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Top Real Estate Investors To Keep Track of in 2020

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / January 20, 2020 / There's no question that the Real Estate Industry continues to be one of the most powerful industries in the United States today. Specifically, it is thanks to large real estate investments and developments made each year that The United States economy continues to grow. Real estate investing isn't a venture you should jump into without doing your homework - but properly executed, it is an effective strategy for creating lasting wealth. And if you are considering getting started in real estate investment and development, 2020 is the year to do it.

Accordingly, here is a list of the top 20 real estate investors and developers to keep track of in 2020:

-Grant Cardone

IG USERNAME: @grantcardone

Grant Cardone has been buying real estate for over 30 years. Over those three decades, he has bought over two billion dollars worth of real estate in eight states. Grant currently manages 7,068 units with his private equity firm Cardone Capital. He is a good real estate investor because of his extreme discipline, specific formulas, and good instinct to know when to exit the property. Throughout his career, Grant has been giving small investors a chance to start small and go big.

-Clayton Morris

IG USERNAME: @claytonmorris

Clayton Morris is a former FOX News Anchor who left the #1 cable news show in the world after achieving financial freedom. Through his Financial Freedom Academy, Clayton now devotes his time to helping others build passive income and achieve financial freedom like he did using methods he learned the hard way. After some epic failures, he's learned how to build a meaningful life, and shares these lessons on his top-rated podcast, Investing in Real Estate with Clayton Morris.

-Andy Dane Carter

INSTAGRAM USERNAME: @andydanecarter

Andy Dane Carter is a real estate investor, builder and developer, who looks at property with multiple perspectives. He always thinks about how to maximize the value for his clients. Andy Dane Carter knows what people are looking for and knows where to add value. Andy's best skill, though, is his ability to negotiate a deal, both on the buying and selling side. He has been doing this for over 10 years and has bought, built, worked on and subdivided properties. Everything that has to do with real estate, Andy has been there and done that.

-Carlos Reyes

INSTAGRAM USERNAME: @officialcarlosreyes

In the past 4 years, Carlos Reyes' national acquisition firm Offer Key has acquired several hundred properties in 12 states in the United States. Their headquarters and corporate office is in Phoenix, Arizona, but they operate in California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Ohio, North Carolina, New Jersey and Tennessee. Carlos and his business partner Sal Shakir have been able to build one of the nation's top real estate solutions companies in only four short years. They are assisting families and revitalizing communities brick by brick.

-Sean Terry


Sean Terry has been a real estate wholesaler for the last 17 years and has flipped more than 2,500 homes and generated roughly $40 million in wholesale fees. He has executed hundreds of real estate investment transactions, with a cumulative transaction value of approximately $300 million. Such investments have included Residential Deals and Raw Land Development, ranging from single-family homes to 138-acre parcels. Sean currently buys and sells roughly 25+ properties per month across the US and has syndicated and owns 760 multifamily units with partners in various different US markets. Because he loves to teach, Sean launched a real estate investing podcast on iTunes in early April 2010, which today has over 12 million listeners in 196 different countries.

-Kristoffer Andrew Krohn


Kris Krohn started investing in real estate when he was in college when he realized he would never make it to medical school with his science grades then. He then created an algorithm to find the most profitable real estate investment that also took the least time, effort, and risk. His real estate investment strategy is single family homes bought under current market value with 15-20% equity already in place. Kris credits his power team as the best tool in his investment toolbelt.

-Craig Martinez

INSTAGRAM USERNAME: @mrcraigmartinez

Craig Martinez is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, CEO of Now Home Buyers, Wholesale Florida Homes and founder of Flip Boss Inc. a Real Estate Investing Academy. Craig has managed over $1.7 billion dollars in sales, going from making $8 per hour cleaning sewer pump trucks, to building a seven figure Real Estate Investing Company in the first three years in business. Craig has built a dedicated sales team, reinvented sales processes, and created marketing strategies every year to enhance growth. The real estate investing business is constantly changing, so it is critical to always adapt.

-Brian and Tina Merryman

INSTAGRAM USERNAMES: @themerrymans and @americanfliphouse

Brian and Tina Merryman have been investing in real estate since 2012. They also have three children, the oldest of which has special needs after battling brain cancer when he was one year old. He is now eleven. Brian and Tina both buy, hold, fix and flip properties through American Flip House, the parent company for their buy and sell properties. American Flip House is committed to helping others build a legacy by reinvesting in the United States with their fantastic team and profitable pipeline of deals.

-Rod Khleif


Rod Khleif is the host of the largest commercial real estate podcast on iTunes titled "Lifetime Cash Flow through Real Estate Investing", which has been downloaded over seven million times. He is also the author of the best selling book "How to Create Lifetime Cash Flow through Multifamily Properties." Rod has owned over 2,000 properties in his 40-plus year career, including single family and apartment complexes. He is able to take the complexities of multifamily investing and break them down, so that anyone can learn and understand them. This along with his cautious nature makes him a competent investor.

-Aaron Amuchastegui

INSTAGRAM USERNAME: @aaronamuchastegui

Aaron Amuchastegui grew up working construction on custom home projects that his father was building, and his real estate career started years later when he worked for a homebuilding company fresh out of college in 2006 at the height of the housing boom. When the market crashed, the company laid off 70 employees, but he was one of five left. From 2009 on, he has used homebuilding skills to learn and create an investment fund around buying houses on the courthouse steps and flipping them.

-Damon Woodward


Damon Woodward focuses heavily on retail flipping and he has been investing in real estate for the last six years. He spent $60,000 in his first year of investing on coaches and courses and positioned himself around the top Real Estate investors in the Canadian Real Estate industry. This allowed him to understand very early on that it was extremely important to have solid systems to follow, but it is even more important to develop core skills. This is what makes Damon a great real estate investor: he has fully immersed himself in the game and learned the skills first.

-Kory MacKinnon

INSTAGRAM USERNAME: @korymackinnon

Kory MacKinnon is a former Corporate trainer and National level athlete who has been able to transfer those work ethics and habits to the competitive arena of real estate investing. In fact, he is a great investor because of his insatiable hunger to always be improving - his motto is "We all have another level to reach for". Kory has focused on multifamily investing for the past 15 years and now has 4 other real estate income streams. He believes that to be successful in the long game it is important to have a crystal clear vision, a strong plan and an effective team to be able to execute. Kory has mastered the mindset required to always be growing and creating a quality product time after time. Follow him as he completes some of his multi-million dollar projects this year!

-Robert Clark & Dylan Suitor

INSTAGRAM USERNAME: @elevationrealtyteam

Robert Clark and Dylan Suitor are motivated entrepreneurs with a background in lean start-ups in the trades and food industry. Both of them have been investing in real estate for roughly 8 years in a variety of projects from single-family homes to apartments. What makes them successful in real-estate is the same thing that makes any business or achievements successful: tackling problems head-on and being able to persevere through anything. Robert and Dylan focus on finding under-valued multi-family properties that require medium/major restoration.

-Ryan Wright


Ryan Wright originally started as a real estate investor. He bought his first duplex and started buying long-term rental properties about the same time he became a real estate agent. Ryan enjoyed helping people buy and sell houses while he was still working on acquiring rentals himself. Seeing a need in the market for accessible funding for first time investors, he started to lend money as well. This grew into a company where he can provide short term hard money loans and teach others the best practices he has learned while providing opportunities for investors that most lenders ignore.

-Kent Clothier


Since 2009, Kent Clothier has been at the forefront of real estate investment training, education, and providing software tools. His company, Real Estate Worldwide is considered to be one of the premier real estate education companies in the country and they continue to help thousands of entrepreneurs each year with innovative solutions for lead generation, automation, and scaling. Kent began his real estate career in 2003 and quickly scaled his business to several hundred wholesale transactions a year. Since then, Kent's family has now flipped over 5,000 properties and created the model of what is commonly referred to today as "turn-key investing."

-Chris Bustos

INSTAGRAM USERNAME: @whoischrisbustos

Chris Bustos is the CEO and owner of Bellator Real Estate LLC. He was inspired to pursue a career in real estate by his father, who was a successful real estate investor in Houston. Today, under his expert direction, Bellator Real Estate is one of the leading real estate investment firms in Houston. The firm focuses on residential and commercial real estate properties for both the buyer and seller market as well as high profile investments. Through the firm, Chris has helped investors double their money in one to two years.

-Scott Dawson

INSTAGRAM USERNAME: @scottdawson_us

Scott Dawson bought his first home 25 years ago. Real estate had been an interest of his since he was young. After struggling through his 20's to flip homes, Scott was able to build a team of realtors and sold homes traditionally until the big crash in 2008-2009. After the crash he did some traditional sales and flips all on his own. In 2018, Scott started Optionbee LLC, a home and land buying company. They strive to make a simple transparent way for the consumer to sell their home. They are also working on an app and a closing process powered by blockchain tech.

-Antoine Martel

INSTAGRAM USERNAME: @martelantoine

Antoine Martel is a 24-year-old real estate investor who owns a full service turnkey rental property company called MartelTurnkey. They buy, rehab, and sell over 120 homes a year. He also invests in multifamily real estate and owns over $11M worth of apartment buildings. With success, Antoine has been able to match his resources with the best strategy that makes sense for his company today. Due to his success, he was able to help his parents retire from their day jobs.

-Brandon Rule

Brandon Rule is a Commercial Real Estate Investor and Developer who ensures communities of color are treated with dignity and respect. He believes developing communities is essential to creating a more collaborative and prosperous future for humanity. Brandon has studied real estate for over 10 years, while building a pipeline valued over $200M, and at 31-years-old he's just getting started! His investment strategy focuses on projects that fall within the middle market, between $10M-$100M. He's realized this segment has a market inefficiency, which often results in attractive risk-adjusted returns. Currently, the benefits of real estate investing are mostly being distributed to the wealthy, so his next endeavor RE-INVEST aims to democratize the process of RE investing and creating access to RE investing in ways that have previously been off-limits for most Americans. Between his work as a Commercial Real Estate Investor and his passion for wealth building, Brandon's grand vision is to provide the tools necessary to create sustainable communities while educating communities on how to build generational wealth.

-Dennis Brown

INSTAGRAM USERNAME: @askdennisbrown

Dennis Brown is a serial entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience. After growing his last business to over $80 million a year in sales and selling it in 2016, Dennis shifted his focus from building his own business to coaching thousands of business owners to help them see rapid growth. While he is no newcomer to entrepreneurship, he has never been more passionate about his mission of helping his clients achieve record growth. He now specializes in helping B2B companies get more leads, clients and sales by leveraging his proven growth strategies. He has written for Huffington Post, Influencive and a variety of other high profile blogs and has been featured on 30+ business/marketing/growth related podcasts. Dennis is also the host of the top ranked marketing and entrepreneur podcast called Growth Experts.


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