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Top Picks 2019- Catasys CATS

For more speculative investors, one of my favorite stocks in our newsletter portfolio as 2019 gets underway is Catasys (CATS), explains Nate Pile, a growth stocks expert editor of Nate's Notes.

This up-and-coming company has developed a proprietary data analysis platform that it combines with predictive modeling techniques to identify individuals in a healthcare plan who suffer from chronic conditions, but, because they may not be receiving the support they need.

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When these individuals do not successfully manage their underlying conditions, they can end up also costing the plan a great deal of money on other “secondary” items like ambulance transports and visits to the ER that can be prevented (or minimized) with even a small increase in the amount of support that is provided to the patient.

Once individuals in a plan have been identified as good candidates for success, Catasys’ OnTrak program kicks in and a 52-week intensive outpatient program begins in which the patients are engaged and provided with nurses (or other appropriately qualified “coaches,” depending on the underlying situation).

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Sometimes this is done in person, and sometimes via video conferencing (or perhaps both), and this coach proactively works with the patient to gain better control of their underlying condition (which, in turn, leads to fewer “secondary” events in the patient’s life).

And, while this field is admittedly heating up in a hurry as more and more health records become digitized (and the data therefore becomes “mine-able”), Catasys is one of the companies that is enjoying “first to market” status.

Prrovided that can continue to deliver the sorts of results they have been delivering thus far, they ought to be able to stay ahead of the competition for the foreseeable future. Catasys is a strong buy under $10 and a buy under $15.

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