a favorite among evangelical voters, a few minutes prior to speaking with Business Insider. Carson said he'd spoken to Trump and accepted his apology.

"He apologized for it, they've spoken extensively. Dr. Carson accepts it, and he's firmly in his corner," Williams said.

Williams pointed out that the recording is 11 years old and that it's "not disqualifying."

"This is a very forgiving nation," Williams said. "They're willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. You've just got to learn from it."

He continued: "I know there are many people who feel there's no way he can survive with this, But Dr. Carson thinks there's a very good chance of him not only surviving, but winning the White House in November."

Several prominent Republicans have withdrawn their support of Trump since a 2005 recording surfaced Friday showing Trump making vulgar comments about women. Trump, who was newly married to his wife Melania at the time, was heard saying that he had tried to sleep with a married woman. He also talked about being able to "grab" women "by the p---y" because "when you're a star they let you do it."

Trump issued a statement Friday afternoon dismissing his comments as "locker room banter," but after the firestorm of criticism continued, he followed it up with a recorded apology that he posted to his Facebook page early Saturday morning.

"I think all the American people want to see is humility, remorse, and that he's learning," Williams said. "They've shown all along that they're willing to forgive him for just about anything. And this is no exception."

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