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Top Bose, Samsung, Vizio & Sonos Soundbar Black Friday Deals (2019): Top Early Home Theater & Audio Sales Researched by Retail Egg


Experts at Retail Egg list the top early soundbar Black Friday 2019 deals, featuring instant savings on Samsung, Vizio, Sonos & Bose soundbars and subwoofer sets

Find the best early soundbar Black Friday deals listed below, including instant savings on Sonos, Bose, Vizio and Samsung soundbar systems.

Best Soundbar deals:

Black Friday sales are time limited. Visit Amazon’s Black Friday page and Walmart’s Deal Drop page for their latest deals. Retail Egg earns commissions from purchases made using the links provided.

High-quality soundbars enhance any movie, TV, and music experience with their room-filling audio, set of woofers, and connectivity to other devices. Bose leads the market in terms of making the best and most complete soundbars available. Vizio creates affordable soundbars that fit most budgets. Samsung soundbars have an immersive Dolby Atmos feature for top-of-the-line models and eARC support.

How do Black Friday sales work? Black Friday deals usually offer holiday shoppers significant savings with discounts ranging from 20% to 50% on many best-selling items.

In recent years more shoppers have opted for online shopping over travelling to retail stores during Black Friday. Accounting firm Deloitte reports that 50% of Black Friday shoppers now favor making their purchases online rather than in-store.

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