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Top Entrepreneurs to Follow in 2020 During Covid-19

·14 min read

There is no question that with everything happening in the world right now, people are looking for ways to get inspired and realize that you can still be successful even during the current pandemic.

If you are looking to start a business during these uncertain times, here are some entrepreneurs who have successfully been able to grow their businesses, sustain and scale them, and are currently doing great things, even during this pandemic.

This year VIP MEDIA Group has put together a list of Top Entrepreneurs to follow.

– Grant Cardone Instagram: @grantcardone

Grant Cardone is the bestselling author of The 10X Rule and has been buying real estate for over 30 years. Over those three decades, he has bought over two billion dollars worth of real estate in eight states. Grant currently manages 7,068 units with his private equity firm Cardone Capital. He is such a good real estate investor because of his extreme discipline, specific formulas, and good instinct to know when to exit the property. Throughout his career, Grant has been giving small investors a chance to start small and go big.

– Tai Lopez
Instagram: @tailopez

Tai Lopez is an investor, partner, and advisor to almost two-dozen multi-million-dollar businesses. Through his popular book club and podcasts The Tai Lopez Show, Tai shares advice on how to achieve health, wealth, love, and happiness with over 1.4 million people in 40 countries. The Tai Lopez Show gets around 800,000 downloads per month. In addition, Tai also owns the largest book shipping club in the world, Mentor Box, and was voted the Number 1 Social Media Influencer by Entrepreneur Magazine.

– Johnny Marines


Johnny Marines is a highly successful serial entrepreneur taking over industries like real estate development, the restaurant business and nightclubs. After making a name for himself as a music executive from managing the successful latin band, Aventura and Latin Superstar Romeo Santos, he decided to put his focus into the real estate and nightlife space. One of his greatest accomplishments include owning and establishing the #1 restaurant and nightlife venue in the Tri-State area called Barcode, a place frequently used by celebrities and top people. During Covid-19 real estate took a hit as in person viewings were put on halt, and new guidelines were put into place. Johnny’s biggest set back during that time was being able to adapt with all the changes being made. In 2020 Johnny plans on finishing his expansion of Barcode, in doing so this would become the greatest venue in Northern New Jersey history. In addition he would like to keep learning and growing as a real estate developer.

Cesar Piña

Instagram: @flipping_nj

Cesar Piña is a successful real estate mogul. His road to real estate is not your typical story. While Cesar was in jail, he met a man that showed him the life of real estate, it was in that moment he unlocked his financial future. After he got out of jail, he was hired by a Mortgage company. When the real estate market collapsed he had to shift gears, this led him to open a restaurant which had to close its doors after awhile. Years later, Caesar decided to go back into real estate. This is when he learned how to leverage money, learning this made him unstoppable. He started at buying 5 properties a year, and eventually, thirty. Now, Cesar has over 1,100 rental units. Being a natural hustler, he has been able to transform his skill into the corporate world. With that skill and hard work, he has had some incredible accomplishments like being able to provide for his family, being able to employ an amazing team, and helping to revitalize neighborhoods. During Covid-19 being in real estate, viewings were put on hold, that has been his biggest challenge during this season. However, he was not hit too hard as the second news hit, he and his team took action to come up with solutions to maneuver their company. In 2021, Cesar has some exciting stuff coming up like a book, and a real estate reality tv showing launching. In addition his goal for 2021 is to keep surpassing the amount of properties he purchases each year to make more flips and development deals.

– Bernardo Feitosa
Instagram: @gshypnosis

Bernardo Feitosa is co-founder and CEO of Grace Space Hypnosis, the world’s leading provider of hypnotherapy audios, private sessions, and education. Aftering working in the corporate world for 2 years in the wealth management industry, Bernardo decided to become an entrepreneur and work alongside his wife, Grace Smith, who is a celebrity hypnotherapist. Together they founded Grace Space Hypnosis, a company dedicated to making hypnosis mainstream in order to end needless suffering. Their customers report losing weight, overcoming fears and phobias, sleeping better at night and positively transforming their lives by becoming more calm and confident. After developing an expertise in online business operations and building membership platforms, Bernardo grew Grace Space Hypnosis into a 7-figure business. During Covid-19, Bernardo had to move fast to change his business model as their biggest source of revenue, Grace Space Hypnotherapy School, required students to travel to an in-person training. Instead they pivoted their business model to focus on their mobile app and virtual private hypnotherapy sessions; they were able to more than triple subscriptions in just three months. In 2020 Bernardo is aiming to get his company on the Inc top 5000 list, which would be a major step in getting the word out about how effective, legitimate and desired hypnotherapy products and services are.

– Jose A. Rodriguez Jr. AKA The Credit Dude
Instagram: @thecreditdude

Jose A. Rodriguez Jr. also known as The Credit Dude is a former Marine, a credit repair mogul and successful entrepreneur. After suffering from bad credit for years, and noticing the people around him having the same issue, he knew he had to do something about it. This is when he started his company Got Credit, where Jose uses his credit expertise to help others take their credit to the next level. Some of his greatest accomplishments include: speaking at Cesar and DJ Envy’s real estate seminar, being featured on The Breakfast Club radio show, and being able to hire his family to work for his company. During Covid-19 while his employees already worked from home, the biggest challenge he faced with his business was the credit bureaus changing their address, this caused delays. But Jose and his team worked quickly to provide his clients with certified mail letters to the bureaus to minimize delay. In 2021, Jose plans to speak at military bases, prisons, and colleges to educate the community on stuff that is not typically taught, like credit. His goal is to plant a seed into today’s youth about credit, to end the cycle of bad credit in adults.

-Bria Johnson

Instagram: @Bre2smoove @Imdasiaa_

Bria Johnson is a successful entrepreneur and the co-founder of the WeNotMe, LLC movement alongside her co-founder Dasia Harris. They developed this movement to empower entrepreneurs economically, through their renowned investing course. In addition, they also provide accountability sessions to form community and excellence for their students. The heart of their movement is creating a culture that promotes “WE” not ME. Both Dasia and Bria are purpose driven and positively impacting the lives of others brings them the greatest form of satisfaction. This purpose was their motivation, they wanted to start a business that connects them directly to others. That direct connection, through service allows WeNotMe to create experiences, other opportunities as well as direction to guide individuals into their purpose as well. Some of their greatest accomplishments include growing WeNotMe into a 7-figure business, as well as scaling to over 900 customers, while creating a couple 6 figure investors and allowing for several of their students to quit their 9-5’s and become full time entrepreneurs as well. During Covid-19 her greatest challenge was adjusting, but she used this as a lesson for herself and to help and encourage others to change their perspective on this situation. In 2021 the We Not Me movement will invest 1 million dollars into black owned businesses, finishing her WeNotMe reform platform, a movement where she plans to fight for justice and stand up for prison reform.

– Pascal Bachmann
Instagram:@pascalbachmann_official Website: pascalbachmann.com

Pascal Bachmann is a former pro-athlete turned serial entrepreneur. Over the last 25 years, this Swiss native has built 7 businesses which have a combined net worth of over $20 million dollars. His road to success was not an easy one, after going through a $15 million dollar bankruptcy while trying to support his family, he hit rock bottom. He channeled his frustration and worry into the empire he has built today. Along the way, he realized that this bankruptcy that almost destroyed him became a gift in disguise. He is using his story to inspire other entrepreneurs and business owners, that even if you’re going through a hard time, you don’t have to be stuck there. In 2020, with his passion to inspire and empower doers to find their own way and live a healthy life with success, gratitude, and joy, Pascal is on a mission to impact a million lives all over the world.

– Mealica Smith


Mealica Smith is a successful entrepreneur and the owner of The Prosperous Finance. Her business is on a mission to help families become financially protected, financially independent, and debt-free. She goes step by step with her clients with a blueprint on how to properly use their income, become debt-free and create wealth for generations to come. Her greatest accomplishment is being able to help others, and know she is making a difference to many families finances, especially when she receives messages from her clients thanking her and her team for helping them. During Covid-10 Mealica’s biggest struggle was not being able to see her clients face to face. When she creates her clients customized financial plans, it’s not just about going through the numbers, it’s also being face to face with families to get to know them. In 2020, Mealica’s goal is to help more families with their financial challenges, in addition, she hopes to get more press and would also like to be featured on Business Insider, Essence, and Steve Harvey.

– A. Donahue Baker
Instagram: @adonahuebaker

Donahue Baker, CPA is a successful entrepreneur, author, influencer, and national speaker. There is no doubt that A. Donahue has made a name for himself in a number of industries. From being a former Grammy-nominated producer to owning over 500 residential and commercial units of real estate. A. Donahue is the co-founder of Money Avenue, LLC, which is one of the fastest-growing fintech startups in the country (ranked 199 out of the top 5000 firms). Money Avenue, LLC is able to get businesses the full arsenal of wealth management tools to increase wealth, from real estate & business loans, bank accounts, Insurance, to lines of credit that are not linked to a personal credit profile. In addition to helping businesses get access to capital, Donahue’s passion has always been his family and helping others to build generational wealth and he has done just that. Now, he is a professor at Morehouse College in Atlanta, where he teaches entrepreneurship and wealth-building strategies to young adults. A. Donahue specializes in teaching people how to spot, analyze, and fund value-add apartment deals to build wealth. In 2020, A. Donahue wants to keep on expanding his businesses, writing and publishing a book, and making a film documentary to get his story and vision out there.

– Dr. Nicole Garner Scott
Instagram: @DrGarnerScott @AmountFinancial

Dr. Nicole Garner Scott is a well renowned serial entrepreneur, and the founder and CEO of Amount Financial. Amount Financial helps communities of color eliminate poverty cycles by creating long-term generational wealth assets and breathing room in their finances to create financial legacies. With the success of her business she has been able to branch into other industries like, owning an award winning PR agency called The Garner Circle, is the co-founder of Munee App, and much more. With Covid-19, she was lucky to have her business model already on a digital platform so there wasn’t much of a transition. Due to the economic impact, a lot of people started looking into how they can be more strategic with their money, making Dr. Nicole’s business reach record numbers in workload. In 2021, Dr. Nicole plans to scale her business to help more people through her financial coaching. In addition, she wants to partner with corporations for their work/life balance program to provide their signature financial wellness program, and she would like to expand into the FinTech space to bring purposeful apps into the market.

– Shero Carroll

Shero Carroll is a successful model, fashion influencer, Women’s Rights Activist and entrepreneur. She is the founder of “Burning the Bras” a modern day political movement that unites women to stand up against modern day law reform, and to promote the normalization of not wearing a bra in public. What motivated Shero to revamp this movement from the 1960’s was recent news in Myrtle Beach where women were being detained for wearing thong bikinis on the beach. This sparked fury in Shero, and she knew she needed to do something, this is when she started Burning the Bras. In addition to her work as an activist, she is also a successful model. Some of her greatest accomplishments include being able to work with major fashion labels like Forever 21, Pretty Little Thing, Justin Bieber’s Drew House brand, and many more. In 2020, Shero plans on launching her fashion app called Sysmic, this app is going to help make luxury goods more affordable and available.

– Dr. Travis Fox


Dr. Travis Fox is a well renowned entrepreneur. He has his doctorate in Psychology and clinical hypnotherapy, and has been focused on changing people’s lives for over 30 years. After seeing his children go through the motions of school and never truly learning, he made it his mission to make a global change. This is when he developed his programs Architect Your Life and Architect Your Business. Some of his greatest accomplishments include being an Emmy Award Winner Producer, being a multinational business speaker, and his greatest accomplishment of all is being able to see the transformation in his students after going through his programs living out their purpose. During Covid-19 with in-person events put on hold, Dr. Travis’s biggest challenge was being able to take his programs and create community and culture inside the virtual space. In 2021, Dr. Travis plans on making a huge impact on the educational system, with the mission to help a thousand teachers, coaches, trainers and speakers share the message with the world through his Architects Academy Online interactive, learning platform. In addition, he is working hard to win a Nobel peace prize for changing the world’s educational system for all parents and their children.

– Michael Ashabi
Instagram: @mikeashabi

Michael Ashabi is a serial entrepreneur and a top level life and business coach that works with a variety of entrepreneurs, business owners, and start ups to help them build strategies for sustainability and scaling. His company, True Life Ventures, focuses on making clients increase business growth by 40% month after month, and as a result, allow them to achieve financial freedom. Michael is a very results driven person and aspires to keep helping clients around the world to succeed.

– Chris Diaz
Instagram: @itschrisdiaz

Chris Diaz got his bachelor’s degree in 2016 and then got experience working sales for the most luxurious car dealership in Miami, FL and in a banking position at J.P Morgan Chase. He then saw the opportunity in the digital marketing space, so he decided to invest into courses, mentors, books, and materials that would teach him how to grow his social presence. Chris then started his own agency, pursued his passion, and is now fulfilling his life’s purpose. Chris is a consultant, marketing expert, and CEO of Chris Diaz Agency. He is well known for his innate ability to revolutionize the way a brand is seen. He provides digital consulting for 6-7 figure entrepreneurs and elite businesses looking to grow their social presence and scale beyond their current standing. He also runs a 100M+ digital network filled with artists, entrepreneurs, athletes, influencers, and more which he leverages to drive more traffic to his clients businesses.

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