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Top Fashion Editor Declares The End Of 'Slut Clothes'

Ashley Lutz

T Magazine editor Deborah Needleman thinks that women will stop wearing sexy clothes this summer.

"Say so long to slut clothes," Needleman tweeted, linking to an article about how modest clothes were coming back in fashion. 

That article, by Suzy Menkes, showcases a collection by Valentino that looks more grandma than couture. The Valentino pieces are long, loose-fitting frocks that cover the models from their necks to their ankles. 

" Out of Italy has come a fashion miracle: a look that suddenly puts 'la moda da puttana' ('hooker chic') right out of vogue," Menkes wrote. She proclaimed that the Valentino collection will set the tone for the entire fashion industry. 

"The word that best describes their clothes is so ancient and out of fashion that it requires a good dust off: modesty," Menkes said reverently. 

But Faran Krentcil at Fashionista  wrote that seeing the tweet and story " feels like I’ve been stabbed in the gut with my own stiletto."

Krentcil argues that most women are too poor or curvy to wear Valentino's designs, and that T's commentary creates an unreasonable standard. 

"How about we get over this idea that the only way to look demure, or intelligent, or elegant, or anything other than 'a slut,' is by reaching for a caftan?" Krentcil implores. 

The T article isn't the first to encourage wardrobe austerity in recent weeks.  Victoria's Secret came under fire last week after zealous parents demanded the retailer pull its racy Pink line targeted toward teens. 

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