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Top Mirrorless Camera Black Friday Deals for 2019: Early Sony Alpha, Fujifilm & Panasonic Camera Deals Reviewed by Retail Fuse


Save on mirrorless cameras at the Black Friday 2019 sale with our round-up the best early Sony, Fujifilm, Nikon, Canon & Panasonic mirrorless camera Black Friday deals

Early mirrorless camera Black Friday 2019 deals are underway. The online sales team at Retail Fuse have compared the best early Panasonic, Nikon, Canon, Sony & Fujifilm mirrorless camera deals for shoppers. Their top picks are listed below.

Best mirrorless camera deals:

Black Friday sales run for a limited time. For thousands more live deals visit the Amazon Black Friday page and Walmart Deal Drop page. Retail Fuse earns commissions from purchases made using the links provided.

Mirrorless cameras are lighter and more compact alternatives to bulky DSLR cameras. The Sony Alpha line dominates the market with physically larger sensors and sleeker builds. With up to 51200 ISO and 24 megapixels, the Sony a6500 is comparable to the Panasonic G9 despite being older. Fujifilm competes with the X-T30 as it produces consistently good videos and sharp JPEGs.

What makes Black Friday deals special? Thousands of items across all categories are offered at steep discounts during Black Friday. According to e-commerce analytics experts at Profitero, Walmart’s Black Friday deals were listed with an average savings of 36.6% in 2016.

Online shopping continues to grow as the preferred method of shopping for consumers on Black Friday. In 2018, approximately 50% of shoppers surveyed by Deloitte favored going online to buy products rather than physically going into a retail store.

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