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Top Nine Inspiring Moms of 2020

·5 min read

Two Thousand Twenty has been a year of huge ups and downs. With unexpected lock downs, virtual schooling, and remote work, it is the moms who are the unsung heroes of this hectic and tumultuous year. This year hasn't been easy on the moms in our lives, but through a little ingenuity and positivity, they were able to keep things together with a few mishaps here and there and a whole lot of laughter. As the year comes to a close, it's time to look back on the top nine inspiring moms of 2020. In no particular order, these moms have brought their passion and resilience to social media, bringing us all together during this crazy year.

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1​. Kileen Valenzuela

A​t only 5 feet tall, Kileen started her influencer career @cutenlittle ten years ago, covering her quest to share petite friendly fashion. "I understand how hard it can be when the mainstream doesn't cater to you," states Kileen. "I wanted to show other women that we have options. When it comes to being a mom, there is no one-size-fits-all." Kileen's career started as a single woman in the city but has blossomed into an account for moms as she became a married mom of two kids. Whether it is fashion, motherhood, lifestyle tips, fitness, or travel Kileen covers it all.

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2​. Paige Rangel

P​aige is a mom to three beautiful children and shares all things related to motherhood, design, and healthy living @thelovedesignedlife and helps other mothers achieve balance in their lives. After leaving her career in Los Angeles to raise her family in Phoenix, Paige found new meaning in connecting with other moms. "My children inspire me every day with their creativity and wonder," states Paige. "I share and create because I love seeing the world through their eyes."

3​. Lauren McComb

A​ Florida native and the creator behind @laurenmccombfit, Lauren is a self-starting businesswoman who loves to motivate and encourage others. Through fitness, family, and a focus on positive energy, Lauren helps moms all over the world feel empowered to be the best version of themselves for their families. The owner of a successful fitness studio located in St. Petersburg, Florida, Lauren believes we are how we feel. "Children follow your lead, and it's all about setting a good example," explains Lauren. "They are the future, and my kids inspire me to be the best version of myself."

4​. Valerie Finegan

V​alerie understands the value of overcoming adversity and look towards her baby as her motivation. Sharing her story on @valfinny, Valerie opens up about the experience of having a child with a life-altering condition proving that there are no limits to what we can achieve. "Between an extensive heart surgery and limb ailment, my daughter proves that anything is possible," says Valerie. "I am so fortunate to be on this amazing ride with her." Valerie shares lifestyle and parenting tips, reaching other mothers, and inspiring them through real life.

5​. Chrissy Teigen

K​nown for her quick wit and down to earth posts, Chrissy Teigen @chrissyteigen has taken her celebrity status as an opportunity to build a community around motherhood. Chrissy believes that no matter where we are, we are all in this together, and building each other up is the first step to creating a better world for our children. From recipes to vacations to just her day-to-day, Chrissy's following represents the power mothers have on social media.

6​. Stephanie Gardner

A​ Long Beach Based blogger raised in Michigan, Stephanie @parentdaze uses her platforms to give an honest take on balancing life as an entrepreneur and a mom. Between working from home and finding time for herself, Stephanie is an advocate for mental health and wellness, opening up about her own anxiety. "Being a mother can feel lonely at times, but I believe it doesn't have to be," says Stephanie. "My kids have taught me it's not worth it to dwell on your problems. Feel what you are feeling and move on." Whether it's blogging or social media, Stephanie enjoys connecting through motherhood.

7​. Jessica Alba

J​essica Alba @jessicaalba is an actress, mother, businesswoman, and philanthropist with a passion for providing the best to our kids and families. Tired of the toxins and cheap materials in children's products, Jessica launched the Honest Company, focused on delivering great products with our kids' health and well-being in mind. The Honest Company provides parents with products that are useful, helpful, and safe. Jessica's commitment to safety and health has revolutionized the market for children's products.

8​. Mindy Davis

Southern California-based Mindy Davis @minseverydaymagic shares family recipes, DIY, travel advice, and her family's love of Disney. "Just like a diamond, there are many facets to being a woman, and that goes for moms," explains Mindy. “We are all beautiful and unique, and that is what highlights the true beauty of motherhood." Raising her son to be compassionate and kind pushed Mindy to reach out to other mothers on social media. Mindy says, "we all want the best for our kids. I believe the more we come together, the easier it is to achieve that."

9​. Kelly Mixon

Kelly Mixon @dimplesndeadlines is a military spouse, HR professional, college professor, and doctoral student Kelly blogs about mid-sized style, beauty, home, and all things motherhood. Known for running a "tidy ship," she is a mother of two and enjoys sharing the life-hacks she learns along the way. "Motherhood teaches you patience, kindness, and resilience," says Kelly. "We could all use a little bit more of that right now." Striving to be the best version of herself for her kids, Kelly helps others meet the demands of motherhood with grace along the way.

Strength through adversity and grace above all these nine moms show us having it all is all about enjoying what we have and striving for what we want.